Saturday, August 13, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1715, August 13th, 2011



Thursday as the WYLN TV 35 crew were collecting video and doing their stories and of course after I did what I needed to do (phoning in two live reports and doing my stand up) I spoke with a delivery person from one of the downtown Scranton restaurants.
Q: Busy today?
A: No pretty much the same. It’s just harder getting around with all these people.
Q: How much business does your shop get from the Federal Building?
A: A lot when juries are in session. Some of the people stop in but I think the Federal people really dig the Subway.
Q: It’s quick and you can eat it on the go.
A: Yeah.
Q: When do you start delivering?
A: 10:30AM and I keep going until after 2PM.
Q: How are the tips?
A: Good I could make more in an Olive Garden but I try to stay away from alcohol. So this is good for me. I’m out in the fresh air and chugging along.
Q: Are you an alcoholic?
A: Yep. At night I work in a sales office selling vacations.
Q: Your best and biggest customer in Scranton?
A: Uh Dunder Mifflin!
Q: C’mon.
A: Okay I think the two courthouses, the federal one and the county one. But the feds seem to walk a lot more in the summertime.
Q: Do you have any thoughts on the Ciavarella trial and all that shakes down with it?
A: Nope got my life to live. If he did bad things, send him away. I can’t get bogged down with whether some guy is honest or not.
Q: Why?
A: Because I expect that as a citizen. They take an oath don’t they?
Q: Yes they do.
A: Then let them do the right thing. All these trucks, you, all these notepads and cameras, tomorrow you’ll be gone but I’ll still be here.
Q: Doing the right thing for your life?
A: ****in A.


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