Saturday, February 18, 2012

The LuLac Edition #1951, February 18th, 2012


Here is the second part of the WYLN TV 35 "Late Edition" report.

Ciavarella Trial Verdict Part Two from David Yonki on Vimeo.


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

I apologize for not being available these past few days. Life for an academian is full of appointments and obligations--something I am certain that most of you cannot identify with.

The business of this classroom goes forward.

I once again wish to applaud Mr. Yonki on his brief paper concerning the passing of Miss Whitney Houston. I am not one to waste valuable classroom time speaking of pop culture as it is a trivial subject. But, when we come to Ms. Houston, circumstances reach far beyond pop culture, but directly into our all American everyday culture.
In short, I am appalled at all of the kudos being thrown Ms. Houston's way in the wake of her passing. Yes, it was a tragedy and yes, it could have been prevented. Facts are facts, however, and the fact is that Ms. Houston was NOT a role model. Unless, of course, you wish your children to be brought up as self-centered, paranoid junkies.
I recall back when I was a young Professor and The Beatles came to America. Many of the young people went into a frenzy. I laughed at them as I viewed them as nothing but a product of working class LIverpool's slums (much the way Ms. Houston was a product of Jersey slums). To me they were a harmless circus act--and the fact is the Ed Sullivan booked the group as a "Novelty" act. FOr once in my life, I WAS WRONG. IN a matter of only a few years clean cut, crew cut letter vested young men morphed into long haired, smelly ingrates--Mr. Lemmon and McCartny were responsible along with other long haired rock groups from England for destroying the patriotic American fabric. We still feel its effects to this day. So, in this respect pop culture is important. ROck and Roll has permitted the accepted use of drugs and perversion in our society---no debate. Each of you in this class is a product of it. The disrespect which you show towards me and others in authority is proof enough of that.
I put my faith in the few who have not been affected--but again, it is only a few.
So, when you are all crying for Ms. Houston today whilst watching her funeral service would it not be nice to also shed a tear for her poor daughter. After all, if Ms. Houston had been responsible and lived a moral healthy life, this poor young girl would not be grieving over the loss of a mother--a mother who was never there to begin with (excepting for publicity gatherings).
Something to think about this morning.
CLass Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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