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The LuLac Edition #2910, May 17th, 2015





Three candidates are vying to replace Martin Kane. Jared Kane his son, an employee of Shiell’s Tom Malloy a community volunteer and also an employee of Schiell’s Supermarkets and Justin Woychik a computer analyst with Geisinger Health Systems.
Right now the race between Kane and Malloy is too close to call. Woychik did not file on the GOP side. There could be a situation where either both Kane or Malloy will win on both tickets. One will get the robe and the other will go back to the store. Or one will get a Democratic nomination and the other the GOP nod setting up a face off in another race in November similar to the Amesbury-O’Donnell battle of 2001 in the South Wilkes Barre District.
The recent allegations against Kane and his nominating petitions on the GOP side have now thrown this race and all the plans set by Mr. Kane and Mr. Malloy into turmoil.This will be interesting to watch.


There are seven candidates trying to replace Diana Malast in Plains and Laflin and this race has been a donnybrook. A few weeks back you could separate the candidates into the top and lower tier. But since then things have changed. Now you have to separate them according to category and occupation.
The Lawyers: Ryan Molitoris and Steve Menn. One young, one older. History has shown that very few lawyers are trusted to get this job. Attorney Alice Kokura broke that mold last year in greater Pittston but look for these guys to finish near the bottom.
The protégés: Joe Spagnolo and Christine Katsock. Spagnolo’s father who has been politically connected for a very long time is pushing his son. Hard. Word is Spagnolo is walking around saying he has this. I met him and he is an engaging fellow.
Convicted felon Frank Pizzella is pushing Christine Katsock. Katsock has run a great TV campaign but is not as engaging or comfortable as Spagnolo.  Spagnolo wasn't interested in the race until last year and reports are that he has taken to campaigning like a duck to water. Katsock at least to me seems more comfortable in the role of governing than campaigning. Plains and Laflin voters are going to have to decide who they like better and if they want a one of these two to be the District Judge. 
The Lawmen: Dominic Feola portrays himself as a former intern with law enforcement. He is a counselor at Red Rock with a tough job. He is young but he does have supporters. Two people I know and respect are backing him because “he is a good kid”. Well, if you want a kid in this job………………….have at it.
Joe Lakkis, is a former State Trooper and works at the Vo Tech. He ran a nice radio ad and essentially described Tom Wardle who didn’t have enough money to run an ad like that. Lakis and Wardle may split a vote or maybe not.  
Tom Wardle has been going door to door and making his case.His twenty year career as a Police Officer gives him a unique perspective with experience that can serve him well on the other side of the bench.
The smart money on this race is Spagnolo first but you never know. The real contest here is going to be on the GOP side. If a candidate gets that nomination that isn’t Spagnolo that opens up a whole other kettle of fish for November. Spagnolo vs Katsock? Or Katsock vs Wardle? Or Feolo vs. Lakis.
The whole thing is a toss up and makes me glad I don’t live there.
Dominic Feola, Christine Katsock, Joe Lakkis, Stephen Menn, Ryan Molitoris, Joseph Spagnuola and Tom Wardle are in a dog fight. Who will be the top dog come Wednesday morning is anyone's guess.



Unlike Luzerne County, Lackawanna County voters seem to vote for Attorneys for District Judges. Four attorneys are vying for the spot that was formerly Judge John Gibbons’ post. Attorney Michael Goffer , Attorney Paul Keeler, Attorney Malcolm MacGregor and Attorney Grace Doherty Hillebrand are duking it out and spending big money. To some MacGregor was the front runner but a recent report in the Times Tribune stated that Malcolm MacGregor’s failure to file required financial interest statements has sparked an investigation that has gone straight to the Attorney General’s office. MacGregor said he filed seven years worth recently. Like the situation with Jared Kane, people are questioning the timing of this action.
The wild card here is Attorney Grace Doherty Hildebrand who is a niece of former Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty. Can the Doherty Casey axis pull her through in this one? We shall see soon.


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