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The LuLac Edition #2990, July 12th, 2015

The former Mayot makes it official, he is in it to run against GOP incumbent Lou Barletta.

WYLN TV 35's Tiffany Cloud who essentially broke this story over the weekend interviews the candidate.  
 What's a campaign without a poster. Can yard signs be next???
Tiffany also gets a chance to get Wilkes Barre Attorney Bill Vinsko's take on things. Vinkso was all set to make a run at Barletta in 2012 and seemed enthusiastic about Marsicano's run. 
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(PHOTOS by Sadie Cloud)
Former Hazleton Mayor Michael Marsicano stood before his fellow citizens in Hazleton this afternoon on a hot sweltering day and announced he was running for Congress. Marsicano also advised he was changing from the Republican Party to Democrat to face off against another former Mayor Lou Barletta. Barletta holds the 11th Congressional district seat that has been vastly reformulated since he beat Paul Kanjorski in 2010. In 2012 Barletta won a second term against Gene Stilp who bested prominent attorney Bill Vinsko in the '12 Democratic primary. Barletta beat Andy Ostrowski last year and the conventional wisdom has been he could have the seat for life.
But this afternoon that Political CW is being challenged. Even though he is a successful Congressman in his district as well as very knowledgeable about his job, Barletta can be a target for the Democratic Congressional Committee in 2016. While Barletta will get a ton of money from GOP interest groups do not discount the factor that national Democrats will put money into Marsicano's effort. The district is daunting but the lower end of it is where Governor Tom Wolf hails from.
For Lou Barletta, there's a good news, bad news factor. The good news is that Marsicano is out early. The minions (not the cute ones) will be doing their opposition research. The bad news is that Marsicano is not just any run of the mill, unorganized and underfunded foe. For Mr. Marsicano, here are the Pros and Cons:


1. Marsicano is a formidable candidate that can present himself as a Conservative Democrat. He can combat any philosophical based ad against him by Republicans linking him to a more progressive nominee Presidential nominee in a General.
2. He is starting early and hopefully insuring that the field would be clear for him to wage an
aggressive campaign against Barletta. Plus there are many in Hazleton who feel Barletta left the city in a mess. That is a message for Marsicano that may ring true with some. If repetition works in advertising, it can work in political messaging.
3. He is well spoken, known in Hazleton and can do well in a debate. Plus from a numbers crunching perspective he can split the Hazleton vote with Barletta. The statewide and county Democratic powers that be can get him support among the regulars who will vote for a Democrat no matter what.
Now Barletta can be persuasive and charming, hopefully this coalition will blunt that personality aspect of the race.


1. The district is tailor made for a candidate like Barletta. The GOP can be energized against any opponent and especially as one as vocal as Marsicano.
2. Barletta has three terms in Congress and even though he has differed slightly with GOP leaders, he can count on them to back him to the hilt. Very few Congressmen in fitted districts ever lose. He would have to do something spectacularly stupid to get his party going in the opposite direction from his objective for a fourth term.
2. Barletta is more current in the public eye. Marsacano has to make the case that his leadership of twenty years ago can be more effective for the district.
3. Incumbency. Barletta has three terms in and that counts. But Barletta in his public meetings and events gives more insight into what he does then any Congressman I have ever heard. Plus Barletta's temperament is even. He rarely gets rattled and will not take anything personal in a heated and what some political observers will say will be an ugly campaign. It is early but it is a shot across the bow.
Here Is his Press Release and Marsicano's statement from this afternoon.
Former Hazleton Mayor Mike Marsicano announced today his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Congress representing the 11th Congressional District.
The announcement was made before a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters on the steps of the former Hazleton High School. The school, a historic local landmark, was slated for demolition during Marsicano's tenure as mayor. Marsicano led a community wide effort to save the building, at one point refusing to issue permits for demolition work. His actions resulted in the building being saved and restored and is now in use as both an elementary/middle school as well as the site of the Wiltsie Center for the Performing Arts.
Marsicano stressed the themes of bipartisanship and the restoration of a more congenial approach to governing. He indicated his intention to knock on doors in every part of the 11th District to bring his campaign directly to the voters, and will begin to do so immediately in Carbon County. His full announcement and biographical information is attached.
Issues positions can be found at the campaign website
Further inquiries can be directed to campaign spokeswoman Alyce Nicolas at


We are gathered here in front of this beautiful building today as a testament to what conviction, courage, doing what you say, and fighting for one’s beliefs can result in. Almost 20 years ago this magnificent structure was abandoned, gutted and headed for the wrecking ball. It was said to be irreparable. This building stands for tradition; this building stands for a lifetime of teaching by great educators, a building that helped shape the lives of so many who passed through these doors behind me. Here, is where we were encouraged to work hard, not surrender our ideas our hopes and dreams in the face of controversy, or a temporary setback, but to embrace the passion of our dreams. These are the very things that makes America exceptional. These are the ideals that add to the fiber of our great, great country, America, the land we call home.
I am here today, in front of this great school, with humility, hope, and determination to announce my candidacy for a seat in the United States Congress representing the 11th Congressional District. I am here today to remind everyone that some things that have become broken can be and must be fixed. In doing so takes imagination, hard work, commitment, and the iron will to take on the doubters, the negative thinkers, and naysayers. It requires, and in some instances demands, that we join together, to form partnerships on both sides of the aisle to represent you, the people.
I believe our Congress is broken. It has become an institution that no longer works to advance the interests of the people, it has become partisan and dysfunctional. Your approval of Congress is at an all-time low. As a result the people who once believed and relied on Congress to get things done, to represent their needs and concerns, have all but lost hope and trust. Voter participation has dropped, and people have come to believe that Congress does not follow through on their promises.
In the same way that so many people thought that this building was done, irreparable, I ask for your support to embark on a journey to a destination of fixing a broken Congress. How? First and foremost by listening to you, the constituents of the 11th District. Second, by offering a new common sense, bipartisan approach which offers solutions for the middle class. And third, by refusing to engage in a negative campaign of accusations, mudslinging, and personal attacks. It’s time for a new direction that leads to solutions, not self-preservation. It’s time for term limits for members of Congress. I believe the measure of one’s success in Congress should not be determined by how many times a Senator or Congressman can be re-elected, but instead by the success of their respective district. The process of gerrymandering districts has created lifetime politicians and fails to reflect our democratic values. I will not be a part of this process and pledge to push for reasonable limits and if Congress fails to act, I will act on my own to limit my time in Washington.
I have spent almost all of my adult life as a member of the Democratic Party, and was elected and served as the Mayor of my hometown of Hazleton as a Democrat. While I changed my party allegiance for several years in order to support several Republican candidates who I believe were well qualified, I have never considered myself as anything other than a blue collar, traditional Democrat.
We must seek one another out to do the business of the people, not a political elite. Instead I believe they seek conviction, passion, commitment, and above all leadership, leadership—to advance the interests of the people. My campaign is based on the idea that the only way to repair the gridlock in Washington is to elect people who are not a “yes” vote for either party, and to support the best ideas from both sides of the aisle. Neither party has a monopoly on common sense ideas. Given the opportunity, I pledge to work with both parties to arrive at agreements that serve the best interest of the hard working, middle class. I look forward in joining with those Democrats and Republicans who seek progress and those that work toward bi-partisan consensus on the issues that represent all the people of our great country.
In closing, I would like to say that when I pass by this great building, I am reminded of Alexis de Tocqueville, the author of Democracy in America, who said, "The greatness of America lies in her ability to repair her faults,” and with the grace of God and the will of the people it shall.
Thank you for being here today. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America, the greatest country in the world.

Why I’m Running

We as Americans are reminded every day why we are so blessed to live in this great country. For us, it represents our home and the values and traditions that we grew up believing and hoping to instill in future generations. As our home, it provides those basic gifts that mean so much to us: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The promise that we can turn dreams into reality. That has been and is, the American story.
Today, many Americans no longer believe that they can achieve the American dream. That it is out of reach, that government at times does too much and others too little to guarantee and protect those freedoms. Yet our Constitution, still the most revered document in the world, stands as and is the foundation of our democratic ideals.
I am seeking this office not because I seek political power, personal wealth or prestige, but because I believe that we can still preserve and pass on the ideals that have made our country great.
My life is an example of what can be achieved with a supportive family, a strong educational system, hard work, and perseverance. I believe in optimism in fighting for one’s beliefs that are essential in any success story. My story is that of a family of immigrants. My grandfather, Nicolo Marsicano, from a small village in San Mauro La Brucca, Italy, was determined to come to America, the land of opportunity to realize his dreams and provide opportunity for his future family. My mom worked in a dress factory. My dad was a plumber. They taught my sisters and me that a love of God, devotion to family, and a love of country would be our ticket to a better life. It is these ideals that I have attempted to pass on to my beautiful daughter Michele as she has grown into womanhood.
I had the opportunity to have my life affected by caring and dedicated teachers, who paved the way to my future. When I graduated from Hazleton High School in 1966 and enlisted in the Pennsylvania National Guard, I was prepared. In 1969, I received an honorable discharge with a rank of E-6 Sergeant Military Police, something that would pave my way to my future. In 1971, I entered the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey and was stationed at Troop L Reading. During my time, I became interested in aviation and eventually became a State Police helicopter pilot. I was honored to serve as a member of the security detail for the Lieutenant Governor Ernie Kline. In 1981, I retired from the PSP and began to fly private helicopter and corporate jets and in 1984 I began a career with then Continental Airlines, later to become United. In 2005 I retired as a 767 Captain from United and began my involvement in the political arena. I was elected to serve on the Hazleton City Council and in 1995 ran for and was elected Mayor of the City of Hazleton where I served for 4 years.
Since my time in elected office, I have had numerous business interests including Marsicano Greenhouses, MLI a licensed private investigating company, as well as MGS an excavating heavy haul business. I have had the great good fortune of personal and financial success, which now allows me to offer myself as a candidate for a seat in the United States Congress.
Mine is a story that can still be achieved. Mine is an American story; to strive, to work, to hope and dream, but never ever the thought of surrendering in the face of adversity. While each of us faces hurdles in our lives, times of adversity and challenge, like this country, we work to persevere and move on.
I believe that we must fight to uphold these ideals. Those who have and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice out servicemen and women and our veterans who are the marrow of what has made this country strong.
I believe with all my heart that fixing our broken system in Washington is worth this fight and so I choose to forego complacency and cynicism, and place myself before you, the people, for whom this office should serve.


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