Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3302, September 20th, 2016


Donald Trump has come after the police who cracked the New York bombing case. He said they had the information and did nothing. Uh, no they didn't. Within 24 hours the case was done. Cracked.
How the hell this guy got a police endorsement is beyond me.


This is what he tweeted.
Uh, refugees need fond to eat...they are not to be eaten.


The White House, February 3, 2017.
Meeting: President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan.
Trump: Paul, sorry I called your wife a less than at the Inaugural ball but I’m used to superior looking women.
Ryan: You could’ve gone on TV and said that, what do you want?
Trump: Paul, I can’t get nothing done. My Legislation for the Wall, a million dollar trophy wife tax credit, the elimination of Islamic people in the military, and my proposal to repaint Air Force One with my name on it is going nowhere. I can’t believe I have to go through Congress for that shit.
Ryan: Shit it is sir.
Trump: What’s that?
Ryan: Yes it is sir. It’s a thing called the Constitution.
Trump: Yeah that damn thing. Did Obama think that one up? Oh never mind, look Paul I need your help to get this stuff passed. Let’s make a deal. What do you want?
Ryan: Mike Pence?
Trump: What’s that?
Ryan: I need a new fence. Er, Look Mr. President, I can give you all that…
Trump: Even the Trophy Wives tax credit?
Ryan: Sure. But you’ll have to privatize social security.
Trump: Wait, didn’t that loser Jeb Bush say that was reckless and dangerous?
Ryan: No it was the other loser George W. Bush.
Trump: Can’t keep them straight. They’re like wackamoles. Done.
Ryan: and…………..as far as Medicare goes, I want to raise out-of-pocket costs for some seniors and shift others from traditional Medicare coverage to commercial insurance.
Trump: And I get my wall and trophy wife tax credit?
Ryan: You got it.
Trump: Done. How does it feel to be with a winner like me Paul? Do you like winning?
Ryan: Yes, sir you are a real winner.
FACT: Trump will cave on Social Security and Medicare to Ryan who has been gunning for it since 2007. Vote for him and you'll be paying for your SS benefits like you will never believe. But hey, America will be great again, right???


At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears police AND FBI, like Orlando had information prior to action.
Like San Bernardino, the vetting process may have allowed his wife to slip through the cracks.
Unfortunately, we are treating these terrorists as criminals or adversaries instead of enemies.
Their force must be met with our force. It is time to stop the pussfoot policy of the last two administrations.
War has been declared upon us and we tie our hands by treating them as crooks instead of combatants. Combatants that share one common denominator.

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is not FACT it is your opinion. No one has been talking about this, with the exception of Kunty Mcginty's ads.
Rob Neidhard did an excellent break down on how this issue is dead.
Trump must have been a good dem at one time, because he learrned his bs fear mongering from the best, and is applying it even better so.
If we are lucky, the age of either will allow only one term.


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