Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The LuLac Edition #2325, January 8th, 2013

The late author Richard Ben Cramer and his works. (Photo: The Daily Beast).


One of the most incredible books on the meaning of politics and what it takes to make ac race and then survive it, whether you won or lost was written by Richard Ben Cramer. Cramer died today at a very young age of 62. “What It Takes” chronicles the 1988 Presidential race. It is over 1,000 pages long and I dare say one of the best tomes that take us into the psyche of the men who run for the highest office in the world. No less an authority than Joe Biden said today, “It is a powerful thing to read a book someone has written about you, and to find both the observations and criticisms so sharp and insightful that you learn something new and meaningful about yourself.” 
If you read this book a few years ago, find it again and look it over. If you let a friend borrow it and he or she hasn’t read it yet, hunt them down and get It back. Buy it, hell steal it if you have to. It is the definitive book on Presidential politics. And I loved all of Teddy White's “Making Of the President” books. Cramer also wrote a wonderful biography of Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams. Check out this great, late author’s work. 


Wilkes Barre City Council last night elected former Police Chiefs Bill Barrett as Chairman of City Council and Tony George as Vice Chairman. Barrett, although a political animal has been reasonable and has not followed the administration blindly in his decisions on Council. George has been a critic of the LAG towing contract and has been an outspoken ombudsmen for the city in his initial term. Maybe, just maybe a little bit of daylight and sunshine can creep through in future Council meetings where citizens aren’t denigrated by asking questions (Charlotte Raup was accused of pliticizing the hit and run of the little 5 year old on North Street by just asking where the city camera was) and showing up at meetings. Even Bob Kadluboski approved and wished them well last night. 

ELVIS @ 78 

 Elvis Presley would have turned 78 today. As a small boy I grew up listening to Elvis on the radio, TV and records. In high school, my generation was witness to his comeback. Love him or hate him, he was the ultimate pop icon.


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