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The LuLac Edition #2572, December 28th, 2013

2013 started kind of rocky health wise (more on that in 2014) but we got around to various events. Plus we did a full routine of media as well as having people send us some great photos. Check them as out our Year End Review continues. 
With the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, many stories and memories of local residents made the rounds. This one cam from our friend Ed Rainari, aka Beatledd who obtained this photo from a relative. When JFK came through Luzerne County in 1960, his motorcade took him to Nanticoke where someone threw him a bunch of bananas which he caught.
Though they didn't realize it the night of the League of Women's Voters Debate in late October, these three Harry Haas, Eileen Sorokas and Kathy Dobash would be victorious in their quest for County Council. Haas was re-elected and Sorokas and Dobash, losers in 2011 came out on top in 2013. 
One of the highlights of the year doing "Topic A" with L.A. Tarone this year on WYLN TV was our interview with Congressman Lou Barletta. We could have gone on for an hour or more. 
In August of 2013, we went to Congressman Matt Cartwright's Summer event in Moosic. And no Stephen Colbert did not attend. but his wife Marion was there.
There were so many County Council events this campaign that Rick Sorokas wore out his camera. Rick's photo is on our logo on the top. 
In this classic picture Renee Taffera, Rick Hefron and Mike Giamber pose for while Rick Sorokas is obviously distracted.
At the Red Mill, Giamber is looking at his phone and Taffera is saying something or the other. The big mystery of this campaign is just exactly what she was telling him. Geraldo, you did the Al Capone vault, now track this story down!
During the Council campaign, though Giamber was not successful electorally, he came upon old friends from his days of growing up in Pittston. Here Joe Sciandra, me and Mike remember the old days at St. John the Baptist Church and School.
Early November brought the dedication ceremony of the monuments on the place where St. John the Baptist Church and School stood. I'm here with grade school and life long friend David Dellarte and Monsignor John Bendik. 
This might not classifyy as a Christmas miracle but it's pretty darn close. I'm going to grab my lunch one day at work and I see this guy reading one of my books. All the way through. It would have made "Maybe I'm Amazed" but I was afraid no one would believe it.  I sure didn't.
The end of a broadcast era came in September when Father Tom Carten left King's to retire to Notre Dame. Carten was the host of the long running radio program for the blind, The Radio Home Visitor on WRKC FM, 88.5. Sue Henry is soldiering on continuing this landmark broadcast. 
In the wake of the Government shutdown in October, and the NFL season where the name of the Redskins came into question for the D.C. football team, one of our Facebook friends sent this along. 
One day when l.A. Tarone and I were doing "Topic A", we decided to make it green pants day. And here we are. No calls yet from GQ or  Esquire but we have them pressed, cleaned and ready to go. 
I always hated Halloween, maybe it was the Captain Kangaroo Satin costume my mom bought for me that I wore three years running. This year though I donned an old polyester suit from the early 90s that I bought at La Salle The Image Maker in Scranton. I was of course Dave Burgandy. Got beat out by some woman dressed up as the Duck Dynasty guy. 
I don't think I was that aggravating on Topic A with Tarone but some things never make it on the air. 
WYLN TV's "The Storm" host Tiffany Cloud and I warming up before our Election Night coverage.
After "Topic A", I was given the opportunity to appear on WBRE TV's Pa Live program with Brittany Sweeney and Dave Kuharchik. 
There is no truth to the rumor that when Alex Milanes was named to the Luzerne County Arena Board, that I asked him to find out what they served for lunch at the meetings
Finally, this classic sent in by a reader who saw me checking my grocery list at Schiel's Market in Parsons. Everyone knows I went tooth and nail for Kathy Grinaway in the Wilkes Baree Area School Board race. Evans won, thanked the voters and provided this very nice bench for people checking their list to sit on. So there, the year ended and I did say something nice about Ned Evans!


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi dave nice article this week like always can you post your radio with la tarone I don't get the station from where I am at a lulac manic like me listens to your show with brian hughes put cant get the other one god bless and have a happy new year

At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the first and last photo. Great picture of Kennedy an the Ned Evans bench shot was priceless.


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