Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The LuLac Edition #2735, September 23rd, 2014


Governor Corbett and Tom Wolf shake hands at the end of the first debate. (Photo: Philly.com)
It was called “All About Tom" at the Hershey Lodge Monday night when Governor Tom Corbett and challenger Tom Wolf strolled the stage in front of an audience of 1800 at the Annual Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry dinner. Three major subjects dominated the debate. 
Education was front and center as well as finances and taxes.
Prior to the debate many political experts said that Corbett would be rattled and exasperated by Wolf’s easy style and calm demeanor. That did not appear to be the case. Corbett was strutting, jovial and more animated than I’ve ever seen him. Wolf brought to the stage the same measured performance that has been the hallmark of his campaign. Corbett defended his record, even at one point saying that both he and Wolf were pretty much saying the same things but disagreeing on how to get there. Well to me that’s why we hold elections. The GOP and the Democrats have always had conflicting designs on the machine called government.
Corbett got some applause during the night but he was among many people in the audience who were in agreement with his pro business stance. But Wolf blunted that by reminding the audience, on TV and in the Hotel that he was one of them, a businessman who twice worked to bring businesses, his business back from the brink.
Corbett held a sign saying Pensions while Wolf used no visuals.
The Governor portrayed himself as a champion of the tax payer saying he would not tax needlessly. He wanted to know where Wolf was going to find the money for his proposals. Wolf on the other hand was not pinned down on specifics saying he had no crystal ball. But he did say Pennsylvania was not moving forward. He pointed to his business ownership saying that you had to increase productivity. Wolf also refused to get tripped up on a question by moderator Dennis Owens of Channel 27 WHTM in Harrisburg who asked how Wolf would shift the burden from high income taxpayers to middle class ones. Wolf did say that the share of the tax burden has to come off property owners. Both candidates never got around to the definition of what constitutes the middle class in terms of income in the Commonwealth.
Corbett dodged a question on the minimum wage while Wolf said he would support it.
Both men presented themselves well and accomplished one big thing this evening. No one made a major bonehead mistake. Both sides I’m sure will say the debate was won by their man. The significant thing about debates is that they tend to energize the base. Corbett’s people will point to his performance and try to get out the vote. So too with Wolf.
Wolf is still leading in the polls but even he cautions that the Dems can’t take anything for granted.
The debate was a rapid fire affair with candidates needing to sum up their issues in a timely manner. Wolf as a challenger proved he could be in the same room, ie the Governor’s Mansion as Corbett. Corbett proved that he can come alive and be more personable. At one point he announced the birth of two grandsons, twin boys Elliot and Theodore (shades of the Roosevelts!!) and Wolf constantly touted his business experience and how he could manage the state better than Corbett 
The big take away on this debate is that Tom  Corbett came out swinging. He put his party on notice that he would defend his record strenuously and almost dared them to rally around him. With a Wolf lead in money and pols, the question remains if this was too little, too late.  Wolf on the other hand seemed nonplussed by the barbs remaining as always a different kind of candidate.
Result: Entertaining, fast paced and just enough details to entice interested voters in Round 2 in less than two weeks.


At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reads like a fair and objective review although I find it hard to imagine Corbett displaying personality. Maybe a drug test is in order? Perhaps we should drug test politicians, but thats another discussion. Wolf has got to protect that lead, but as sports fans know you cant always win that way. As pointed out there is no room for a major blunder and as always each camp will claim victory. Good report,


At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the punk in the woods was some great reenactor. It takes a lot of guts to reenact war situations. You might fall and break your ankle. The guys who love to play at war are the ones who never got near one. Guns and games thats their thing. How brave! I say shoot to kill if he hasnt already done his cowards ass in himself.


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