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The LuLac Edition #2053, May 13th, 2012

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1. Any big surprises in the last election? 

Not really. I think the one shocker for me though was the fact that Randy Castellani didn’t get the nomination in the 115th. I thought Frank Farina doomed his candidacy with his radio interview. But apparently people in the Mid Valley were not going to put a “quitter” in the State House. Statewide, I would have thought Sam Roher would have fared better for the U.S. Senate nomination against Bob Casey. And Sam Smith’s close call (he is the House Speaker) was a little eye opener. Matt Cartwright’s win was no surprise and everything else seemed to go true to form. 

2. Mother’s Day. Thoughts? 

I wish every mom out there a great day. I heard someone on the radio say the other day that the family, the parents you get is really the biggest crap shoot any of us are involved in. Essentially, the luck of the draw is in play regarding the parents you get. To that end, I was extremely lucky to have the mother I had and by extension, the mother in law I acquired through marriage. Both are gone but there is not a day that goes by that both are not in my thoughts. 

3. Do you miss doing Topic A with Tarone? 

Yes I do. It was one of the best experiences of my life and hopefully we can both revisit that situation in the future. 

4. Who will be Mitt Romney’s Vice President? 

Rob Portman of Ohio. It will be the staid and steady ticket. 

5. The County Council now seems to be settling in to its work. Are there any stars on that panel? 

No. And that’s a good thing. Each member brings their own skill set to the arena. There is very little grandstanding and it seems like they are trusting in their pick of Bob Lawton as County Manager. This is so very different than the situation in the 1960s when Wilkes Barre went to the Council Manager form of government. There was a great deal of animosity against the system voted on by Wilkes Barre residents. And it came from both parties (that’s when Wilkes Barre had a viable GOP) because the party officials thought the only reason the voters put in the new system was because of then Mayor Frank Slattery’s pushing and ultimate adoption of the wage tax. 

6. We’re closing in on the 40th anniversary of Agnes. Did they ever finish that movie? 

I think the funding on it lost steam but from what I hear people are efforting to finish the project. Might not be in time for the 40th anniversary but I’m sure it will be completed. In the meantime, look for retrospectives from both WNEP TV and WBRE TV. Also look for our good friend David DeCosmo to be front and center lending his thoughts since he was right in the middle of it when he was News Director at WILK. 

7. Seen the new Stooges movie yet? 

Nope. But I understand it is funny and you really can’t miss with Kate Upton in it. 

8. Do you think Vice President Joe Biden was out of line when he kind of pushed the President into supporting same sex marriage? 

Biden was being Biden. Another politician might have chose their words more carefully. But that’s the beauty of Biden. And in this case, the President needed to say yes or no. 

9. Did you read the ESPN article on the enn State scandal and Tom Corbett’s role in it? 

Yes and it doesn’t make the Governor look good. After this general election, watch for some chatter on possible Democratic foes gunning for Corbett in 2014. And I predict, they'll use the Penn State scandal as a talking point.

10. What do you think was the most interesting aspect of the Congressional race in the newly formed 17th district? 

I think the virtual silence and lack of visibility of former Congressman Paul Kanjoski. If he endorsed anyone, I didn’t hear about it.

11. The John Edwards trial. I’ve not seen any comments on it on LuLac. Why? 

I really don’t know where to begin with it. The thing is so damn awful. The guy cheats on his dying wife while she is campaigning for him! Really? Then he gets people to lie for him who aren’t even good liars, he picks the wrong woman to have an affair with because she seems crazy, they don’t use birth control, and then when the whole thing is going to blow, he is delusional enough to think Obama will pick him as Vice President or Attorney General. Can you imagine if this guy became Vice President? 

12. Mariano Rivera. Done or going to come back? 

He’ll come back. 

13. Are there any cool Mother’s Day songs out there? 

There are a few. Frankie Valli did a nice song called “My Mother’s Eyes” which was nice. Connie Francis’ “Mama” is a total downer. I love The Intruders "I'll Always Love My Mama" too. We featured that a few years back here on LuLac. One of the songs I associate with my moms is an upbeat song by John Sebastian and the Spoonful called “Nashville Cats”. What better Mother’s Day present than a son writing a song for mom, even if it was inspired by those “Yellow Sun records from Nashville”.


At 7:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David --
If you're lucky enough to get to marry your best friend, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Michelle amazes me every day, and in the years we've been together, nothing inspires me more than watching her be a mom to our two girls.
Each of us has amazing women in our lives who give us strength and encouragement, and no matter what we do on Mother's Day, it never seems like enough.
This year, I wanted to try something a little different. I know Michelle treasures every single person who is part of this movement we've built, so I'm hoping each of you will sign my card to her today. It'll mean a lot to her.
Will you join me in wishing Michelle a happy Mother's Day?


At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1966 Randy Newman for Eric Burton's solo LP

Want some whiskey in your water
Sugar in your tea
What's all these crazy questions they askin' me
This is the craziest party there could ever be
Don't turn on the lights, 'cause I don't want to see

Mama told me not to come
Mama told me not to come
That ain't the way to have fun, no

Open up the window
Let some air into this room
I think I'm almost chokin'
From the smell of stale perfume

And that cigarette you're smoking
'Bout scared me half to death
Open up the window, sucker
Let me catch my breath

Mama told me not to come
Mama told me not to come
She said, that ain't the way to have fun, son
That ain't the way to have fun, son

The radio is blastin'
Someone's knocking at the door
I'm lookin' at my girlfriend
She's passed out on the floor

I seen so many things
I ain't never seen before
Don't know what it is
I don't wanna see no more

Mama told me, mama told me, mama told me
Told me, told me
That ain't no way to have fun, whoah, yeah yeah
Mama told me not to come
Mama, mama, mama told me
That ain't no way to have fun

That ain't the way to have fun, no
That ain't the way to have fun, son
That ain't the way to have fun, no
That ain't the way to have fun, son

At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mistakenly believe that enough people listen or pay attention to WILK. I heard the interview. The guy was awful and was murdered with simple questions re background. People still remember that Randy walked out on them because he knew he wasnt man enough to stand up to Bob Cordaro.He also used Joe Corcorans brain and left without out it panicked! Neither was a good candidate but this is NEPA.
And in those days at least those "yellow Sun Records" came from Memphis! But still a great song and a great choice for Mom's Day. The Spoonful made the sweetest music on the radio at the time and they were damn good.

Happy Moms Day to them all...


At 7:05 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
1966 Randy Newman for Eric Burton's solo LP

At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good decision. Why dirty Lulac up with John Edwards and his sad sorry ass saga. We have enough local filth to fill volumes, but this guy is in the Rat Hall of Fame
and in a class almost by himself.
Castellani is as stated a quitter.
He ran out after getting the most votes in the election and folks just dont let things like that pass. These guys never realize how arrogant they are because they are in their own world. Just lately Lebron the MVP James said he would consider a return to Cleveland one day. Ya, he actually believes people in Cleveland would welcome him back. Another quitter who is delusional. Politics and sports produce people who just dont get it!

At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, we do miss you on Topic A. You and Tarone were spot on and funny as hell.

At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Once again, Mr. Yonki has impressed me with his eloquence. If only you malcontents could show me half of the effort he does this would be a more pleasant experience.
The business of this classroom moves forward....
I promised that I would not retort any of the vile commentary from the class regarding my views on the gay marriage issue. I stand by that conviction---unlike most of you, I possess ideals. I would like to address an issue that should have been addressed yesterday, Sunday being the Lord's day, I have never lectured (and never will).
The subject is Motherhood. Yesterday was the sacred holiday of Mother's Day--a day we honor the women who raised the children while Dad was out working (at least in the world I used to live in).
Motherhood has changed over the past twenty/thirty years. Indeed most of today's mothers have NO idea what raising a child entails. For they themselves are the offspring of the children of the sixties, when no rules applied except for self-gratification.
Today, Moms either want Kids and a career or has kids to increase her welfare payments as Daddy (if he is still around) is too "sick" to work for a living.
Most moms don't know how to boil water, let alone provide for a good home cooked meal. Hamburger Helper or Chef Boy ar Dee is the order of the day.
My Mom (bless her heart) would cook meals such as Roast beef, Turkey, Pork, all served with potatoes and a homemade desert. The best a runt today can expect from Mom is a TV Dinner.
In short, the slacker generation has redefined motherhood. The optimist in me sees some "real" mothers still in existence, but they are few and far between.
A woman needs to recognize that the most important job in the world is raising children...and believe me, a good mother can be far more valuable than a Yale taught professor in that realm.
So, a message to the young women of today....learn to cook, clean and sew...and "kiss a boo boo". Maybe then, your children can learn the respect they need to in order to function in society productively. I am sorry that most of your mothers have failed this test.
And whilst we "were" on the subject of gay marriage in the previous class may I remind you of the psychological damage that can be given to a child of same sex couples. If a little boy has two Daddy's what does he tell teacher in the first grade class when she has everyone make a home made Mother's day card?????
Again, I do not wish to discuss the issue, but I could not resist bringing up this all to real scenario. But returning to my original point:
Perhaps, the young ladies in this classroom can right the wrong of the previous generation.....
Something to think about this morning.....
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the magazine cover showing a preteen boy breast-feeding is a subtle admission of how present day malesnare viewed. Sadly it used to be a joke.

Professor, at times my first reaction to some of your conclusions is disagreement. However unlike your detractors you provide premises that provide substance for consideration. Thankfully there are no "pop quizzes" (can I use that term without being called called insensitive to gays?) and I have time to consider your positions.

Yonk - same with you...except with the baseball stuff, maybe it's the age difference.


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