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The LuLac Edition #3255, July 22nd, 2016

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Too bad they didn’t reconcile and run with each other. Both Donald Trump and Red Cruz were made for each other. Cruz gave a stem-winder of a speech but never endorsed Trump. By the middle of the speech the delegates started to go nuts. I was listening on the radio and had no idea how pissed they were until I saw it on video. Later it was reported that the delegates were coached by organizers from the Trump campaign.
If the Trump people thought Cruz was going to endorse, they were delusional. Why invite him at all? Cruz played his card, it was a risk but if Trump loses, Cruz will have his segment of supporters who will be there with him. Everybody thinks he is dead politically, not me.
In the meantime, the anger exhibited by the GOP delegates again reminds me of the 1964 convention when Barry Goldwater’s supporters booed Nelson Rockefeller. That was also seen on national TV.
It should be noted Goldwater carried 6 states.

Chris Christie went to prosecute Hillary Clinton the other night and was quite effective. But if he is to have a long term political career and not just become a mere historical footnote, his inciting of the crowd the other night reminded me of Pontius Pilate on steroids. While Pilate did everything he could to get J.C. off the hook, Christie just basked in the glow of the GOP appetite for blood.
It played well in the hall but middle America was watching.

A few gems from the geniuses who call talk radio in this area. First it was said that the Democrats will promote Soviet style Marxism.
Really, if you are a Democrat are you promoting check points?
Can you travel from one state to another without being stopped? Is there a limit on your income?
Do people come in the middle of the night, roust you and take your possessions?
Do they try to stop you from voting? (Wait Mike Turzai tried that but he’s not a Democrat?
Are you in food lines?
Then there was the person who said that CNN was in existence only because of Gloria Vanderbilt’s money. Anderson Cooper is Vanderbilt’s son so sure this 92 year gal is running the show, heyna? Whew.
I turned it off and put on a Paul Simon CD. Life is too short.


So the other night two people lost their lives in an altercation at the Luzerne County prison. Timothy Gilliam, 27, was in jail because he didn't register as a sex offender under Megan's Law.
Kristopher Moules 24 just started his career as a Corrections Officer in September of last year. The two crashed into an elevator door falling to their deaths.
There are news reports that say the County was warned about some security problems before this incident. County Manager Dave Pedri said that the government will work to ensure this doesn’t happen again. He also said the county needs to look at a new prison.
A few things here. The Council should look into the reports that there were issues before this accident. Granting that hindsight is 20/20, there should at least be an inquiry. Pedri mentioned that there was a need for a new County prison. Most likely true.
But given the debt the county is still under, I hope that it is well planned out and there is no rush to do something as a reaction to this tragedy. This County and its taxpayers are already strapped.
Moules was a native of the area and played High School baseball for the Valley West Spartans. Gilliam was originally from New Jersey, had numerous incidents with the law and had a child living in Sherman Hills.
While I mourn for the families, I wonder what Pedri was thinking when he said the prison should be named after Moules. I understand if he made the comment in the heat of the moment but to suggest you name a prison for a person not even buried yet in a prison not even built is just odd. While well intentioned, it is not the crisis temperament needed in such an incident.



ECTV Live hosts Rusty Fender, David DeCosmo, and Director Mark Migilore welcome Red Cross Director Bill Goldsworthy to the program during the week of July 25th to discuss the services and needs of the organization in our area. 
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And Brian speaks with Dr. David Rubin & Ethan about drawing awareness to IBD, inflammatory Bowel Disease.
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