Friday, July 13, 2012

The LuLac Edition #2123, July 13th, 2012

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1. Why do you have a negative toward public employees? 

I don’t. I just see that the reality of today is a bit different than it was a few years ago. I don’t want to see anyone fired but I do think you can cut staff by attrition and ask workers to do a 40 hour week like private businesses do. My friends in government says that it is not at all like private business. In some cases that is true like police and firemen. But in an office situation, you can merge staff, duties and people to knock that 1500 number down to a more manageable 1000. I am not an efficiency expert but there can be a streamlining that would make sense. And even though the spending is mandated, I’d start with the courts. Not every new Judge needs a new staffer to handle their office. And don’t even get me started on probation. If I were Lawton, I’d also impose a 10% reduction in salaries for Managers too until we get out of this fiscal crisis. That makes more sense than fighting with the union. You don’t think a guy barely showing up making $75,000 is going to walk away in a huff? Where’s he going to find that payday? No, I like County employees, I just want them and their managers to join the real world. 

2. Your thoughts on the WARM weather? Global warming? 

As they used to say on the radio, it’s only WARM for me. I love the hot weather so for me, this is great. I’ll leave the science to the people that actually passed those classes in high school. 

3. Do you have a favorite 3 Stooges short and have you seen the new movie about them? 

“Punch Drunks” and “Half Wits Holiday” are my top two. I did not see the movie because my disdain for Larry David overcame my admiration for Kate Upton. 

4. Who will be Romney’s Veep? 

Either Tim Pawlenty or Rob Portman. Anyone else will be a surprise. 

5. Okay Yonk, you’re stranded on a desert island with Kathy Griffin or Joan Rivers. What would you do? 

Walk slowly into the sea. 

6. Did you get around to reading your boy Rendell’s book yet? 

Yes I read it on the fourth of July. Got through it in a few hours. It is what they call “a breezy read”. 

7. Which Scranton Mayor do you blame the most for the shape the city is in? 

I really think you have to lay the blame at the feet of Jimmy Connors. Connors was a great “people’s Mayor”. And that’s a good thing, he was at almost every wake, he’d show up with a shovel to fill a pothole if he had to. But his refusal to raise taxes during his time really just kicked the can down the road. Sometimes a Mayor has to stop being everybody’s brother and become a city’s stern grandfather. Much as I like the guy, he just didn’t do that. 

8. In the past you have written that you have voted for more Republicans than Democrats on the state wide level. Have you changed on that? 

Yes. Up until 2010 the only two Democrats I voted for in the Governor’s race were Milton Shapp and Ed Rendell. But the modern day GOP does not want a cross over Democrat like me. I voted for Arlen Specter every time he ran. I can’t imagine doing that now with Pat Toomey or any GOP candidate on the horizon. What has changed is that the party has become the champion of the rich. And that’s okay but they don’t have to take what little crumbs they can from the less fortunate. And when I say the less fortunate, I don’t mean the poor, I mean middle class people. 

9. Did you watch the All Star game? What was the menu and what did you think? 

I watched the whole thing. The menu was Nathan’s hot dogs and Campbell’s Pork and Beans. Of course washed down by an Aquafina and Diet Snapple. I thought the game was really good even though it was a blow out. The young stars were fun to watch. This was the first all star game since 1967 that had more players under 26 making the team. And of course, 1967 is our feature year on LuLac. 

10. What is the best job you ever had? And would you want to go back to it? 

Hosting “Music All Night” on WVIA FM in the mid 70s. I worked Sunday through Thursday, 10pm to 6am. And yes I’d go back to it in a heartbeat. It was a lot of fun. 

11. Have you ever thought of quitting your blog? 

Not yet. Some days are more challenging than others. But there is a lot to say and I hope I’m at least making some type of difference out there in terms of either educating or entertaining. 

12. Best place to have a fried chicken dinner in the area? 

Sitko’s in White Haven. Only go once a year but their broasted chicken is really good. Made with canola oil. 

13. Best place to get gasoline in Wilkes Barre? 

Obviously the DPW yard in North End but failing that, I go to Phil’s Sunoco on South Main in Wilkes Barre.


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