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The LuLac Edition #3092, December 17th, 2015

(Photo: Luzerne County website)

The Luzerne County Council chose five people who are charged with finding the next County Manager. For the most part it is a decent lineup of local talent who will try to do the right thing. Human Resources is intertwined with all politics in the County and Carmen Ambrosino can make a judgment as to how a new manager might treat that component. Gene Camoni, who will bring his experience as a former school administrator. to the table , Robert Fisher who has an excellent background in health care will certainly help and Michael Giamber who is a former federal employee and was in on the Charter from day one all have impeccable credentials. The fifth member of the committee has suggested the search begins locally which only says to me and many others that he has a crony in mind from his days on various jobs.
I’m at a loss to explain why no woman or minority was named to the committee to pick a new manager.
Meantime lots are being drawn as to who will be in charge of getting the cake for Bob Lawton’s last day.

Donald J. and some of his closest friends. (Photo:
The other night the GOP candidates had one of their free for alls and at first glance you’d think it was a barroom fight. But you had to take a closer look to see (to quote Aretha Franklin) “Who was zooming who!” On the main stage both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz attacked the more moderate members of the party but barely laid a glove on each other. In the meantime, Jeb Bush came after Trump, Cruz and Rubio sparred and Christie and Paul had their moments. John Kasich and Carly Fiorini tried to stay relevant but looked strident and Ben Carson just was hanging out.
One thing was constant before and after the debate. Trump and Cruz held a block of voters that totaled more than their challengers. These two guys had a mutual admiration moment going on while everyone else was raising holy hell. The Iowa caucuses are 5 weeks away and it still seems like everyone else is trying to catch up to the maverick candidates everybody loves to hate.
Best move of the night came after the debate when the candidates milled around. Except for Trump who stood like a stone statue in front of the CNN Camera. Chris Coumo had no choice but to interview Trump and the builder got more airtime on CNN. Dumb like a fox.
By the way the Democrats debate this Saturday night. The Saturday before Christmas…yep they’re no fools either.


Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photo: LuLac archives)
Congressman Matt Cartwright says “We’re facing a tipping point for our environment, David, but right-wing Republicans in Congress are still denying climate change and refusing to take action..I’m working to cut through the gridlock and take real steps to address climate change, but I need you with me. Since my first day in Congress, I’ve been pushing legislation to set our country on a path to a sustainable future and protect our environment:
Closing Loopholes: introduced the “Frack Pack,” a group of bills to close loopholes that let the oil and gas industry pollute our air and water.
Preparing Our Communities: pushed the Government Accountability Office to improve our nation’s resilience to extreme weather.
Protecting Our Natural Resources: introduced the SAFE Act to develop climate change adaptation plans for our public lands and waters.

Representative Lou Barletta. (Photo: LuLac archives).
Congressman Lou Barletta supported legislation that extends bankruptcy protections for National Guard and reservist troops returning from active duty. The bill prolongs an exemption from a “means test” used to determine whether debtors have the financial ability to repay creditors, helping troops deal with unique financial hardships they encounter upon returning home. The exemption was set to expire on December 19, 2015, but the legislation extends it through 2019. The bill, the National Guard and Reservist Debt Relief Extension Act (H.R. 4246), passed the House by a massive bipartisan vote of 419-to-1.
“The National Guard and reservists put their lives on hold and go into harm’s way to protect this nation and its citizens,” Barletta said. “We know that when they return home from active duty, they often encounter economic hardships they weren’t expecting. We should help them prevent personal financial disaster after they have been risking their lives for our freedoms.”
The legislation makes it easier for National Guard and reservists to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcies, which require means tests to determine an individual’s ability to repay debts. In some cases, service members have been earning higher pay for hazardous duties while deployed, but see their income drop upon returning home, creating a financial hardship. In other cases, service members have turned to payday lenders for temporary loans and subsequently find themselves unable to retire the debts. The bill extends the exemption from the means test used to determine if they can commit some portion of their monthly income to repayment of creditors



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The Possibility of Evil", a short story by the recently deceased Shirley Jackson, is published in the Saturday Evening Post.[20] It subsequently wins the 1966 Edgar Allan Poe Award for best mystery short story……In the second round of the French presidential election, incumbent President Charles de Gaulle 

defeats his left-wing rival François Mitterrand…..In West Germany, Konrad Adenauer resigns as chairman of the Christian Democratic Party......A new, one-hour German-American production of The Nutcracker, with an international cast that includes Edward Villella in the title role, makes its U.S. TV debut. It is repeated annually by CBS over the next 3 years, but after that, it is virtually forgotten, until it is issued on DVD in 2009 by Warner Archive……in Pennsylvania the State Capitol is quiet after a busy legislative section that got Governor Scranton’s State Parks program extended…..and in Scranton outgoing Mayor Bill Schmidt says his goodbyes at holiday get togethers throughout the city and fifty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “Turn, Turn, Turn” by The Byrds.


At 11:53 AM, Blogger PoorRichard said...

WTF Yonk, we finally get a person into a position of authority and he said his priority is to find local talent and you ump on him as having a crony in mind. What the hell is wrong with you? Your attitude is just like some of those idiots who post daily in the papers and some who attend meetings that the only qualified manager is one from out of town. WHY? Why are you being such a putz about this? I would have bet that you would be in this guy's corner who wants to hire local. I hope they start the search with Pedri and end it there. He has proven, especially with his negotiations with the sate to keep us from further danger by this idiot council but not a chance, they will look for another expert from out of town, spend our tax dollars on the search and tell me me golden tongued friend, what manager in his right mind would take a job in this County, especially with all the PR we give to ourselves. Now you have the honor of being a player in the downward slide of the county by accusing this guy of having a crony.... how about if he has a qualified person in mind? You really pissed me off, I expected more from you.

At 4:10 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Yonk, we finally get a person into a position of authority and he said his priority is to find local talent and you jump on him as having a crony in mind.
Now you have the honor of being a player in the downward slide of the county by accusing this guy of having a crony.... how about if he has a qualified person in mind?


I really have no faith the 5th person who I will not even name to be competent to this given his past track record. Sorry my opinion.
Maybe he'll prove me wrong.
I think Pedri would be an outstanding choice as well as Tom Pribula on a permanent basis, Andy Gegaris the Nanticoke Administrator, Pa. Economy League Gerald Cross and wait for it....outgoing Mayor Tom Leighton of Wilkes Barre.
I'm not against a local pick, but wary of the motives.


You really pissed me off,

it happens, sorry.

I expected more from you.

Been hearing that since third grade.

At 5:02 PM, Blogger PoorRichard said...

4:10 PM, Yonk, if you have been hearing that since the third grade, should we consider you a slow learner?

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I see Yonk's point, I get Poor Richard's also. A few people asked me if I would apply to be on the search committee.. my answer was... are you ****ing nuts? I respect these guys, but they will all be dragged through the mud and their reputations will take some dinks... With the bloggers, Yonk excluded, and Talk Radio hosts, all included, writing or speaking with not knowing wtf is going on, I'll pass, and hopefully pass out of this shit hole someday soon on


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