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The LuLac Edition #3119, January 13th, 2016


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1. As a taxpayer in the Wilkes Barre Area School District, what do you think of the decision to close Myers and build on the grounds of Coughlin?

Well this needed to get accomplished prior to now. So unlike other boards, this group is making a decision. Coughlin has the land mass but you have to wonder if they have the space to accommodate the infrastructure. I mean South Washington is one of the busiest streets in the city during rush hours with Coughlin, the CYC and that state office building. As a tax payer I’ll have to pay for it and would have preferred a more spacious location but it appears that the board couldn’t get the deal with the owners of the old Mickey Finns.

2. Your boy Tom Wolf got a standing ovation when he visited Philadelphia last week to swear in the Mayor. Do you think he’d have the same reception in LuLac land?

Yes. People understand what the Governor is trying to do with the recalcitrant GOP Legislature. Plus he’s willing I believe to take a stand on issues that are important to him and the state. He’s digging in and smart enough to do it now.

3. What are your thoughts on the NFL Playoffs so far?

The games are exciting. However, I am so pissed at how The Bengals beat themselves. You had two grandstanding punks who essentially gave the game to the Steelers. Then Adam Pacman Jones had the stones to say the officials were at fault. The officials could not ignore the shoving of the Steeler coach and the spearing of the Receiver. They are thugs who’d be living in the projects if they didn’t have athletic talent.
This is my nephew’s team and I was very worked up about the loss. More than he was! I’m afraid his Bengals are becoming my Indians. Nary a title in sight.
I’ll be pulling for The Pack but if they falter and Kansas City is in, I’ll pull for The Chiefs because of the way Alex Smith got jobbed in San Francisco.

4. Do you have any language pet peeves?

Only one. I hate the people, mainly from The South and even in Ohio and Kentucky that respond with “Do What?” when you ask them a question. It is so utterly ignorant that I ask them to explain it to me. God awful.

5. Now that New Year’s Eve has passed, I have to ask, did you do anything wild and crazy?

Nope. Just had a touch of wine and watched in wonderment at the sleazy show NBC had on to bring in the New Year. Totally embarrassing.

6. So your man Barack Obama wants to slip something in to the Crime Bill that will let people convicted of a crime get a second chance on Public Housing. Thoughts you suck up?

Well let me point out I was a Hillary backer in ’08. I believe this President has done great things but every time I’m thinking he is on the right path I hear something like this. I totally disagree with it. I heard a woman on NPR the other day saying that before this happens the government would have to work out a fair way to do this. Fair? Jesus, let them come to Sherman Hills and see how it’s done. And by the way, what if you were living in Public Housing and had a criminal free record. You played by all the rules and then your next door neighbor is a convicted criminal? To me this is counter intuitive of his campaign speech where he applauds people playing by the rules. Bad idea.

7. Favorite David Bowie song?

This one. Hands down.

8. When you do your “Moving On” segment, I see a lot of space given to ball players who weren’t real superstars. This year Jim O’Toole got a photo but not Yogi. What gives?
The big stars that die will get a place when it happens on LuLac. But I put cards and photos up for those ball players or people of less press coverage because I think they need to be remembered a bit more. I start to put this together in October and pick and choose. But during the course of the year if anyone has an idea, I’ll take it.
Also when I was growing up, I liked the second tier guys. As I’m aging, the guys I watched like O’Toole, Bill Monbouquette, Frank Malzone,  and Dean Chance are going away. My friends who are of the same age and I talk about it all the time. What’s scary is these guys are only 15 years older than us!

9. I see you on TV and like the tie segment. If you could have a designer make a tie for you, who would that be?

Stella McCartney. Maybe I can get to meet her dad!

10. Still no movement on your part on the death penalty?

Nope. Fry them. Put them out of our misery. Sorry, when they take a life, usually they take one that has been more productive than theirs. Having them living and breathing for years while the people who died are in a cold grave is not justice. Death penalty; still yes. Having next of kin push the button or the mechanism to kill them, positively.

11. I ran into someone you work with and she told me you eat the same thing for lunch every day. True?

Partly. I make my lunches on Sunday night. I pick a sandwich and make 5 for the week. I alternate weeks by Chicken Salad, Ham and Cheese, Tuna Salad, Turkey Salad or Peanut Butter and Jelly. I take one sandwich on Whole Grain bread when its tuna, chicken or turkey salad. When it is ham and cheese I’ll put it on rye. PB&J goes on a Swirl Bread.
My daily lunch consists of one sandwich variety depending on the week but there is no deviation during the week. I’ll take a yogurt and have a half a piece of fruit along with a diet Snapple. Mrs. LuLac says the sandwiches most likely are soggy by the end of the week but I haven’t found that. So yeah it is the same thing every day but with some deviations.
When I have ‘BRE on Fridays, I only make two sandwiches for Monday and Tuesday, then get a Fat Clemenza sandwich at Bake House and cut it in half for Wednesdays and Thursdays. I only eat granola bars and water on TV day.

12. Okay if Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders come to LuLac land on the same day, who will draw more?

Sanders out of pure curiosity and the fact that Clinton was here before.

13. Powerball tonight. Did you play and what will you do if you won the whole enchilada?

Yes I did and with all due respect you’ll never know.


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave: Talking about making lunch reminds me of one of my favorite tv commercials. Guy in the car pool
on the way to work says baloney sandwich for lunch.
Then the next day he says baloney sandwich
for lunch again. Finally when he says it the third
day his buddy says, why don't you tell your wife to make something different. No he says, I make my own lunch!

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A 4th grade classmate introduced me to a lebanon bologna sandwich. I ate lebanon bologna sandwiches everyday from that day through my sophomore year in college. 1 slice with a tiny bit of mustard, a handful of Charles Chips and a dill pickle spear, assembled by me every morning before school and weekend afternoons.
I've eaten them less and less since then but nowadays still salivate when I make one - myself.

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading how you make your lunches, I now realize your mind is a very crowded and dangerous place.

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most simple sandwiches are the best. Oscar Meyer and American Cheese and French's.
Put it on a tad better bread than mom could have afforded and your in business.


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