Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The LuLac Edition #2019, April 11th, 2012



The Luzerne County Council took County Manager Robert Lawton’s advice and cut off all funding for anything to do with the renovation or demolition of the Hotel Sterling. Tim McGinley and Rick Williams wanted to keep a funding stream but the majority of Council said no. Lawton said he was stunned at how bad the inside of the Sterling was with moss growing on walls and dividers for rooms missing. This puts Wilkes Barre Mayor Tom Leighton in a bind (as well as city taxpayers too but crap, we’re paying school taxes to pay the salary of the scam artist Lupas and paying salary and benefits to the slugs that sit on City Council, what the hell is a few more dollars for a building past its prime due to misuse of funds) because he called for the demolition saying the property was unsafe. That’s nuts! I predict that when that building does come down, it’ll take 7 or 8 tries. Council acted responsibly by saying no. Lawton acted responsibly by recommending that money can be used for other projects. County Controller Walter Griffith has been calling for an investigation into the CityVest people that were supposed to do something with the building. As Griffith points out time and time again, they took 10 million dollars of tax money and only have at this time, Lawton’s report to show for their work. Want to tear down the Sterling? Sue the officers, associates and lawyers who drew up the contracts for CityVest. Since we have no idea where the money is, where the money went, let them pay for the demolition out of their own pocket. And if they claim they’re broke…….go after their assets. We all have schemers and dreamers, we all want to be those people with big ideas. But you need results. So why should taxpayers, county and city,  pay for their (the schemers and dreamers) incompetent indulgences?


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county council actually taking the manager's advice??


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