Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The LuLac Edition #1895, January 10th, 2012

Political conventional wisdom? Out the window in New Hampshire.


The last 48 hours have been not been kind for Mitt Romney. A less than stellar debate performance Sunday was followed by two mistakes on the campaign trail. The first being his plastic like demeanor and denying the fact that he was political. By saying he was not political made him look political. No one will ever mistake the ambitious Romney for Cincinnatus doing his duty then resuming plowing the fields. In the meantime, the GOP’s crazy uncle in the attic with the semi hot wife Newt Gingrich's has been leasing a kami kazi suicide charge at Romney. Meantime, the mild mannered Jon Huntsman appears to spit nickles anytime the topic is Romney. Even with all of this going on, Romney will win New Hampshire. He has polled in the mid to high twenties in Iowa but in New Hampshire has polled as high as 45%. The problem for him is twofold, the expectations game where winning is losing and losing is winning. And those infernal New Hampshire voters who just love to bust the stones of the political conventional wisdom. Romney will win but these gaffes will keep his numbers down from the magic 40% he needs to stay dominant. Look for Huntsman to finish second possibly tying with non entity Ron Paul followed by a recently recharged and rearmed Gingrich and a climbing Santorum. All that said, it appears Romney will become the first non incumbent contender since Jimmy Carter to win both Iowa and New Hampshire.


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