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The LuLac Edition #2054, May 14th, 2012

Advantages costing more. 


The Price Chopper Chain, in the middle of fluctuating gas prices has dealt consumers a tough blow. Used to be that the chain offered you 10 cents off a gallon of gas if you bought $50.00 worth of groceries. You'd use your card at a gas station and get money off. For avid shoppers it was a great deal. Now, you need to buy $100.00 in order to get the en cents off. The checker told Mrs. LuLac that the store is discounting 10,000 items and that is the reason they upped the gas ante. Ahh, Wegman’s is closer.
Nixon with his bud, Bebe Rebozzo. 


There was a caller to Webster and Nancy’s show this morning from a man who declared that the late President, Richard Nixon was gay. Apparently he googled Nixon Gay and came up with a website that said so. As my buddy Webster says, “if it’s on the inter net, it must be true.” The rumor stems from a book called “”Nixon’s Darkest Secrets” by a White House reporter Don Fulsom. The book came out in 2011 and has not really been a big splash. Having written three books that were not big splashes, I know of where I speak on the subject. Apparently the book opines that Nixon had an affair with Bebe Rebozo because they spent so much time together. Nixon admired men of stature and ones that could glide easily in social settings. Nixon, while brilliant was awkward and nasty, not a good combination. He was extremely jealous of men like John Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller who were the ultimate extroverts. In a job suited for anextrovert, Nixon, the ultimate introvert used all of his powers of deception to try and come across as a regular guy. Nixon even had to be coached on how to kiss his wife in public. The Rebozo relationship was built on the fact that Bebe left Nixon alone. They’d spend hours in solitude and Rebozo would not speak unless spoken to. The rumor is circulating but until there is something more concrete., I won’t belief it. Nixon was a social misfit who did not have many friends. Bebe Rebozo knew that and most likely gave Nixon what he wanted, a guy to hang around with who would let him be. I’m sure if Nixon was a fan of strip clubs, he and Rebozo would make the circuit. But to say that Nixon had a gay affair, ids a stretch. Of course being gay, well let me say that there is not anything wrong with that. But in the case of the name Nixon, the only person we know for sure that is gay is Cynthia Nixon of “Sex In the City” fame.


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hated Nixon at the time. Feel more kindly toward him in later years.
I believe he was a possibly brilliant, dedicated, tormented man. He was Commander in Chief during my Military Service. I was inducted on Inaguration Day January 20th 1969. We sort of served together for a couple of years. I think the physical aspect of being gay would have turned Nixon off totally and I just dont buy the rumor. Other wise I dooubt he was so inclined.
BB Rebozo had an unfortunate name but plenty of money and probably was a good listener and Richard Nixon needed a friend...


At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:46 AM, Blogger DJC said...

Hi, I am an avid reader of all things Nixon. And yes I have read the book in which these speculations are posited. This book's name and its rumors began circulating two months before the book ever hit the stores. The book's release date being January 31 2012 was announced around mid December 2011. At that time various aspects of the books contents were leaked, including the gay rumors. It is obvious to all in the publishing world that the salacious rumors were leaked in an effort to drum up interest in a book which for all intents and purposes offered nothing more than a rehash of old and often discredited ruminations about Richard Nixon.

The rumor was given legs in the interim BEFORE the book was available to read because most people foolishly believe that no one would write such a rumor in an actual book without having good cause to back it up. Well this is not so. The rumor came to an almost screeching halt as soon as the "evidence" could be read and reviewed. I say almost came to a halt because there will always be ignorant people who have no problem passing on things that they have "heard" on the internet. However actual historians have unanimously panned this book as a "pathography" a biography driven by the hatred of the author for his unfortunate subject. Look for national reviews of this book online. Most notably James Rosen and Mark Feldstein.

I myself have posted a review on Amazon under the name D.Christensen. My review has something the national reviews do not however. I include evidence to refute the rumor! Because of this the author himself, Don Fulsom, appears in the comment section beneath my review. The author mocks, threatens and simply reveals the lack of character that motivates him to write about our 37th president. So if you read my review, BE SURE to read the commentary as well, the author Don Fulsom foolishly makes an appearance to harrass threaten and otherwise show what type of man HE is. At one point he is caught in a lie even in the short expanse of the commentary itself! He even states at one point, quote, "It's only a book for God's sake!"
It's truly fascinating how this author manages to make himself look bad even in the comment section of my review!

There are several reader reviews on Amazon applauding the book as well, however I took a few moments to look at the names of friends and contributors on the acknowledgment page in the foreward of his book and lo and behold! I find that many of the names which he puts forth as friends and contributors to the creation of his book have also gone on Amazon to give his book 5 star reviews. How pathetic! Not to mention that the author is an adjunct professor as well and many of his students have gone on Amazon (I found their names on a website devoted to Nixon's Grand Jury Testimony) to similarly applaude the book. LOL, I hope they at least got extra credit!

The book, its baseless rumors and the author are all pathetic jokes as well as his friends and students who go on Amazon in a fruitless effort to bolster the books rating on Amazon. If you have a moment, read my review, I point out taped conversations between Nixon and Rebozo where an amused Nixon chides his friend Rebozo for his womanizing. BUT be sure to check out the comment section where the author chimes in and manages, incredibly to show what an incredible lowlife he really is.


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