Monday, August 25, 2014

The LuLac Edition #2718, August 25th, 2014


The Luzerne County Republicans had an end of summer get together at Urbanski’s Farms near Nuangola this past Sunday. Chairman Bill Urbanski and his family hosted the event. It was attended by key GOP committee people and a few candidates.
Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser represented Governor Corbett. The Secretary proclaimed that Tom Corbett was a good Governor who actually reduced taxes. Meuser pointed out that Corbett is doing exactly what he said he would do in 2010.
Interestingly enough, Meuser laid the blame for all the tax increases in the Rendell administration not at the Governor himself but at then Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf. Personally I’m not sure that argument will get traction with Wolf supporters. But as current Revenue Secretary, Meuser speaks from his position of authority in the Corbett administration. At the very best, he might persuade some people still on the fence. At the worst, and it may be a best for him, Meuser is an attractive, articulate well spoken representative of the GOP and can be a future star of the future for the GOP on a statewide basis.
Senator Lisa Baker offered some remarks urging the committee people to get an early start on organization.
120th District Representative Aaron Kaufer sent his regrets and 17th District Congressional candidate Dr. David Moylan stopped by the event and greeted the attendees. Moylan arrived late but the hearty GOP contingent sat around until he arrived.
Bill Urbanski in his low key but effective style shepherded the event flawlessly. I got a ride up from my buddy Jimmy O’Meara and on the drive up we compared medications and on the drive back politics in  LuLac land. Jim by the way manned the grill and everything was delicious. O'Meara is currently coordinating  a Third District event for  October 24th at the Dupont VFW on Main Street. More on that in future editions of LuLac. 
These events are very important for a party to organize itself for a tough general election. If I were certain members of the GOP not attending, I’d start to make tracks to the farm whenever there is event. I learned from the late Joe Tirpak, the wily Democratic party warhorse who once told me, “You make a lot of friends over an ear of corn and a hot dog at a summertime picnic table”.
Thanks to Chairman Urbanski for the invite. 

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Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser addresses the crowd as Chairman Urbanski looks on. 
Pat Umbra with Ada Magni and 17th District candidate Dr. David Moylan.
Third District Executive Committee member Par Marranca sits and speaks with Dr. Carl Urbanski. It was great to see and chat with both. Pat and I relived old Pittston days and Dr. Urbanski and I recounted his old days at the Wilkes Barre Chamber.
I had a chance to speak with Arena Authority Board member Alex Milanes. Alex is a regular attendee at these events. 
Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser, Senator Lisa Baker and Party Chair Bill Urbanski.


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@ 8:23 PM

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