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The LuLac Edition #3085, December 9th, 2015



This week here is another inspiration edition of our musical Worship on Wednesday.


Sinatra as Father Paul in "The Miracle Of The Bells". (Photo: TCM)
One of Frank Sinatra's most memorable parts, especially fo those of us here in LuLac land is his role in the mobie "The Miracle Of The Bells". Here is the plot:
Hollywood press agent Bill Dunnigan (Fred MacMurray), who works for a fictional movie studio, arrives by train with the body of Polish-born actress Olga Treskovna (Alida Valli), in her hometown, a city referred to affectionately by its population as "Coaltown" because of its coal mining industry. In a voiceover narrated by Dunnigan, we learn that he was in love with Olga, although we never find out if she truly reciprocated his love. He has brought her back to "Coaltown" to honor her deathbed request - to be buried there. After encountering some hostility from the local funeral director who resents Olga's father because he was crooked, Dunnigan enlists the services of Father Paul (Frank Sinatra), the local priest, who pulls some strings to grant Olga's request.
To generate interest in the film, the grief-stricken Dunnigan desperately pulls a publicity stunt, convincing churches all across "Coaltown" to ring their bells for three days as a tribute to the dead actress and promising to pay them with checks that he cannot possibly cover. Huge interest begins to develop in the unknown actress who gave her life to complete a film, and Marcus Harris wires Dunnigan enough money to cover the checks. But Harris calls Dunnigan and tells him that he has decided not to release the film, because the moviegoing public might resent greeting the arrival of a new star who is actually dead. Harris intends to recast the role and begin filming all over again.
On the day of Olga's funeral, an overflow crowd which includes Dunnigan enters the tiny local church, which can only hold a certain number of people, and has never been full until now. As the crowd prays, a loud creaking noise is heard, and the statues of St. Michael and the Virgin Mary slowly turn on their pedestals until they face Olga's coffin. The parishioners regard this as a miracle, even though the logical explanation is that the ground underneath the church has been weakened because of the large crowd, causing the statues to turn. Dunnigan persuades Father Paul not to tell the people of Coaltown the truth; their religious faith is restored, and Marcus Harris, after much reluctance, decides to release the film, which becomes a huge success. (wikipedia)
Here is Sinatra on religious bigotry in another movie "The House I Live In".


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