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The LuLac Edition #3254, July 21st, 2016

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1. How have political conventions changed in your lifetime?

Not much. Most of them have been coronations of a nominee selected. If ever there was going to be a brokered convention it would have been this year. Conventions are like first dates. The people inside the Hall are your family, they know and accept you warts and all. But what you need to do is impress the persons you’re trying to win over. First impressions count and that’s why a Convention needs to be flawless and well run.
I have been following Conventions since 1964 and the only two exciting ones were the ’64 Convention where Bill Scranton was running to beat Goldwater, the ’68 Convention with the anti war planks and the demonstrations and of course the showdown ‘in ’76 with Ford and Dole.

2. Have there been any Vice Presidential selections that were consequential in the General Election?

Two. 1960 when John Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson and 1968 when Richard Nixon picked Spiro Agnew. The LBJ [pick was obvious mainly because Kennedy needed Johnson to get Texas and some Southern states, most notably Georgia.
The other pick is something many people may not think important. But Nixon in ’68 had the strong support of Strom Thurmond a Democrat turned Republican. Thurmond wanted a Southerner on the ticket but knew he had to settle for someone close to the South geographically. The pick of Agnew was a surprise, he had only been a Governor for two years. His pick signaled to the South that Nixon would be a Law and Order candidate and not necessarily promote any more Civil Rights actions into law. With Agnew he carried the South.

3. Any thoughts on Trump’s wife as First Lady?

I think she will be a Jackie Kennedy type with a cause. She is articulate and charismatic. The speech faux pas was not her fault, but the staffs.

4. What did you think about Donald Trump attacking the very innocuous Chuck Todd recently?

Silly. Chuck Todd had bent over backwards to give him free air time when Trump started his candidacy. Trump got more time on NBC than Angela from Wilkes Barre gets on the Tarone show.

5. What type of turnout did your friend Harry West get for his send off from this area?

It was very nice. About fifty showed up. But what was most impressive was the fact that people at The Grotto who heard about it stopped by to wish him well. Totally unexpected but appreciated.

6. I read on your 1971 segment of your blog about how President Nixon signed the 26th Amendment giving people the right to vote at 18. What was your first election and who did you vote for? Also have you voted in every election?

My first election and first vote was in the spring primary for Hubert Humphrey in 1972. I was part of the Humphrey campaign effort as a Young Democrat. Then in the General I went with McGovern.
Yes I have voted in every election since 1972. So I guess that makes 87 elections I voted in.

7. I remember watching Tom Powell on WDAU TV. When did he pass away?
Powell died the day after Christmas in 2004 at the age of 76.

8. Best part of the current job you have?

10 minutes away from my house, I can wear shorts in the summer and they leave me alone.

9. I saw on FB you were at the Ringo concert. How was it?

Incredible. Mrs. LuLac loved it and I was thrilled to be there with her. My buddy Beatledd steered us toward some great seats. It was an anniversary present for Mrs. LuLac because before then I had nothing. I think I paid for a new tire and that is not romantic at all.

10. Have you ever eaten lox?

Yes. The best I had was the Carnegie Deli in New York. But haven’t had it in years. When I was involved with the Tom Lehman for Senate run in 1978 we’d go to Goldstein’s and I’d get it there.

11. Dave, it’s been a while. At least a year. Can you give me some Banana Phone?

You got it.

12. Are you taking part in the Pokie Man game?

No but many of my younger coworkers are into it.

13. There are reports that Bill Clinton is still dogging around on Hillary. True or not?

Sources tell me that yes he is tempted.

14. How are Mayor Tony George in Wilkes Barre and Mayor Jeff Cusat doing so far?

Pretty good. Both don’t have rubber stamp Councils and have had a few bumps. But Hazleton has a no nonsense Police Chief and a damn good administrator. George has reactivated some neighborhood improvement programs and he has a damn good administrator too.

15. As a hot dog connoisseur what are your condiments of choice?

At home yellow mustard, onions and relish. Out, everything on them.

16. Any thoughts on the man who is suing a utility because he died trespassing on one of their properties?

Sorry he lost his life. But he was on railroad property breaking the law. These idiots riding these things need to stay off of property they aren’t supposed to be on. And definitely off the road too. I hope they throw it out.

17. Will Mike Pence hurt or help?

Hurts with women, gays, the LGBT community and people who are inclusive. Helps with the GOP base because of where he stands on all of that.

18. After doing this blog for ten years why haven’t you ever changed the format and layout? And will you?

No. it took me 19 years to get rid of suits, 15 years to get new shoes (and that was only because they lived all the shoe makers in the area) so no. Not even tempted.

19. Who was David Blight?
(Photo: David
David J. Blight was a renowned entertainer and founder of the David Blight School of Dance. He died on December 23, 2007.
David was a life resident of Luzerne and a 1947 graduate of Luzerne High School.
Following graduation he toured the country as a tap dancer, entertaining at many of the top hotels and night clubs.
He was a U.S. Army veteran of the Korean War, serving as a corporal in the Signal Corps.
Following his discharge, he and his mother opened the David Blight School of Dance in Wilkes-Barre and about seven other schools in Northeast Pennsylvania.
Blight had a Sunday afternoon TV show where he spotlighted many of his students. A grade school buddy, Ned Dructor danced on his show.

20. Is this really going to be a change election?

Oh yes. And that can cause trouble for Hillary. Hillary’s good and bad fortune is that she is running against Trump. Good because he goes over the top, bad because she does not represent change. She represents continuity of progress. But that is anathema to the GOP.

21. Besides the conventions, what is the best cable summer show you are digging?

“Feed the Beast” with David Schwimer on AMC. Really good.


At 5:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding Harry West, and this is not meant to be sarcastic...I swear I read his Obit a few years ago. Is he still with us????

At 8:03 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Regarding Harry West, and this is not meant to be sarcastic...I swear I read his Obit a few years ago. Is he still with us??


I can see how you might make that mistake. Harry left WARM in 1981 and Terry McNulty took his place as Morning Man. McNulty died on August 14th, 2006 from ALS. THat might have been the obit you saw.
Both West and McNulty were both residents of the Abingtons and were intertwined forever as members of the WARM Sensational 7 of the early 60s.

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I like this segment of LuLac. So glad you had the questions to support it. Do wish you'd qut editing your comments though.


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