Saturday, May 19, 2012

The LuLac Edition #2059, May 19th, 2012

Judge Joan Orie Melvin and her 2009 opponent Judge Jack Panella who screamed bloody murder across the state about Orie Melvin's connection. But it was to no avail. 


How would you like to be the Orie family from Western Pennsylvania? One sister convicted (although she was a State Senator) and another one charged with corruption. (She’s a Judge). Justice Joan Orie Melvin of the State Supreme Court was charged with using her taxpayer-funded staff in her campaigns for a seat on the state’s highest court. During that race a few years ago, the judge was all over the radio telling voters how tough she’d be on crime. But while she was talking to the Michael Smerconish’s and Sue Steve Corvbett’s of the world, her campaign was being aided and abetted by government staffers. It was a similar caper that brought down her sister, a state senator who was convicted earlier in the year. She is awaiting sentencing on similar charges. Two months ago, her sister Republican state Sen. Jane Orie was convicted of 14 counts of theft of services, conflict of interest and forgery charges.  The AP reported that Orie Melvin said that she will vigorously defend herself against the nine criminal charges, which a grand jury report called a “tale of corruption” that she “actively condoned and even promoted.” “I am a woman of faith,” Orie Melvin said. “My faith will see me through this. And I will not resign because of these politically motivated charges.” The high court relieved her of judicial and administrative duties Friday, but she remains a Supreme Court justice, on the payroll with a $195,000 salary and full benefits. The court also ordered Orie Melvin’s Pittsburgh office sealed to secure records, files and equipment that are property of the court. 
A woman of faith huh? If I said it once, I’ve said a thousand times here, my dad used to say that when they tell you how much they believe in God, or their faith, put your hand on your wallet.
Gas drilling operation in Hickory, Pa. 


 Our good friend, Scott Cannon from the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition sent us this missive on a upcoming event this Wednesday night. It’s pretty important stuff and even though it is a few days before Memorial Day, I hope they get a good turnout. 
For Immediate Release: Speaker to talk about W. Wyoming Gas Compression Station Matt Walker from the Clean Air Council will give a presentation on health issues regarding the proposed UGI Compressor Station and pipelines on Wednesday, May 23, at p.m. at the West Wyoming Borough Building on 464 West 8th St. The Residents are urged to attend. Matt will discuss the following topics: Air Pollutants from Compressor Stations are Linked with Health Issues Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Nitrous Oxides (NOx), Formaldehyde, Methane 5 Dud Drilling Blowouts in Dallas spewing thousands of gallons of Bentonite Clay, a cancer causing carcinogen into wetlands might occur here as well. Other Concerns Noise: The engines at the station run constantly and can be very loud, especially when releasing pressurized natural gas periodically to change equipment Odor: The pollutants emitted from engines have the potential to create strong and unpleasant odors Visible emissions: Stations have the potential to emit dark plumes as a result of malfunctioning equipment Also, Matt will discuss the new DEP regulations to prevent public comment and file reviews what will take away the people's rights to speak out against the industrialization of our community. 
Matt Walker Clean Air Council Community Outreach Coordinator Marcellus Shale Program 215-567-4004 ext. 121 Website: Facebook: Clean Air Council Twitter: @cleanaircouncil 
If you have any other questions you can call me at 570-817-6216 or contact Matt at the number above. Sincerely, Scott Cannon Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition


At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Dad was a very wise man.
Two groups worry me most. Those who claim to be God fearing, I dont fear God, and those who call themselves Patriots, but always do so from a safe distance and are willing to do anything to avoid being anywhere a shot is ever fired in anger. Often these folks are one in the same.

Waverly Bob

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Video Innovations said...

The time is 7pm for the W. Wyoming presentation


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