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The LuLac Editiion #2227, October 13th, 2012

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 1. Why do you only seem to use articles from Wil Toole and Joe Leonardi for “Write On Wednesday”? 

Because they contribute to LuLac that’s why. Why do you e mail questions for “13 Questions”? The Wednesday feature is open to anyone. As a matter of fact, I have a dynamite “Write On Wednesday” coming up from another former candidate for Luzerne County Council this week. But sometimes what we have featured is preempted by more topical issues. Feel free to submit. Submissions are taken at this e mail address: 

 2. I have been reading you since 2009 when I saw you at first on TV then attended one of your candidate forums. How long does it take you to do this blog? 

It depends. Usually to post, about 15 minutes if I have the story already written. The hardest pieces that take the most time are when we upload a lot of photos or videos. So it depends. BY formatting the blog with special features that the reader will find every week, on a given day, it gives me the opportunity if not to work ahead, then to at least think ahead. 

3. Why is Biden the way he is? 

Why is anyone the way they are? Biden is a classic throwback to the happy warrior days of Hubert Humphrey. He loves politics and truly believes government’s mission is to help the less fortunate. He never got rich in the Senate because he enjoyed being a Legislator. Also I think his age and his near brush with death in the 90s is a factor. I think Biden is thrilled to be alive, thriving and just says what he wants to with unabashed joy and abandon. You might think he’s a fool but he’s having the time of his life and actually enjoys the political process. That in itself is refreshing. 

4. Have you read any new books lately? 

No. It has been a very busy year. It’s all I can do to get through my Sports Illustrated and GQ. We even dropped Newsweek last year because we just didn’t have time to read it. But I’m still eyeing that Robert Caro biography on Lyndon Johnson. But no new books. 

5. Any thoughts on your Packers slow start this year? 

No. When I was in the hospital last year, when I’d go to therapy I’d wear my Packers shirt. And there was a nurse who used to bug me about the Packers going undefeated. Finally one day I said to her that I saw enough 4-12 seasons with the Pack to not worry about whether they would go undefeated. I’m hoping they get into the Playoffs. I’m happy they are at least competitive. 

6. How long do you and Tarone prepare for Topic A? 

Not long. We have a short meeting before we go on the air but we just kind of let it fly once the lights come up. That may or may not be a good thing. 

7. What did you think of the Times Leader debates this week? 

I have to hand it to them, they did a very nice job. I just wish they used some of their very good reporters like Bill O’Boyle or Jennifer Learnes Andes to be on a panel asking questions. 

 8. Two questions about the Professor who posts. Are you the Professor and if not, do you know who he is? 

I am not. I’m not that good. I do have an inkling of who it might be but I wouldn’t bet the house on it. 

9. What can President Obama do to improve in the next debate? 

Act like he does when he is having dinner with his family. I think Obama may be more authentic than Mitt Romney but he has to show it. Getting a little angry might help. Or if he can’t do that, try to channel Bill Clinton. 

10. What did you think of the job the media did on the Sanduskey trial? 

I thought they all did a great job. This was a Pennsylvania story first and foremost. I think all of the local reporters did very well and the mid state press nailed it from the start. It was telling that many of the national outlets like ESPN, Fox Sports and the networks reached out to Pennsylvania media people for some of their feeds. 

11. Who will go to trial first. Hugo Selinski or former Senator Ray Musto? 

Tough one. Can’t even predict that. 
12. I heard a disturbing rumor that you are looking forward to future debates because Candy Crowley is going to be the moderator. Like, are you serious? 

Deadly. Candy and Katty Kaye are my media dream girls! 

13. Favorite eating apple for the fall? 


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As a poster said last week,
too much Leonardi, but Toole is cool. Leonardi is just too interested in himself and his self promotion. Toole just seeems like the real deal where the Doc comes off a bit phoney to me.



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