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The LuLac Edition #2205, September 23rd, 2012

Our "In Focus" logo. Today we feature photos from Blogfest Fall 2012, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and the Rendell book signing. Most Blogfest photos came from Gort 42 and Joe Valenti. Democratic Convention photos were contributed and the Rendell photo came from one of our 2011 "Women We Love" honorees, Kristen Mullen.(Captions are above the photos.)


Blogfest Fall 2012 is in the books and it was quite an event. As usual Rooney's was packed, the political talk was abundant with great congeniality and animation. It was the place to be for apparently everyone but incumbent Congressmen Lou Barletta and Tom Marino. But I'm sure we'll catch them again at some point. Once more thanks to Joe and Ben as well as Harold Jenkins and Michelle Hryvnak Davies for all of the pre planning, social networking and logistics. And thanks to those who attended like our readers, posters andd especially those candidates who put themselves out there every day to make the world a more interesting  place.

Here I am with Joe Valenti of and Gort 42. These two guys are the main cogs in Blogfest. I arrived late because of my WYLN commitments but they had the crowd stoked and ready for great conversation.
Gort 42 shown talks things over with 17th District candidate Laureen Cummings.
Dr. Dave Madera who hosts morning drive on The Talker 94.3FM is show here with Luzerne County Republican Committee stalwart Alex Milanes.
17th Congressional candidate Matt Cartwright chats with the 11th Congressional Democratic candidate Gene Stilp.
Former rivals Gene Stilp and Bill Vinsko were involved in a few discussions Friday night.
So I'm walking into Blogfest Friday night. I encounter these two women in front who ask me if the event was closed to the public. I respond that the bar is just the place where we are having the event. The one woman says "So there's not all politicians in there?" and I respond no. Just then Gene Stilp asks the woman who just asked me the question whether she knows how to operate a camera. She says yes. And the next thing I know this young lady is perched on the pink wheelchair while the woman who didn't want to have anything to do with politicians s taking the photo. That's the difference between bloggers and politicians, we inform (or try to) they just go all out and persuade.
Rick Arnold candidate for State Representative in the 119th chats with Wilkes Barre Attorney Bill Vinsko.
Here I am with Justin Vacula shortly before we begin to discuss the Abortion issue.
Democrat Bob Morgan who faced off against Walter Griffith and Wil Toole in the 2009 Controller's race for Luzerne County share a word.
Hughestown Attorney Mark Singer chats with Pittston's Danny Argo.In my conversations with Attorney Singer, it turns out that his brother Frank and I were coworkers at the old Detato's Market in Pittston in the early 70s.
Jim Zarra, Joe Valenti and Representative Mike Carroll are pictured here.Valenti gets a rare break from his shutterbug duties for the evening.
The two candidates for State Representative in the 120th District. Republican Aaron Kaufer and Phyllis Mundy.
Ransom Young and his wife made the scene at the Blogfest. Young is running a very competitive campaign against 116th District Freshmen representative Tarah Toohill.
Attorney Gerald Mecadon with Jim Zarra.
10th Congressional Democratic Congressional candidate Phil Scollo with Gort 42. Gort was the guy who put Scollo on the map for all of us earlier in the year.
Big Dan extends a hand to 11th Congressional candidate Gene Stilp.
Obviously something or someone got my attention as well as WARM/MAGIC 93's Brian Hughes. Hughes was toting a book about blogging as well as wearing his John Riggins Redskins jersey. Oh if only Sandra Day O'Connor could see us! 

The annual Tom Chipelewski/Dave Yonki blog photo. We're going for 52 so Topps can produce a set.
Two guys who could talk a blue streak about everything from politics to the weather, Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith and Charlie "Bible Buck" Hatchko.


Here are a few photos we received after the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. 

Former co star of "The Gilmore Girls" Alexis Bledel makes an appearance at "The Creative Coalition", a non partisan group that advocates for the Arts. The group had a strong presence at the convention in Charlotte.
Two scrappy kids from Scranton at the Democratic Convention. Former Scranton Mayor Jim McNulty pictured with Vice President Joe Biden.
"Madmen" star Jon Hamm and wife Jennifer Westfield checking into the Westin in Charlotte. Hamm was an unexpected guest of the Democratic National Committee.


This photo was taken by the Citizen's Voice photographer Kristen Mullen during the Governor's June 15th signing.


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Good photos, good time, good location. Wish I had met the person who writes Pure Bunkum. Like her site a lot too.
Raally appreciate the commitment you guys give your work.

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No leg shots of Laureen? How am I supposed to decide if I will vote for her?


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