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The LuLac Edition #2597, February 8th, 2014


It appears that Federal Prosecutors have decided to move the ball on Developer Robert Mericle. Mericle plead guilty to one count of not reporting a felony in the Ciavarella/Conahan debacle. He is scheduled to be sentenced on February 28th. That sentence was delayed due to the fact that Mericle was going to testify in the Ray Musto trial. As we all know that trial might not happen.
Now prosecutors have said that the plea agreement by Mericle might be in jeopardy because of prosecutors filed a motion with Judge Edwin Kosik saying the developer might have committed a crime between the time he made the plea deal in 2009 and now.
You have to remember that Judge Kosik is the guy who shot down the plea agreement of Judges Conahan and Ciavrella. My question here is exactly what is the game of the feds? What crime did Mericle commit? And why is this adjustment coming so close to his actual sentencing date?
Mericle made a mistake to be sure. But he is a major employer in the area and has taken the plea offered him by the Criminal Justice system. If there is something he did wrong, let’s see it. But in the meantime this looks like a Hail Mary from prosecutors counting on Judge Kosik to do a repeat performance and nullify this plea agreement in a desperate attempt to get one more pound of flesh.


Out of all the Democratic candidates running for Governor, I’m liking what Tom Wolfe has to say. I also like is style, the fact that he’s down to earth and has some priorities in order. Like this one, I can’t imagine Wolf giving the okay to give the gas drillers permission to drill in State Parks. More on that in future editions. Wolf has a new biographical ad up and it tells you the story of who he is. Check out the part where he actually paid his employees a living wage.


Congressman Matt Cartwright introduced theAutism Services and Workforce Acceleration Act. The legislation would authorize federal funding for enhanced treatment, support, research, and services for individuals with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
Specifically, the legislation would establish a couple of projects to provide an array of comprehensive services to those with ASD. The legislation would also develop a public education and awareness campaign to increase public knowledge on the signs and symptoms of ASD. Finally, the bill would establish a national training initiative on ASD and would expand interdisciplinary training and continuing education on ASD.
“I firmly believe in equality of opportunity. People deserve a fair chance at success,” said Cartwright. “I am proud to introduce this legislation to ensure that every hard-working individual with ASD is provided with the resources to attain the realization of their goals.”
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that 1 out of every 88 people has ASD. According to an American Academy of Pediatrics study, only 53 percent of young adults with ASD have ever worked for pay outside the home in the first 8 years following high school – the lowest rate among disability groups when controlling for impairment severity, household income, and social demographics.



Entercom’s “Fast Freddie on the right with Beatle Ringo Starr. (Photo: John Webster’s Facebook page).

Our friend Fast Freddy from Entercom Broadcasting met up with Ringo Starr this week in New York for the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the Beatles in America. Freddy who is a well known musical impresario (he manages former Yankee Bernie Williams’ musical career) had some travails this week in the Big Apple like getting stuck in an elevator. But Freddie acted acted as an MC for various venues celebrating the event. A little known fact about Freddie is that he pumped up the crowd for many a season at PNC Field. I’m sure when the Fast One returns next week he’ll be sharing his adventures with radio listeners. Do you think Freddie and Ringo broke into the "No No Song"?


Here’s a look at Eileen Cipriani’s announcement from the other day as she announces her candidacy for the seat in the 120th District. She hopes to succeed long time Representative Phyllis Mundy.


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Tom Wolfe and think he can articulate a pretty good case against Tom Corbett. The GOP is most likely on their knees praying for an Allison Swartz or Katy (yeah how can you take a Governor Katy seriously) McGinty.

At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you ever see starlight
Rushing from the skies
Heading for home
In a certain someone's eyes
Uh uh huh, that's my builder
Talking bout my builder and I love him
He's a Robert Mericle (ooh, ooh)
He's a Robert Mericle (ooh, ooh)

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, Judge Kosik was too damn old to be on the bench during the original trial and too many times he stepped over the line and became the prosecutor rather than the judge. Of course he will kill Miricle's deal and why? What do these federal blood suckers want? I'm pissed at the feds for not stepping up and clearing the air on the bogus "kids for cash" handle that is so popular. They know there was no quid pro quo and they didn't charge the two judges with it. They just sat back and watched these little darlings get their records thrown away and then receive tens of thousands of dollars. It really pisses me off. I can't wait to read the comments by the local idiots who want Mericle put out of business and the same idiots have no clue that Mericle is the ONLY person or company that is creating jobs in Luzerne County. God save us from ourselves.

Looks like you're supporting Cipriani, you're giving her lots of space. Did you video this or did she have it done?

Wolfe is the next governor. He has the most powerful ad I have ever seen and that covers a sh*t load of years. He has an outstanding public service record, super business who treats workers with respect and appreciation and his family are very,very articulate. His education will put him into a league of his own........ let's just begin calling Mr. Governor.

Let the empty heads say what they want about Congressman Cartwright but he is putting himself in position to not just be the best representative in our modern history but (drum roll please)... look for him to be a presidential candidate at some point in time.

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with taking another pound of flesh? I say so many walk, lets get big bites from the ones we get. This guy "richly" deserves it!
And we havent had our first bite yet.


At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, I had the opportunity to work with both you and Freddie. Not at the same time though. The one thing you both have in common is this: you both married way up.

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with you on the Mericle situation. He argeed and not his fault Musto may not go to trial. He made a mistake and paid dearly for it already and keep in mind his business employees 100's of people here, if not more. Stick with the original agreement. non on the Judge, he's too damn old and should not be ruling on anything except what he wants for lunch. Not defending the judge but this guy must have had an axe to grind because why would be be treated the way he was by the old guy on the bench and others pretty much skated? PS- It was not a kids for cash thing and those going to the movie are pretty much wasting their money.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger Coal Cracker said...

In her annoucement speech in Kingston last week Eileen said (I paraphrase but it’s close)

I find it amazing that they raised taxes that increased gas prices, but they won’t pass an extraction tax on fracking.

Who does she think will ultimately pay the extraction tax? Where does she think the natural gas company gets its money? The answer is of course the same people who are paying the higher taxes at the pump: We the people, the rate payers, the same people who ultimately pay all taxes.


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