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The LuLac Edition #3072, November 21st, 2015

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It appears that there is real leadership coming out of the Luzerne County Council regarding the denying of the loan to supplement the money that is not available due to the state budget impasse. Bill Wellock in the Citizen Voice reported that An agreement with the state could provide the funding without the drawbacks of the original borrowing, such as unrecoverable costs for completing a deal.
In the proposal, the state is involved in the borrowing and agrees to pay the cost of the loan when the budget impasse is resolved and funds are released, council Chairwoman Linda McClosky Houck wrote in an email to council. Council will vote on the proposal at its meeting Tuesday. The agreement also needs approval from the Court of Common Pleas before the county can borrow the money.
I’m told that State Senator John Yudichak and Solicitor Dave Pedri (to me one of the most unsung heroes in this County government) got involved in this and that’s a good thing. Look the reason why the loan was needed in part was to operate but to also pay a debt of 8 million bucks. You default on that and all of the work done to get out of this budget morass would have gone down the drain. I understand that this County cannot keep piling up debt over debt but right now the government is working with institutions who are working with them. Layoffs are not the answer but somewhere down the road there has to be a redefinition of the unions and how it relates to County employees.
But for now, first things first. This makes sense, it addresses the anti loan people’s concern about payment and interest. Any further objection would be pointless.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This month we only had 7 Questions. When a poster suggested we do a13 Questions but just list the questions on a day that had the last numeral of the number of questions we got in it, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Since then we got 5 more questions and decided to do 13 Questions minus 2 which makes it 11 Questions.

1. Are nominations still open for LuLac Women We Love?

Absolutely. Cutoff is November 30th. We extended a bit so e mail me through Face Book or put something in comments and when I edit or approve, I’ll put the name into consideration.

2. Are you thrilled that “The Gilmore Girls” are coming back on TV?

Yes!!! Mrs. LuLac hated the show but I really liked it.

3. Your Twitter feed has a lot of friends. Have you ever tweeted Donald Trump?

No but I tweeted Ivanka.

4. Do any Halloweening this year?

Yeah like every year. My costume is an old guy in sweats or shorts at a keyboard. You should have seen the crowd.

5. What was your first car?
A 1970 Chevy Nova. It was my cousin Rosemary’s and when she got a new car in Rochester New York we acquired it. First thing I did was put in an FM converter.

6. What was your favorite car ?

My favorite car had to be my very first convertible. A Black Cherry Chrysler ’89 LeBaron with a digital readout on everything. Had it for a short while because I got hit head on in an accident in 1990. The on coming driver totaled it. That’s what the insurance company said.
But then a few months later a guy from Minnesota calls me and asks if I had the original boot because he had the car!!!! I did not because I gave that to Norm Hill from WARM after the accident.
So you tell me how the hell it was “totaled”.

7. If you were to have a classic car or a dream car what would it be?

A 1958 Belair Chevrolet Convertible. I’d want it to be White with Navy seats and a Navy top.
My Uncle Lenny had a Belair, a ’57, that would be a close second but I’d want it all black with gray seats.

8. What are your two hot buttons regarding people’s behavior?

Litter bugs and people who waste food. Drives me nuts to see slobs throwing butts out the window as well as garbage. Wasting food is also a disgrace. There are many people in this country and world that can’t get nutritious healthy foods and to see people waste food just drives me up a wall.

9. Who were you rooting for in The Series?

I was rooting for The Pirates first. Then the Cubs. Then Toronto. (I listen to a radio station from there almost every night/morning and that was my connection). Finally wound up going for The Mets because the PR guy there, Jay Horowitz was always good to me when I wrote a baseball column in the 80s. I was thrilled to see Horowitz on TV before one of the games. The Yanks went through tons of PR guys since the ‘80s but Jay has been with the Mets since Joe Torre was their manager. Torre by the way got fired on September 16th, 1979.

10. Do you have a favorite election day food?

Huh? Not really. If anything I’m so busy I’m just chomping on Clif Bars and PF Bright side Granolas. Really. I did hear that WBRE TV’s Kelly Choate brought back a Banana Nut Bread from one of her assignments on Election Night. I did not indulge with the morning crew but I heard it was very good.

11. Turkey day, leg or breast?

Legs but I’m sure you already knew that.


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But for now, first things first. This makes sense, it addresses the anti loan people’s concern about payment and interest. Any further objection would be pointless. "

Did you forget where you live? Pick up the paper, admitted criminal is going to try and stop up the works.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was glad to see your blog this morning about the county finding a viable option out of this state caused mess, and then I opened the Times Leader. Can't Wally, the (edited) propositionist, just go away? I know you will edit the above line, and that's fine, but the more you guys protect Walter from himself, the more he won't just go away. When he was the controller he was so focused on being an attention whore that he didn't get the job of his office done. He was more concerned to go for a got ya moment that didn't exist that he almost went to jail. The man has some serious issues, but as long was people forget the truth of who he is at his core, the more he will feed of attention and the more harm he will do to good people

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey 11:53 AM....he's getting better. It was a partial edit.
but we all could read between the lines.

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just take out the temporary loan until the State comes through with $$$ that is due. And Mr. Haas, you are a fool or a Republican Tool to lay this all on Gov. Wolf, your GOP majorities in the State Senate and House have been stonewalling all compromise and sticking up for big money and the Fracking industry. So get real Harry.

At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listen to the same station when I can get it clear- AM 740

At 6:31 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

I listen to the same station when I can get it clear- AM 740.


I really enjoy the All Night Jukebox and the music mix. I usually listen to the 530am and 6am newscast.
I can do without the 11pm to 1am block but I guess there is a market for Ziggy and old sex songs of the 30s and 40s.
Are you one of the people who nominated the morning newscaster for Women We Love?
I do have relatives in Canada who read the blog though.


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