Thursday, September 13, 2012

The LuLac Edition #2194, September 13th, 2012

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1. What do you have against Mitt Romney? 

Nothing! I think he is a good and decent man. But he is all over the place when it comes to the issues. He put together a Health Care Plan Governor in his home state with Ted Kennedy and then he says he’ll overturn Obama’s law. Then he says he likes part of it. I don’t mind him, I mind the crowd he travels with. A Romney Presidency can go either way, he can nod and smile to the Republican right like Richard Nixon did in 1968 and then did as he pleased once he was elected or become a hostage of the Tea Party zealots in his own party. I’m not willing to take that chance to see where he’ll go. And he hasn’t told me yet where he’s headed. 

2. What did you think of the Convention coverage and who did you watch? 

I liked it. I thought the networks were horrible in terms of their coverage. I think they abdicated their responsibility and their FCC licenses. One hour for each party? God Bless Bill Clinton for going long in his speech and busting past the 11 o’clock news in the East. And I know he did this on purpose. I watched PBS, MSNBC, and a little bit of CNN. When the networks did decide to show, I tuned into to NBC like I did when I was a kid. But I also had CSPAN at the ready to capture the whole thing. 

3. Have you heard the Dave Madera Show on The Talker? 

Yep. He is now part of the quadfecta in the Lulac household. The show is kind of like Fox News on steroids. NPR, WILK, The Talker and ESPN Radio. Thank God for that radio remote. 

4. Your thoughts on week one of the NFL? 

Payton Manning was incredible. It was like he never left. I’m a tad worried about my Packers. I think the Cowboys and Redskins might be duking it out in the end and those Eagles are always wildly entertaining. The Eagles are the NASCAR team of the NFL. You watch them for the wrecks that might happen along the way in the game. And then after, Ed Rendell sums it up with his head in his hands. They need to get the old refs back too. 

5. What is in your recycling container? 

Okay. Skim Milk, Diet Peach Snapple, Diet Coke, v8 Fusion, Aquifina Water, Glauceau Smart Water, Lehigh Valley Skim Milk, Trop 50, Jones Black Cherry and Pumpkin Ale. (That’s Mrs. LuLac’s!) We like to stay hydrated. 

6. Have you driven up Coal Street lately? 

Yes. It is fantastic. Who would ever think that it would look this good. Kudos to Mayor Leighton an the people who saw this thing through. And a special shout out to the neighbors up there who toughed it out for so long. 

7. I’ve noticed that you rarely mention if at all the opponents of Phyllis Mundy and Matt Cartwright. 

Good eye.

8. Who will win the upcoming Presidential debates? 

Here’s what will happen. The Romney camp will say they beat expectations. The Obama camp will say the same thing. Each American is going to have to carry their own little nugget about what will decide it for them. Both will be prepped, both will be good. Citizens have to pay attention. What did it for me in ’08 was when Obama and McCain (don't forget I was for Hillary) answered the questioned about mortgages. McCain said he was worried about people who had 5 rental properties and how hard it was going to be for them to make the same money they made a few years ago. Obama talked about the single home owner that might lose his only house and how it would effect him. I went with Obama. 

9. I read your book “Weather Or Knot”. Loved it. I also worked with you at the Call Center on South Main Street and was working on 911 just as you were. Why didn’t you refer to that great event in your book? 

I did mention it but it was edited out because it was not the main focal point of the book. That thing went from 585 pages to 147. But I remember that day well there. But it didn’t make the final edit. Thanks for your support though. 

10. Any difference between your first go round on Topic A and this latest association with it?

WYLN is doing Topic A at 5 with Weather. So the show has actually less time for Mr. Tarone and I. But it was fun to be back arguing with him. It was like I never left. 

11. What do you think of the new Candy Corn Oreos? 

Did not try them yet but I never met an Oreo I didn’t like. I’ll eat them sparingly if I get a pack. I understand they are in select Targets and the only store that has them is in Dickson City.

12. What is on your music play list?

A lot. As George Graham on WVIA FM is fond of saying, “it is an eclectic mix”. Or as Mrs. LuLac would say, "an eclectic mess”. 

13. Ginger and Mary Ann question. Katty Kaye or Peggy Nonnan? 

Katty Kaye. She was one of our “Women We Love” a few years ago. Peggy Noonan sounds too much like a deranged aunt.


At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes! What a boring 13 Questions Edition! Maybe you should take a day off once in a while, Yonks.
Most likely I wont get past the silly sensing/screening on the website. It looks a little blurry to me.
Pass the bottle its almost closing time.

Barroom Bum

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hoping to get this question in before the 13th. At your recommendation I purchased the book "one day I was" by Joe Leonardi. I finally sat down to read it this weekend. I was wondering if you and LA could interview him on topic A. I would love to hear more detail as I found his book to be a fascinating walk through history, and revealed many things I did not know; like income tax were not always part of history, or his take on political parties.

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney's unpatriotic attacks fueled by absolute political desperation following the ongoing attacks on US Missions are disgraceful, wrong and a good indication of this moron/ not Mormons potential for a dangerous and disaster filled presidency. Way to go Mitt! Your win at any cost ass is flapping in the breeze!
Wave the flag, rattle the sabre and look and act completely clueless as an American and a statesman. Take another pass on serving your couyntry and look out only for your selfish interests. You, Sir are a disgrace to your country and your party!


At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you mention Aaron Kaufer? I don't know your thoughts on the race, but I guarantee you that the race will be extremely close. I actually think Kaufer will win. He is working harder than his opponent and has substance in his message.

At 6:40 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Yikes! What a boring 13 Questions Edition!

At 1:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton's address right before Romney's showed a stark contrast between the motives of the two... Not only should Romney not have given that speech in the first place, but he bumbled through it in the process.

He followed Hillary and President Obama spoke immediately after. Sandwiched between two actual leaders, boy did he look not only unpresidential, he looked small.

I can't believe for one moment I was considering voting for him. No longer undecided.


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