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The LuLac Edition #1930, February 4th, 2012

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This week I talked to a waitress who goes to two jobs. One is at a bar/restaurant, the other at a hotel where she serves as a banquet waitress. The topic of Super Bowl came up.
Q: I’m assuming you work on that day?
A: Yes. I work at the bar and then if needed, my boss lets me go to the hotel.
Q: Do hotels generally have Super Bowl parties?
A: they used to. A lot of businesses would have blow outs in the 80s and 90s but it has gotten so that the Super Bowl has become more of a family event. People gathering at home.
Q: What is your biggest challenge as a waitress on Super Bowl Sunday?
A: Trying to serve the regular clientele, make sure they are good while trying to maintain the craziness of the take outs. Sometimes you have to be very form in getting your in house order.
Q: How are the tips on that day?
A: Good. But it all depends on if the table’s team is doing very well or not. I mean the size of the tip, at least for me has been whether the table’s team is winning or not.
Q: Ever been stiffed?
A: Only once but it was an accident. One party thought they left it, the other one thought they did too. So when they came in the next week, my boss diplomatically talked to them.
Q: Best Super Bowl ever?
A: Uh the year the Rams beat um, who did they play that year?
Q: Tennessee.
A: Right, that was the best ever because we had some snow that night and the bar cleared out early. I got to go home and watch the game with my sons.
Q: Who’s your team?
A: Didn’t have one but I’ve adopted Denver this year.
Q: Why? Hold on let me guess, Tim Tebow?
A: Giggling. Yes. He’s everything I’d want in a role model for my kids.
Q: Most memorable Super Bowl event as a waitress?
A: One night we were cleaning up at a hotel party and the bus boys were starting to tear down the tables. My co worker and I are stripping the linens and we see this guy passed out under the table. He was as the British say “pissed”. And I might add in more ways than one. (Laughing). At first we were concerned because we thought he was dead but we got him up, the manager put him in an office and let him sleep it off.
Q: Where you working this year?
A: Only at the bar.
Q: Who you rooting for?
A: The Giants. I was raised in New York State so you gotta go for the home team. Why don’t you stop by?
Q: Thanks but we’re ordering Chinese.
A: That’s a good idea.
Q: Well have a good night, hope you don’t find anyone under the linens this year?
A: Naw, (laughing) we’ll see them under the table. We only use place mats. Lower overhead means better tips.


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