Friday, May 13, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3209, May 13th, 2016


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1. You had mentioned that you thought a Clinton/Warren ticket could fly. Do you think Hillary would tolerate another woman in her world?

Yes. I think she feels that to win she needs to be bold. Plus I think Warren would eviscerate Trump as an attack dog. It is curious to me that Warren has been silent in not supporting either Hillary or Bernie and that was a consideration in my prediction.

2. What do you think of Sarah Palin coming after House Speaker Paul Ryan in defense of Donald Trump?

With friends like these who needs enemies. Amazing to me that she thinks that she is still relevant but Trump gave her legitimacy in the primaries. To interfere with Ryan's political life is petty and counterproductive. Typical Palin.

3. What are your thoughts on protestors shutting down rallies and meetings of people thru won't support and agree with?

Rude, self serving, nasty and ignorant. The fact that a vocal minority can disrupt free speech by a candidate is abhorrent. Just because you are loud doesn't mean you are right.

4. Most annoying. Nancy Pilosi or Carly Fiorina?

Neither. How 'bout Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rachel Maddow?

5. I saw your TV segment on WBRE TV on Political memorabilia. How much of it is valuable?

Value is determined in the eye of the beholder. Most items barely hit fifty bucks. What is valuable in my estimation are photos of people that predate the Internet, obscure politicos. Also signed books by dead Presidents bring a big return.

6. Where did you get your Beatles ties?
I got three at Pomeroy’s at the Midway Shopping Center in Wyoming. “Nowhere Man”, “Come Together” and “Ticket To Ride”. That was in the 90s. The other four, “Yellow Submarine”, “Paperback Writer”, “Birthday” and “All You Need Is Love” I bought on Ebay.

7. Have you thought of doing a “Best Of” edition for LuLac?

I’ve thought about it but I don’t have the resources to do it right. I think the Weekender and Diamond and Electric City do decent jobs in putting together a comprehensive list for the area.

8. It seems you have a great antipathy for The South. Why?

First off I’m afraid the Southern lifestyle is not my culture. I don’t move or think at a snail’s pace. Second, I believe that in many, not all, the Southern lifestyle is still preserved. I think racism there is hidden behind a type of “aw shucks country boy charm”. They still call The Civil War the War of Northern Aggression. Most of the intelligence is imported, not home grown. 
There are great people in the South, well meaning. But from my albeit limited experience and interaction with some folks, I just think they still have a long way to go. When some clung to the notion that flying the Confederate flag was a good thing, well that was telling. The fact that some people in LuLac land were flying that flag and imitating that example was breathtaking to me. 
All I ever needed to know about the Southern "heritage"  came in this great jazz song by Billie Holiday called ”Strange Fruit”. Just saying.

9. Can Donald Trump win the Northeast states in the General?

Anything is possible. Trump can go after the rust belt. His support is loud and crazed. So yeah I think he can try and wrest those electoral votes from the Democrat. I have no faith in the intelligence of some of the voters.

10. Do you ever foresee a day when you might stop writing LuLac?

I have. I think you end something at the right moment. I don’t see that moment yet and I’m grateful for the chance to do this every day. But everything has its end.

11. Any thoughts on those grades the Citizen’s Voice did on the Luzerne County Judges?

Yes. I thought the report was great and should get an award. The grades were based only on 46 responses. But I think they were indicative of what I always felt were the personas and the work habits of the Judges. You observe a lot in a campaign.
As an example, just to pick a few I thought Tina Polachek Gartley was going to be tough, Jennifer Rogers was going to be smart, Bill Amesbury was going to be inclined to give a little leeway in hopes of the criminal being smart enough know they are getting a second chance, Dick Hughes was going to be a star and Mike Vough was going to be damn near perfect. So nothing in the ratings surprised me based on the way they campaigned.

12. White Birch Beer or Red?

Both. Ice cold. Preferably with a Prime Rib from Sitko's in White Haven.

13. Any pre summertime reading yet?

Still trying to get through the summer of 14 books. If I don’t get to them, Mrs. LuLac will donate them to the Friends of the Osterhout Library book sale.


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