Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The LuLac Edition #2565, December 17th, 2013

Photo: All the best $100.00 a month can buy! (Photo: dreamtimes.com via county employee).

I got a comment post as well as a photo attachment from a county employee who is worried about the job they hold. This person has been with the County less than 15 years and makes a salary in the upper thirties.
It has been pointed out by this person that the union that represents the office this particular employee works in made concessions. This person wonders why the County Detectives said no to concessions to help stabilize the debt. It was pointed out by this county employee that the detectives have clothing allowances, salaries at or near $100,000 and don’t have responsibilities of first responders in most cases when a crime is discovered. Most are double dippers and have it pretty sweet. Yet this gang of 9 won’t budge because they got theirs and don’t give a shit about anyone who might lose their jobs.
A photo was sent and the person was concerned because it was felt that perhaps it might be misinterpreted as being disrespectful to beat cops who put their lives on the line in blue uniforms and not fancy duds that they get from the county at $100.00 a pop. I assured the county employee that in captioning the photo, I would find an alternative word not disparaging to the men in blue.
When I messaged back that I picked an alternate word for the caption, the county employee said it was an insult to that species.
I would have dearly loved to have thought about all this. But I didn’t. Maybe its for the best. Because if I wrote it, or Gort, Joe Valenti or Betty Roccograndi, we’d be accused of being cranky bloggers who are jealous of people with better jobs and better clothes. (Although I think I have better clothes than those detectives but I digress). This salvo comes from within County Detectives. These are your co workers or as you macho types like to call "our brethren in arms." When you see that smile or even a handshake, or a friendly nod at the Super Market or the Arena during a Penguins game from union members who made sacrifices, know that your some of your coworkers think you are selfish hogs. That doesn’t come from me, but one of your own fellow county employees. Unions can cloth and make you more money than the most people, but won’t gain you any respect. Only pity for being so selfish.


At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Yonk, there was a time when the P:robation Dept was over staffed but now are in line with other counties of same size. They are lucky to make 60% of the Detective's pay and they can't even cary a gun for protection but they are issued bullet proof vests....... think may be they might feel like targets? Thee is absolutely NO need for county detectives. Local and state police must bring proof that will hold up in court before a DA will file charges so why the needs for detectives?Our child DA qould do wonders for her credibility if she got rid of the detectives or at the very least, cut thenum by two thirds.

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Juncton said...

Dave, if the county detectives and their union do not make an ounce of concession to the budget problems,I do not know how they could look the other county workers in the eye on any given work day. As they say there is no "I" in TEAM. It is not the UNIONS fault on this one. The finger points to the members of it that is at fault.

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has a County Detective ever been shot at?
Has a county detective ever saved a life?
Hey, you can't do everything for a hundred grand a year!

At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obvious question, Are County Detectives necessary? If so why at such a high price vs other law enforcement officers? How about first responders and the people who handle difficult 911 situations from operators/dispatchers to medical personnel who are severely underpaid? If we take a close look at the responsibilities and job performance of the selfish County Dicks might we learn that they are not necessary or unnecessary in the number on staff? Maybe by calling attention to themselves by being uncooperative we might discover we don't need them at all. Wouldn't that be ironic?

At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight on WBRE, Senator Yudichak was being interviewed with Attorney Genera Kane by Andy Mehalshick. The topic centered around gangs and why they seem to prey on WB and Scranton and Hazleton. It was pointed out that gang members know local police forces are understaffed. Why not take all that money from the 9 County detectives and put it toward a regional police force?
You can get two good cops for one detective.
Maybe the Attorney General should investigate that union.
And kudos Dave to not using the 1960s hippie term pig in this story you so artfully edited. I know you respect police and it shows.
Hogs is a good term. Pigs eat, and we all know what happens to hogs.
As always, good work on LuLac.

At 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we are desperately looking for ways to save money perhaps we should look into the county detective staff for a possible cut in salary and number. At the least could we get an outline of their duties and recent accomplishments? We could appoint a commission to investigate. Problem is around here they'd most likely appoint the county detectives to do the investigation. Does Lackawanna County have a detective staff? If so at what numbers and salary?
On the surface it looks like a sweet job at a high salary.

At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous that is bashing Yonki: If you read the papers this past week or attended the council meeting you would have heard the county manager state that instead of cutting employees to make up for the 37.5 hour work week, he would increase the hours of all non-represented employees with no pay increase. He felt that it would be better for the county to have the employees absorb the cost in their paychecks instead of layoffs. Remember, the increased hours are only for non-represented employees at this point in time. Instead of degrading people and correcting grammar get your facts straight!


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