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The LuLac Edition #2536, October 13th, 2013

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1. Do you think it is okay for bloggers to support political candidates?

Sure. Bloggers are opinion givers. What better way than to support someone you like. I have not worked for many people often. But when I have done so, I did it with a conviction that they would do a good job. I have not endorsed many people. The only endorsement came in the 2012 Democratic primary for Congress because I did not want Tim Holden to be my Congressman. A good Representative, I felt that Matt Cartwright would bring a better and fresher perspective to the district as well as the Congress.

2. George Will to Fox News. Surprised?

Not really. David Brinkley went to ABC after years at NBC, Barbara Walters too. I think though it is a case of Fox needing him more than he needs them. Fox needs to become more even handed in its conservatism. The recent hair on fire rantings, especially from 2010 until just recently put them in an awkward position. Will can lend some badly needed gravitas.

3. You referenced your dog a lot in past editions. What is he and what did you name him?
McKinley is a West highland terrier. After our first Westie Monty died in 1998 at the age of 18 and a half, I did not want to get another dog. But we got one in late 1999. I always wanted to name a dog after the Guess Who song “Albert Flasher” but Mrs. LuLac was having none of it.

So because it was closing in on a new century, I thought it would be a good idea to name the dog after the first President of the 20th century. So he became McKinley.

Speaking of animals, Fast Freddie who does the traffic on the Entercom stations is having a fundraiser this week at Brews Brothers to benefit the SPCA. The details are pictured below along with Mr. double F. Click to enlarge the information.

4. Sorry about those Pirates and Indians?

Not at all. I’m thrilled they made it to October. You’ll hear more from them in years to come.

5. Now that Topic A is over, I won’t have to hear you bitch about Mayor Leighton. Why don’t you like him?

I like him just fine. Any Mayor that does his own grocery shopping (saw him in Price Chopper last week) is okay with me. I just disagreed with some of his policies. But just in case you weren’t reading, I think he’s done a good job with the downtown development, the roads are now incredible compared to Hazleton’s and Scranton’s and the new Police Facebook page is putting thugs on notice that Wilkes Barre’s good people are watching and acting. The ordinance for landlords came under criticism but I supported it. Plus, the Mayor has held the line on taxes, and increased the Police force by 10. My friends who have been city administrators tell me with lack of jobs and low wages in the city, balancing a budget with no new taxes is downright impressive. It would be nice if the Mayor donated some of his salary to local charities. My problem with Wilkes Barre is the fact that the same people keep getting elected over and over again. And when they do get elected, they take care of themselves and not the entire city. But as far as the Mayor goes, I don’t hate him or anyone else. Plus it made for good TV because Tarone felt some sort of loyalty to him since he was at King’s the same time as he (the Mayor) was.

6. What are your thoughts on the President possibly using the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling. Power grab or good idea?

Good idea. Absolutely. Look no matter what he does, the GOP and the Right Wing will castigate him. They have shown no sign of cooperation. Ever. Just do it and move on. This President made his biggest mistake by trying to be reasonable and compromise with this party. He should have put the boot on their neck when he had the majority but he decided to be reasonable. With bullies, you can’t reason with them. You punch them in the face. Hard. But he didn’t and now no matter what he does, it isn’t good enough. Yep, the 14th Amendment is the ticket.

7. Favorite part of fall?

Bitching about how the summer ended. The apples, the pumpkins, oh hell, I hate fall. It is the prelude to winter. Winter is death on earth. No, give me spring and summer.

8. Is politics the same across the country as it is in this sorry ass area?

I believe that it is. There are stories of corruption in other parts of the state and country. But the difference is that here, politics is an industry. There are generations of people here who have used politics and government like a family business. That is extended when you have a candidate or a set of families that rotate through the system. That is unique to this area. There is a political class that feels entitled to a job, an appointment or a connection because Uncle Wilbur could get a particular party 200 votes out of some borough. Unfortunately for us here, there are hundreds of Uncle Wilburs. Area politicians use votes as currency for their relative's economic well  being. A son of a former school director gets an administrative position over an employee that has a Doctorate. The cousin of a Councilman gets a job because he can bring a higher up 400 votes out of his little borough. It's almost incestuous the way politics is around here. We don't play politics here. We live it as a daily diet and that is the difference between here and other places. It is the big reason why industry has no use for us too. We name streets after politicians who are in jail, honor them at dinners. All the videos in the world produced by our hapless, unenergetic and incompetent Chambers of Commerce can't repair that damage.

9. What are your thought about the recent vile behavior of Miley Cyrus?

I’m sure Walt Disney is spinning in his grave given her association with the Disney Channel. But I don’t pay much attention to her because she’s………wait for it……..not tall.

10. I think you are disgusting for saying that the Republicans care more about a fetus than they do a human. How can you say that?

Believe me I wish I had thought that one up by myself. But a good political friend said that to me and he’s right. The GOP will fight to the death for the unborn fetus but block a health care bill that give disabled infants the opportunity to get care. Prior to that, it was a preexisting condition. The GOP has said no to Head Start programs, no to immigration reform, no to a jobs building program the President wanted, no to a modified version of background checks for guns. Those are all issues they said no to for living, breathing human beings. So I think I stand on pretty firm ground when I say that statement over and over again.

11. How about those Giants going 0-6?

Sports, like life comes in cycles. The Giants got old fast but I’m sure the team will bounce back. Tom Coughlin should not be blamed for this and you’ll see them back soon enough. But not this year.

12. Do you and your wife have more than one TV in your house?

Nope. Just one. There are shows we watch together, then others she watches alone. Like she’ll watch Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police, Long Island Medium and all that semi reality junk. Then I’ll watch old reruns of Naked City and The Untouchables as well as sports. But having separate TV units for two people I think is counterproductive to a relationship. I mean if one radio in the living room was good enough for The Waltons, one TV in is okay for the LuLacs.

13. You mentioned the TV show “Breaking Bad” on a number of occasions. Why do you think it was so compelling to so many people including yourself?

First off, for me the writing was excellent. I’m fascinated with stories that connect the dots and Breaking Bad did just that in the entire story. The strength of that is we watched it almost backwards. I think we started watching it in season 4 and then got caught up before the finale.
Walter White’s transgressions start small but then they escalate gradually into full blown criminality. At one point when his wife asked him if he was in danger, he told her, “I am the danger”. At times the drama bordered on the comedic. To me the main character sometimes turned into a combined Roadrunner and Wily Coyote because after meticulously planning everything, either his own over reaction or a random event trips him up. The last three episodes were the very best TV could offer and the final episode put all the others I’ve seen to shame. I think a work, whether it be a book, TV show, musical piece, whatever becomes an icon when weeks and sometimes years after the thing was produced, people are still talking about it. For me with “Breaking Bad”, I’m still thinking about the twists, turns and ironies that led the characters to their final destinations.


At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you totally on Breaking Bad. I watched from day one but missed a whole season, I think we were watching Downton Abbey which tanked right around the time they added an unnecessary Shirley Maclaine. The writing on Breaking Bad was the best on TV. The acting across the board was terrific and the characters were great. Last but not least the ending was the polar opposite of the Sopranos. What the show and the Sopranos shared were brilliant performances by the leads, James Gandolfini and Bryan Cranston. What an opportunity both had to develop character over the long haul. Walter White's progressive decent into evil was compelling to the last moment and what Cranston could do with a "look" or a line!
Right now there is nothing we watch on our one TV which by the way was purchased at the Globe Store about 25 years ago.
I don't think the Untouchables holds up well beyond the chance to see actors on their way up and down. Naked City does better but again its the writing. Same with Route 66 which occasionally really hooks it. The Fugitive rides on an underrated David Janssen who is in every scene and manages to truly give us the sense that he is on the run and looking over his shoulder at every turn. TV always had such great potential.


At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as George Wills political opinions go, he wrote a couple pretty good baseball books!


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