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The LuLac Edition #2397, April 13th, 2013

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1. What are your thoughts about some of our local lawmakers taking per diems? 

I think it is an outrage. Lisa Baker has the right idea. Keep receipts and pay as you go. Then hand in the receipts and get reimbursed. This $165 bucks a day is pure nonsense especially since most of the constituents of these people are way below $40,000 a year. But we keep on voting them in, Dems and Republicans so we get what we deserve. Screwed. And I mean it’s not as if these people aren’t making a bad wage, more than $70,000 grand a year is more than enough. And then there’s the former educators turned legislators who are not only taking the per diem but getting a fat pension from being a teacher. Really, how much is too much? It should sicken people but it doesn’t. 

2. Do you often post political opinions on FaceBook? 

Only when someone says something breathtakingly stupid will I post on FaceBook. So many people put stuff up there about Health Care, Guns and how Obama is going to turn us into a bunch of Socialists that they beg for a response. At times it seems like a waste of energy because you’re never going to change anyone’s mind. But there are some comments that should not stand unanswered. I will post a link to LuLac if I do have something interesting that others can read. 

3. What are your thoughts about star players sitting out games at the end of a season. Do you think it cheats the fans? 

I’m assuming you are talking about the LeBron James controversy this week. Look, a ticket to an event gets you into the game to see the contest. You see the event. If your favorite guy is in the lineup, that’s icing on the cake. If not, that’s the deal. LeBron’s mistake was making his intentions to sit out public. It is nice to see the mega stars but it is no guarantee. 

4. What are your thoughts about the RailRiders opening home stand? 

Even though they are starting out with a losing record, the excitement is there with the newly renovated Stadium. If the team continues to lose, it will be more of a reflection of the entire Yankee system rather than the efforts of the folks who are managing the RailRider events. I think the true test is going to be how people support this team, win or lose. It’ll be interesting to see if the fans put their money where their mouths are. According to recent reports, ticket sales have already outpaced last season. 

5. Why aren’t there the same number of candidates for Luzerne County Council this time around? 

As I mentioned on earlier LuLac Editions, I think the public caught a glimpse of the enormity of the task involved in being a Council member. There is a lot to study, to decide, and quite frankly to put up with. So that might have scared off your regular politicos looking for an easy ride with no sweat. 

6. Do you think Terry Francona will make a big difference with your Indians? 

Too early to tell. I think he’ll be a good manager but in order to be a great manager, you need great players. And I don’t see that quite yet with the Tribe. Nick Swisher is a good player but the Tribe seems to be building their team around a guy that didn’t exude superstar quality while he was in New York. 

7. Okay, here’s one. Peanut Butter and Jelly or Grilled Cheese. Which one? 

Depends on the day. Wouldn’t make a steady diet of either but both, if well made, are fine. 

8. What do you think of “Fast Freddy” on WILK’s Traffic Reports? 

Known Freddy and his wife for years. He’s a decent guy and doing a good job. Traffic is one of those nebulous broadcast luxuries that not many stations do anymore. I loved him at PNC Field and think he's doing a good job now at WILK. 

9. I’ve been a fan of Wilkes Barre City’s Downtown revitalization. Every weekend I stop down and enjoy the movies and some of the night spots. But the more I read about this towing contract and the Mayor’s reluctance to modify it or cancel it bothers me. What does young Mr. Glodzick have on Mayor Leighton? 

Your comment is interesting. Because the more stone walling that comes out of City Hall, in dribs and drabs, the more credence a question like yours has. 

10. Will Home Rule pass in Lackawanna County this year? 

Not sure. The concept is kind of truncated. The revision calls for row offices to be eliminated but not the County Board of Commissioners. That doesn’t seem like clear cut reform. It sounds like Commissioners looking to rid themselves of duly elected officials and getting the power to appoint new people, qualified individuals or cronies, take your pick. I think it will fail because voters haven’t had time to process the change. The last Home Rule vote happened in the Lac in 1974 and it usually takes one or two more tries for it to stick. But I can be wrong. 

11. I watched your highly touted “Madmen” premiere episode Sunday. It was slow moving and sucked. Why all the fuss? 

Madmen’s first episode of a season is usually a base episode upon which other episodes flow from. Give it time and you’ll see how it builds. That said, like all Cable shows, it might not be for everybody. 

12. Any thoughts on why anything can’t get done in Washington? 

Every incumbent is worried about their own hides. Forty years ago Democrats and Republicans embarked on an investigation of a President and whether he did anything illegal. The Democrats had control of the House and Senate but the GOP joined in with the probe. Both sides wanted to get to the bottom of the Watergate case. You wouldn’t see that today. It is a bygone method in a bygone era. 

13. Today is Customer Appreciation Day at Subway. They have a buy one get one free special on footlongs . Going to partake? 

Oh yeah. I ordered two tuna with spinach and onions on whole wheat, non toasted and one on Flatbread for Mrs. LuLac. It was a good deal.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your number 12. Really great analogy.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave, some of the stuff on Facebook is downright scary. People will pop off and then you'll have other people "like" their ignorance. It is as you said breathtakingly stupid.

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don Draper is super cool. But I love my Betty Draper as a brunette. Great show.


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