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The LuLac Edition #2334, January 19th, 2013

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MAYBE I’M AMAZED……….that the House Republicans actually did something constructive in their recent retreat. House Minority Leader Eric Cantor has said that the GOP will extend the debt ceiling for another three months without a fight….if the Democratic Senate presents and passes a budget. Finally a reasonable request from this group. And one the Democrats should own up to. Everyone works on a budget. The retort that there should be an an accommodation on this without conditions is not going to be a winning argument for the Democrats. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that even at this stage of the game, it seems that Governor Tom Corbett will have a huge hole to crawl out of if he chooses to run for another term as Governor in 2014. Corbett has not had any of the national recognition that other GOP Governors seem to enjoy. Plus his approval rating is hovering in the low forties which can’t be good. With newly inducted Kathleen Kane looking to make hay out of the Sandusky case. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………….that the inauguration of President Obama will formally be on January 21st because the 20th of course falls on a Sunday. I understand he’ll take a private oath on the 20th but I think it’s ironic that in this country of every commercial enterprise opened 365 days a year, that Sunday is actually observed by some entity. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED…………..that a campaign issue that reared its head in the election for the adoption of Home Rule in Luzerne County as well as the County Council race is back again. Luzerne County tax collectors, all 69 of them duly elected say the County should not cut their services. The tax collectors say they don’t cost the County health benefits but Manager Bob Lawton sees it differently saying $388,000 in revenue by turning the collections over to the Treasurer’s office. In some cases, issues never end. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……………that our 18th President, U.S. Grant was once fined $20.00 for speeding on his horse. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……….that the ice hadn’t melted in the celebratory drinks in the office of incoming Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale when it was announced he would be conducting a Marcellus Water Safety audit. You have to love the checks and balances in our governments. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……….that I’m actually liking the reality show on TLC starring Pete Rose and his busty fiance. The story line follows Rose and his new woman and kids. Rose talks about the Hall of Fame and baseball and of course his father. The fiance is fretting over a breast reduction (my friends told me she stopped traffic in Cooperstown a few years ago) Pete is trying to inflict baseball on a son to be stepson who enjoys the confines of his air conditioned bedroom playing video games and gives dating advice to his soon to be 15 year old step daughter. In my media endeavors, I met Rose many, many times and found him friendly and engaging. He never shied away from any question and was extremely gracious with all fans. I’m sorry, I like the guy and given the steroid controversy one thing should be noted, Rose never cheated when got those hits. The funniest line of the show so far was his step daughter saying, “I shouldn’t say this but I think Pete is as old as my grandma!” As I tell my single friends, “go young”. 
MAYBE I’M AMAZED……….that “Game Change” continues to win awards snagging a Golden Globe last Sunday night. “Game Change” was the HBO Movie starring Woody Harrellson and Julianna Moore chronicling the pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Vice President.
WYLN TV 35 and WILK’s L.A. Tarone. 

MAYBE I’M AMAZED…………….at just how accurate and prescient a newsman or if you will, journalist (that seems to be the hot term these days) L.A. Tarone is. On Election Night there was a report about an elected official aiding voters in a Hazleton Area polling place. Apparently she was not officially sanctioned to give that aid. When the report came in to WYLN that night, Tarone said, “If a complaint is filed with the Election Board, this person will be cited”. According to the Times Leader, the elected official was cited but the complainant was criticized by the Elections Board for not bringing the situation to the Election Board sooner. The gift of Tarone is that he can see a story coming down the pike as well as its ramifications almost immediately. Plus the person cited and the person complaining, well both were unhappy with the Election Board decision.  By the way, you can catch L.A. on WILK Sunday noon to 2pm.
MAYBE I’M AMAZED………that I thought the biggest sport story this week was going to be Chip Kelly forsaking Oregon and rethinking his decision to be the Head Coach of the agles. Silly me. Lance Armstrong talked to Oprah. Big right? Silly me. That story was trumped by the Manto Te’o’s, uh, situation. Now this would be a reality show. The thing is crazy, no one seemed to violate any laws but this has been front and center for the past 72 hours.
My old car. 

MAYBE I’M AMAZED……….that my old Gold Sebring (Thank you Tolstoy!!! Proof positive I never read the manual!)  continues to bring joy to a new owner. My brother in law called me last weekend and told me he was at Schiel’s Supermarket in Parsons parked next to it. Apparently it was still running.


At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, you must have made a recent trip to the states of Oregon or Washington. How can you imagine even for a minute that working class benefits will not be the key goal of the Republicans? They gave in on the Debt Ceiling for one reason and that being the mid term elections. If they caused the country's credit rating to be lowered again due to their crusade to destroy the working class, they would continue to lose seats. I get a kick out of the saying the people wanted a Republican Congress and that's why they still have the majority. They need to take a look around and they will notice that they lost seats in the last election and the only thing that saved them was the gerrymandering that took place. The redistricting sure helped Lou Barletta and he wasn't the only R to be saved by the game. This redistricting should be done on an even basis and I would go further to say they must be Independents.

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

L.A. Tarone is a newsman who will find a story..not follow one.

At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never read the manual! That's a good one. You sat your ass in that car years and never noticed the name?

At 6:24 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Never read the manual! That's a good one. You sat your ass in that car years and never noticed the name?


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