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The LuLac Edition #2204, September 22nd, 2012

Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith. (Citizen's Voice Photo).


The Times Leader reports that Controller Walter Griffith wants to use his powers as Controller to take a look at the Mohegan Sun Arena Authority. What prompted the look see was the announcement recently that the Arena was going to add an in house restaurant. Competing businesses in and around the facility have already expressed displeasure. My take on it is this, in house facility restaurants have not proven to be huge moneymakers in this area. Just look to the Lackawanna County Stadium/PNC Field for proof. Many restaurants like this are overpriced, have “b” quality food and don’t do well on “non event” days. On the day of the event, sure there will be an influx of people using it. But in this area, it better be relatively inexpensive, the food better be good and plentiful and the service better be impeccable. Like any new bar that opens up in LuLac land, for a few weeks everyone goes there. But as time goes on, business will dwindle. First time eatery goers inside of the Arena will always be there but again, as time goes on, people will gravitate back to their favorites. This area is littered with “can’t miss” restaurants. Getting back to Griffith and his look at Authorities, it should be noted that in the past some major financial abuses have come from Authorities set up. A perfect example is the Scranton Parking Authority that is deeply in the hole. Yet that didn’t stop the Authority from paying huge salaries to people who evidently have not produced. The one thing to remember about the Arena Authority board is that most of its money comes from the Hotel Room Tax. For years the hotels around here fought tooth and nail against a room tax making outrageous claims that visitors would balk at paying a tax and that they’d all go under. Well, despite their negativity, people don’t really care that they might spend more money for a tax because even the most unsophisticated traveler understands that. With the room tax money came a huge influx of money. 22 million dollars worth. It is only right that people know where it went and where it is going. Griffith’s promise to loom into the operations was greeted with a response of mixed cooperation. Griffith’s actions are a notice to this authority and others in Luzerne County that the days of doing what you please are in the rear view mirror.
11th Congressional candidate Gene Stilp with his Giant Medicare Wheelchair . It is pink of course. 


Gene Stilp Reaffirms Commitments To Medicare And Social Security Stilp Receives Endorsement Of Pennsylvania AFSCME 
11thCongressional District Democratic Nominee Gene Stilp received the endorsement of Pennsylvania AFSCME  and re-affirmed his commitment to preserving Medicare and Social Security. Speaking before a large group of AFSCME retirees, Mr. Stilp stated that he does not support any system of vouchers or anything that will weaken Medicare. Likewise, he affirmed that he does not support any program to privitize Social Security. Mr. Stilp said, “It is vital that Medicare and Social Security, the systems that provide a safety net for our seniors be preserved and strengthened. I am against any plan, such as the Ryan Budget, that would slash both programs. My opponent, Lou Barletta voted for the Ryan Budget and has failed to protect our Seniors.” Mr. Stilp made his statements in front of a 15 foot wheelchair to illustrate what the Ryan Budget and the Republican Congress would do to these programs. “Mr. Barletta and the Republican Congress would make Medicare and Social Security as easy to negotiate for seniors as getting into this wheelchair.” 
Stilp press release. 


At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope people in Stelp's District are aware that Lou voted twice for Ryan's budget that called for the end of Medicare as we know it. If they don't want to deal with a vouchered medical care, they had better vote for Stelp. If nothing else, the guy has a great gift for promotion so he is equipped to promote NE PA.

As for Walter Griffith spending time on the Arena, I say as others have said, it would be nice to see Walter do his job and get the county audits done. Alter all this time, he should be up to date or at the very least, close to being up to date. The problem with in house audits is that there is no publicity and it is boring work. But the need for them is far larger than Griffith's ego. Everyday, he proves the need for a County Controller who can actually do the job. Walter carries his file (in every photo) for no other reason than to look like he knows what he is doing. Can you find a photo where any auditor, public or private walks around with a file in their hand? I bet not.

At 12:56 AM, Blogger Aggie95 said...

yep we are aware of it and so far it is the only plan in the room as medicare goes tap city in about 12 years ....the democrat plan is and has been to scream that the Republican want to kill everyone when ever they point out the numbers my question is this will the democrats be content to continue to use medicare SS and the others to scare everyone with for votes or will at some point will they be able to figure out that something needs to be done

At 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, health insurance is the answer. It always saves lives. Look at Steve Sabol he had the best care money could buy and he beat his brain cancer.. O wait, sorry he didn't. That's right, sometimes people die. I always think when I read your blog that the answer to immortality is health insurance.

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now we have Aggie95 and 6:13 Am advocating that insurance is useless and there is no need for it because we are going to die anyway. Talk about two flaiming assholes. I have no doubt that both have health insurance and both will enjoy their Social Security and Medicare because the American people equipped with a brain will not allow the Republicans too destroy these great programs. I can't hep but wonder where guys like this were when the Republicans started two ward and Cheney's influence gave his former company Haliburton no bid contracts worth billions of dollars and then they were caught over billing to the tune of millions of dollars and nothing was done and they didn't complain. I'm sorry I called them assholes, that is an insult to real assholes.

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we please elect a real controller for the county next year??? One that actually knows how to do an audit?

Republicans know that all we have to do is raise the payroll level on salary to even things out, say to a million. Will they do it? Hell no! They only serve the rich, that's it. Vote straight Dem this November and get rid of Griffith!!

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:34 PM, I doubt you will find candidates for any office in Luzerne county. Walter is a joke and not funny. The council is a group of clowns who have no business playing politician and as government managers, there isn't one in the group. The biggest disappointment to me is Edd Brominski. I expected more from him but should have known that the stripes don't change. Once a hard head, always a hard head. The acts like somebody peed in his cheerios and he is holding the entire council to blame. Bromo needs to go and the sooner the better. His sticking his nose into the manager's business is way out of line and he should have an ethics complaint filed against him. Mike Giambre is acting like he should have his own key to the Court House back door. He certainly believes that the county manager should keep his door wide open for him when in fact, he should have his access cut off post haste. He should send more time minding his gas drills.

At 10:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous are so right about Bromo and Giamber. Bromo is promoting him for the Director of Administration--doesn;t he have enough with his large government pension check and you are right...his wells. It is just pathetic to see these clowns try to run county government. Kelleher actually wrote an editorial letter thanking Bobeck for his job as chairman---what the hell was that all about? Walter is pathetic---but then again he is a mechanic and not an auditor so what do people expect from him? Too bad the CV and TL don't look into the reality of these clowns...they support them 100% and it is just madness...

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Immortality? No. Just decent care while we are alive. Who would want immortality anyway, besides with or with out health care the body eventually wears out and money finally has nothing to do with it. Your Steve Sabol comment is that of a sluggish mentality. Dont argue with or show me facts my limited ability to focus is used up, hey? Its called the NEPA Dumb Down. No further explanation necessary.


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