Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3252, July 19th, 2016


The GOP nominee. (Photo: NBC)
The most improbable but historical nomination fight has culminated with the nomination of Donald Trump as President for the GOP. No matter what you think about Trump, he has tapped into a feeling in the country that has by hook or crook become an expression of anger and wanting.
Trump essentially happened because the Republican faithful regained the GOP House in 2010. Nothing much got done. Then when the diehards were told they’d get things done if they got the Senate back, the GOP base gave it to them. Again, nothing done.
Combined with a hatred for the first black President as well as a series of events that seem to scream the word “change”, Trump,  despite numerous missteps has finished first.
His task now is to prove to the American people that he can run a campaign as good as America can be. Right now many say Trump is appealing to the lesser angels of all of us. He will need to right the ship. The cheers are loud in the Convention Hall, but what is more important is what people hear in the Living Rooms of America.

 Lynette Villano (left) with Party Chair Bill Urbanski. (Photo: Luzerne County GOP)
It was great to see our friend Luzerne County Vice Chair Lynette Villano standing right next to State GOP Chair Rob Gleason today as Pennsylvania yielded to make way for the New York delegation to put Trump over the top. Villano was with Trump right from the start and we are glad to see her get the exposure she deserves.Win or lose, Villano has been in  the trenches for years.

Melania Trump. (Photo: NY York Magazine)
Melania Trump gave a great speech last night. She was poised and was a great presence. I would have liked to hear her say what she found in America and what moved her to become a citizen. I would have liked to have heard a contrast between her life in Slovenia and then in America. That said, it was a good speech.
But the speech was overshadowed by the allegation and observation that a few segments of the speech were lifted. From the time the speech ended, the media pounced on the charges of plagiarism. What happened was not the prospective First Lady’s fault. Here’s why.
Given that this was her maiden speech, don’t you think the staff might have even googled some of the passages? A caller to WILK tonight said that maybe there was a deal to sabotage the Trumps. Partly right.
There was no conspiracy or sabotage except from the Trump staff itself. Admittedly it is a small tight knit circle. But when you have a small, insular staff, no one reached out. And what proved to be a pretty good night turned into a distraction. If Scott Baio or the Duck Dynasty dude thought they’d be at least a footnote, that was not to be.
Trump’s staff is to blame. Not Hillary Clinton, not the Liberal Media, not the ridiculous assertion by Trump loyalists that Hillary Clinton is afraid of strong woman like Melania (and she was behind it all along) or Melania, BUT the Trump campaign itself.
They have to get it through their heads that this is not a taping in Secaucus, New Jersey of The Apprentice. You don’t edit Conventions. They are live.
And if you’re not dotting every eye and crossing every “T” they can be perilous.


At 8:26 PM, Anonymous YFandPSP said...

Barack Obama is not the first black president, he is the first mixed race president.
One of the problems with the Obama presidency is people, and even he himself, have tried to define him in a box.
President Obama has been shaped as much by the color of his skin, as he was being a member of and raised by a white family.
The president, didn't grow up in the slums, he had an upper middle class upbringing of some privilege.
I know you are disappointed in the president in not going far enough for health care, why I am disappointed in him, is that he could have really improved race relations in this country.
He is here because of the love a mixed race couple. He has the experiences of both worlds Those worlds helped to shape and have created a man of depth and character.
Yet, it seems, with each racial issue, President Obama has been more concerned with the color of his skin, than the deep, rich content of his character.
And, that is simply sad.

At 9:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk sides with the tall girl again!

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the phrases and thoughts Mrs. Trump used are too common to be lifted from anyone. My God, how many ways can one say them? Especially candidates and politicos.
Pass, nothing to see here but we made you look.

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares what Melania Trump has to say, just keep showing that incredible backside of her, and no I don't mean The Donald.


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