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The LuLac Edition #2351, February 6th, 2013

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Secretary of State John Kerry served the state of Massachusetts in the U.S.. Senate since 1984. When his selection as Secretary seemed imminent, there was speculation that an interim appointment would be made before a Special Election was held in the State. Retiring Congressman Barney Frank threw his hat in the ring saying that his experience in serving the Bay State for decades would make perfect sense. I thought so as well as a few other people who follow politics. Instead, much to our chagrin, Governor DeVal Patrick named his former Chief of Staff, “Mo” Cowan instead of Mr. Frank. Cowan, born in North Carolina and not a native Bay State resident was a surprise pick by some. Many felt that Barney Frank would have been the perfect placeholder for the Democratic and by extension Obama agenda. But Patrick picked a buddy instead of Frank. That got the ire of one of our contributors to LuLac,  Wil Toole. Toole directed his comments toward MSNBC’s Al Sharpton on Sharpton’s Facebook page. Sharpton seems to be the champion of every injustice known to man except this. Plus the added dynamic here is that Cowan is an African American. No big deal, right? Well, true but maybe not the best political strategy. Former Senator Scott Brown who took over the late Ted Kennedy’s seat will be a formidable candidate. Even in a State that elected Edward Brooke in 1966 many say there might be blow back on this decision. Remember, Boston was the last team to integrate in the Major Leagues as well as resisting busing. Am I saying there is prejudice in the Bay State? I won’t go that far but I will say they aren’t the most tolerant bunch there. Since Toole posted it on Sharpton’s page, more people saw it there than will see it here. But that makes it no less compelling. Here is a copy of Mr. Toole’s communication to the good Reverend.  

Reverend Shapton, for years I watched as you took the time to defend every black person who had a problem and there were times when the person being defended didn't deserve it. But, you charged ahead as Mr. Super Defender. There were many times that a person was the one being wronged and you were criticized for not stepping forward. Today I sat stunned as I watched you smile from ear to ear as you spoke of Attorney Mo Cowan being picked to replace Senator Kerry by Governor Patrick. I was and still am sick that you accepted that appointment without question because in my opinion purely because Cowan is black. The man can't hold a candle to Congressman Barney Frank. There is not one person more qualified for the US Senate at this point in time as Barney Frank and you passed over it without a bit of surprise or disappointment. Cowan is an a attorney but attorney's in MA are a dime a dozen and many are outstanding. The only real experience in government is Cowan being chief of staff for governor Patrick. A chief of staff being picked over Barney Frank? Where was your outrage? Why were you not jumping up and down in support of Congressman Frank You showed very clearly that you have no concern for qualifications, experience or ability......... your concern was simply "black" and that concerns me. Shame on you Reverend, I have lost all respect for you. By the way, you just added to the real possibility that former senator Brown will cash in on the snub of a great American and Legislator, Barney Frank. If I were Barney Frank, I would set aside my need of retirement and put on my track shoes and run in the MA Senatorial election. He would win hands down and he is probably the only one able to beat Brown. 


At 6:02 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

Many assumptions here. The Cowan appointment is an "interim" one, meaning he will only serve until a special election this summer. It is very doubtful that he will persue the seat to fill out Kerrys term.
Second, Scott Brown (the most potent GOP challenger in Mass. is NOT running for the seat. More than likely he will run for Governor.
Finally, the thought of a Governor appointing a "buddy" to an interim Senate seat is about as corrupt as the many Governor's who appointed widows of US Senators to hold their late husband's seat on an interim basis by then Minnesota Governor RUdy Pirpich.
I can go on and on.
Politics, yes...unheard of? No.
Bless You.

At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just getting around to catching up on my LuLac reading. The oint here was very simple. The reverend speaks of right and wrong and what's best for our nation and he shows no concern over Cowan being picked over Baarney Frank and all of his Washington experience. Barney Fran knew full well that it was an intrim position, who didn't? That was and is my point ..... quality was passed over for cronyism which seems to be the "in" word right now. Wil Toole


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