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The LuLac Edition #2062, May 22nd, 2012

Medical College on life support?? Stay the course or pull the plug?
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The courtship of the Commonwealth Medical College and the University of Scranton has now ended. Yesterday afternoon a joint announcement by both parties was made and the gist of the missive was that “there will be no deal”. 
"After careful thought and thorough analysis assisted by national experts, we have decided to end affiliation discussions and commit ourselves to strengthening and expanding the various forms of collaboration that have marked our relationship since TCMC was founded," the two paragraph release stated. "While disappointed in this outcome, we move forward with mutual respect, having reinforced our connection through this process." The release was signed by Kevin P. Quinn, president of The University of Scranton and Dr. Lois Margaret Nora,the dean and interim president of The Commonwealth Medical College. (Times Leader)
With this news, there are many questions that will need to be answered. 
If not Scranton University, then who? 
Will the school still be accepting new students? 
What of their credentials as a Medical College? 
Will there be any more money forthcoming from the Blue Cross of NEPA surplus? 
If the latter is yes, what will the reaction be of the BCNEPA rate payers? 
And most importantly, can any long standing funding give the school to at least be on the way to survival mode? 
The Medical College was a good idea. It put Northeastern Pennsylvania on the map and gave students an opportunity to learn their craft from truly great professionals. However, like so many things in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the concept started out seriously flawed and under a cloud. It is a very bad idea to lure people from outside of the area with cash bonuses while you are trying to raise money as a start up. It is almost criminal to hand out bonuses of over $50,000 a year to Human Resource flunkies who push papers around all day and contribute nothing to the financial growth of the institution. Now with the specter of former Senator Robert Mellow’s upcoming sentencing, the main legislative power will not be around to help at the State level. With Penn State and other statewide institutions getting cut, how can the Corbett administration justify aiding the school? If this school dies, it will not be because of the work being done by staffers on board now, the commitment of its students and faculty and the largess of area companies (see BCNEPA) that contributed money in good faith. It will die because of the greed of those people who demanded the bonuses and the stupidity of the board for giving them the money. Years ago when I worked for the United Way,  I was told that in every bus station bathroom out of state there was a sign that said “Come to Northeastern Pennsylvania: they’re easy marks. Apparently, that sign extended to professional levels too. Take the rubes over the coals, they’ll be impressed by the out of town credentials. Hell, they’ll even pay bonuses! And in the end, we not only pay but look foolish doing it time and time again. We never, ever learn.


At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Junction said...

It is a real shame that when an operation such as the TCMC starts up you get those rats coming in on the ground floor and eventually climb their way up the internal ladder to the top floor they leave a trail of greed and corruption like a rat will always do. We all hope that this college of higher learning will overcome this black eye and grow to benifit all who go there.Not to say that this only happens in NEPA. I think this is a nation wide problem. Thank God there is some sort of oversight that caught this before it shut the place down before it could get off the ground.

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Medical College was a great idea, but being in NEPA it got all screwed up from the get go. Companies and individuals contributed large sums in good faith. Of course they went overboard on the facility, which is fantastic, but I'm certain investigation would reveal construction irregularities in the form of overcharging and kickbacks.
I knew there was trouble when Blue Cross, an evil entity, got involved. But the kicker came with the BONUSES, which made news for a day and then went away, were issued. Where was the outrage? The most ridiculous scam ever! People should have been happy to have good paying jobs and a future. Instead in the end we will have a beautiful state of the art empty building. Every step we take into the future around here seems condemned by the past. As said, "we never learn."


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really upsets me that BC has a surplus large enough to fund a school but they still up the rates on locals who cannot afford the higher rates. There is something very wrong when a non profit organization can have a Board of Directors who have outstanding perks, a surplus big enough to choke a horse and rates continue to rise. Heyna or no?

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your questions are ignorant and uninformed. A medical school does NOT need to be attached to a universtiy. There are plenty of stand alone medical schools. What is your point? Or are you just spouting off with misinformation?
I liked your blog much better when you took the time to get facts straight instead of just trying to instigate ala Steve Corbett.

At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank god we have people like you that know it all. Yes, there are plenty of stand-alone medical schools, but do all of them have state coffer sugar daddys on the verge of jail time? Being associated to the "U" gives them instant credability, as well as some of the best educated pre-med students in the nation. Unless someone steps forward to endorse the school to give it a future, it may be on the way out.

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Good morning class,
I am sorry that I have not been available for a long while. I have been undergoing medical treatments and will not be present for class as often as I would wish to. I am sure this makes brings a frown to your tuned out faces (you may laugh). All I can say is thank God for health insurance and prescription drug companies. These organizations have received a bad rap for years from liberals but when it all comes down to it they are life savers.. God bless them.
The business of this classroom goes forward.....
This morning, I will be brief. I would like to address the horrific negative campaign the Pres. Obama is waging against Gov. Romney albeit, via Bain Capitol.
Gov. Romney has been chastized for stating that corporations are people too. I realized that it may be difficult for you ingrates to understand but this is a fact and not fallacy.
Corporations are not the evil diabolical demons that Hollywood films brainwash many to believe. Corporate America has employed millions, put food on their tables and luxuries at their feet. You in fact, are beneficiaries of the greatness of this as your wayward parents finance your education (why I'll never know) via their pay from corporate America.
In other words, don't bite the hand that feeds you.
I realize that the President is desperate. THe office he holds contains many perks. The ability to fire up AF ONE at his whim to take silly wasteful trips (at taxpayer expense); any cuisine he wishes; top notch entertainment; and sadly, oversight of the military and the economy. Sometimes it seems that the current occupant of the White House concentrates more on the perks than the job. Having this an in charge is the equivelant of placing a diabetic in charge of a candy store.
THe President realizes that the gravy train is running out. It will only be a matter of eight months until the new occupant arrives. Even an old conservative fogie like me will sympathize with Mr. Obama on Jan. 20, 2013. Not for losing his leadership (?) but for the fact that it hurts my heart everytime I see a child cry over a lost toy.
Students, I will convene class once again at a later date. You need not show up tomorrow (as if you slackers would have anyway). Just remember, illegal drugs can kill, mame or destroy a life. Even your lives have some value, even to an old fogie like me....
Something to think about this morning.....
Class DIsmissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the great things about your site is the fact that you aren't afraid to take any criticism. And that is so great because you show that there is room for other views. The fact that you are being called ignorsant by the poster should be a point of honor. Look, the Medical School was/is a good thing. But it is typical NEPA. We are, like you say rubes who just pay and pay out to out of towners who we fall in love with, who impress us and then jilt us. Now the locals, like the politicians home raised, I'd never trust any of them to smell my flowers in the front yard. But "community leaders" should know better. Just saying..but then again, I might be called ignorant. Oh well.

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Professor, Romney will not be president. Accept it, deal with it, live with it.

My God are you f***ing dumb.


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