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The LuLac Edition #1823, November 4th, 2011

Former Attorney Robert "Florida Bob" Powell. (Times Leader photo).


During testimony in the Mark Ciavarella trial, Robert Powell was characterized as loud, bombastic and someone who filled a room the moment he walked into it. This morning in Federal Court Robert Powell sat silent choosing not to address the court. Powell’s attorney spoke for the disgraced barrister. Powell was painted as a man who made bad decisions, lost his livelihood and reputation plus his law license.
Powell’s upbringing was brought up cataloging his life as a poor but ambitious youth who wanted desperately to succeed. He made bad decisions and was blinded by the money, power and ambition which lead to his ignoring the consequences of his actions. It was noted Powell reached out to the government after being mislead by Ciavarella and Conahan for more money in the Juvenile Detention Center fiasco.
Powell according to his lawyer was muscled and pressured by evil and corrupt men. The sentencing was given a downward spiral because of his cooperation. Powell agreed to wear a wire in nabbing Ciavarella and Conahan.
Powell played roles in he sentencing of Brian Dunn, Mark Ciavarella, Michael Conahan, Greg Skrepenak and Michael Toole.
Powell was not taken into custody and was due to reporting to prison by November 30th. Lawyers for Powell asked that he be located at a prison camp in Miami. Even though he says he was broke, Powell has been residing in Florida. Sandy Fonzo put it best when she said that Powell was just as guilty in the Cash for Kids case as the Judges. She told reporters he didn’t act until he had to and was forced to testify by the feds. Defense Attorney Joe D’Andrea asked for no jail time. That did not happen. D’Andrea asked for a split sentence, 9 months in jail, 9 months home confinement. That did not happen. What did happen is another figure involved in the great corruption scandal of Luzerne County was sentenced to jail. And the beat goes on………….


At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Powells are definitely not broke. Check out Palm Beach Gardens, FL, near the infamous Jupiter. If Mr. Powell is sentenced to a country club prison in FL, I would have to wonder why. The family continues to live in the lap of luxury. It is nothing for them to take a jaunt up to good old NEPA for the most trivial of activities.

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Powell played it smart and cooperated. Guess hes not as dumb as he looks. He played a role in bringing many others down while covering his own ass as best he could, but I cant believe he expected no jail time and now wants to serve his sentence in Florida near his family. The arrogance! The only reason this jerk got a break was because he helped close other cases. That doesnt mean he gets the good citizenship award. He was at the heart of the deal. That said, I think a little more time was in order considering that he was a major player in one of the most disgusting events in local history!
Good luck on a cellmate, Big Bob.
Maybe you'll get one who somebody dimed out or worse. You earned it!

Carey Ave Jack

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greed over people:
Jon Corzine is one of the top cash bundles for Obama. Maybe the 630 million dollars missing customer money from MF Global went to Obama's re-election?
Jon Corzine, Obama, Wall Street are more corrupt the the GOP ever was!

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The LuLac Edition #1823, November 4th, 2011":

Powell was the backbone of this entire mess and he gets the best deal. What a world. By the way, Mark Ciavarella was painting for $10 hr to feed his family but Powell will never have that problem. He signed his half of the child care center business over to his partner and you can bet that his family will receive regular compensation from that business while Powell is on a taxpayer paid vacation and when he gets out, he will once again own half the business. Powell gives a whole new meaning to "landing on your feet."

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rats get rewarded. The Sopranos taught us that much. And Powell is a rat. Conagan and Ciavarella were wrong, so was A.J. Munchak and Bob Cordaro. But I'd break bread with them sooner (keeping an eye on the silver mind you) before I sat down with the rat Powell or that disgusting psntywaist of a funeral director in Scranton who ratted on A.J.

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Powell received too much time for what he actually pleaded guilty to. A first time offender normally would have not gotten 18 months. This is another example of being punished for what the media and the public thinks he did.
And can we now stop giving the Fonzo person attention. Ask the vicitms of her son, both before and after his incarceration if he was the saintly soul he has been portrayed to be.


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