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The LuLac Edition #3294, September 08, 2016

50 years ago tonight, Star Trek premiered on NBC. It was the brainchild of Gene Roddenberry and at first glance, not many people noticed. As a matter of fact, the show nearly didn’t get on NBC but one Lucille Ball previewed it, liked it and then supported it through her clout at Desi-Lu. For those not aware, Lucy was the Lu in Desi-Lu.
I maybe saw the show twice when it aired. When my Godfather Joe Pribula visited the former WWII aviator was fascinated by the thing. Afterward I saw a few in re-runs but when I started dating Mrs. LuLac, I was given full blown lectures of the significance of Star Trek.
It was the 23rd century and every Thursday we followed the explorations of these spacemen through the heavens. The show was sandwiched between the triumphs of the Mercury/Gemini program and the at first faltering Apollo program. Since the country had made celebrities of our Astronauts, it was only natural for TV viewers to follow the peaks and valleys of the relationships of James Kirk, Dr. McCoy (dammit Yonki, I’m a doctor NOT a blogger!) the half human but most humane Mr. Spock and the supporting crew of Uhura, Scotty, Chekov and Sulu. People watched. As a matter of fact, when actress Nichelle Nichols was considering leaving the cast to pursue a movie career, none other than Dr. Martin Luther King Junior persuaded her to stay with the show because of her significant cultural role for women of color.
When the show was cancelled in 1969, people were upset but not enough for NBC or for that matter any other network to reconsider. But after Star Wars, Star Trek was reborn. You can say that Star Trek made Star Wars possible. It also allowed Star Trek to create its own “Genesis Planet” long before “Star Trek III” hit the screens.
The strength of “Star Trek” was the stories. Oh I know people go on about how Cell Phones were inspired by the primitive “Enterprise” props. But what makes “Star Trek” timeless is that this fiction held on to the most basic needs we have on this planet. Kindness. Intelligence. Compassion. Humanity.
We all should be so lucky to live long and prosper as this fictional TV icon.


We have been wondering why Donald Trump has been praising Vladimir Putin and maybe we are missing the beat. Perhaps Trump isn’t really praising Putin but rather the form of government. Let’s look closely at these comments.
1. Trump praised Putin’s approval rating. Uh the man is a dictator of a totalitarian stare.
2. He has said the Second Amendment people will take care of Hillary Clinton. Is he hoping to dispatch his enemies like Putin does?
3. Does Trump want to be the end all and be all of government? He has not only attacked Democrats but his own party.


Read carefully Trump’s answer regarding Foreign policy the other night on MSNBC. This is a transcript of what he said,if this doesn't scare you, nothing will.
LAUER: But yesterday, you actually told us a little bit about your plan in your speech. You said this. Quote, "We're going to convene my top generals and they will have 30 days to submit a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS." So is the plan you've been hiding this whole time asking someone else for their plan?
TRUMP: No. But when I do come up with a plan that I like and that perhaps agrees with mine, or maybe doesn't -- I may love what the generals come back with. I will convene...
LAUER: But you have your own plan?
TRUMP: I have a plan. But I want to be -- I don't want to -- look. I have a very substantial chance of winning. Make America great again. We're going to make America great again. I have a substantial chance of winning. If I win, I don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is.
LAUER: But you're going to...
TRUMP: And let me tell you, if I like maybe a combination of my plan and the generals' plan, or the generals' plan, if I like their plan, Matt, I'm not going to call you up and say, "Matt, we have a great plan." This is what Obama does. "We're going to leave Iraq on a certain day."
LAUER: But you're going to convene a panel of generals, and you've already said you know more about ISIS than those generals do.
TRUMP: Well, they'll probably be different generals, to be honest with you. I mean, I'm looking at the generals, today, you probably saw, I have a piece of paper here, I could show it, 88 generals and admirals endorsed me today.
LAUER: It's a numbers game. Hillary Clinton claims more numbers.
TRUMP: Well, it's not really -- it's not -- yeah, numbers. People that have been losing for us for a long period of time. I mean, the fact is, we have had the worst and you could even say the dumbest foreign policy. Our results are so bad. We would have been better off had we never, ever spent $2 in that part of the world.
LAUER: You recently -- you recently received two intelligence briefings.
TRUMP: Yes, I did.
LAUER: Did anything in that briefing, without going into specifics, shock or alarm you?
TRUMP: Yes. Very much so.
LAUER: Did you learn new things in that briefing?
TRUMP: First of all, I have great respect for the people that gave us the briefings. We -- they were terrific people. They were experts on Iraq and Iran and different parts of -- and Russia. But, yes, there was one thing that shocked me. And it just seems to me that what they said President Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who is another total disaster, did exactly the opposite.
LAUER: Did you learn anything in that briefing -- again, not going into specifics -- that makes you reconsider some of the things you say you can accomplish, like defeating ISIS quickly?
TRUMP: No, I didn't learn anything from that standpoint. What I did learn is that our leadership, Barack Obama, did not follow what our experts and our truly -- when they call it intelligence, it's there for a reason -- what our experts said to do. LAUER: Hallie?
TRUMP: And I was very, very surprised. In almost every instance. And I could tell you. I have pretty good with the body language. I could tell they were not happy. Our leaders did not follow what they were recommending.
TRANSLATION: Trump literally said NOTHING.

Trump’s blond co conspirator, Pam Bondi. (Photo: Orlabdo Sentintnel )
This controversy came back to the fore last week when news emerged that Donald J. Trump paid a $2,500 fine because his foundation improperly donated $25,000 to Bondi’s political election committee in 2013 (tax-exempt charitable groups are not allowed to make political contributions).
Following the donation in 2013, Bondi’s office declined to join a fledgling multi-state probe into Trump’s real estate seminar program. The links between the two continued, with Trump hosting a lavish fundraiser for Bondi at his Mar-a-Lago resort in March 2014, and Bondi endorsing Trump in March of this year.
While Trump and Bondi say there’s no fire underneath the smoke, the Manhattan businessman’s political wheelings and dealings are now drawing more scrutiny, especially because Trump’s campaign has been driving hard at the idea that Hillary Clinton engaged in pay for play through her Clinton Foundation and her tenure at the State Department. (Politico)
Trump is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is and unlike the gray shades of the Clinton’s shenanigans, this is in BLACK and WHITE.


You can tell Hillary Clinton was knocked off her game by the e mail questions from Matt Lauer. She should have calmly answered the first question then stormed back at him saying,  "I thought this was a forum about veterans”. Clinton could have scored point like Bush 41 did when he came after Dan Rather in this exchange in 1988.


We never do international stories but CNN reported this thing yesterday. Italy's highest court has ruled that masturbation in public is not a crime, as long as it is not conducted in the presence of minors.
The decision came down from the Italian Supreme Court -- La Corte di Cassazione -- in the case of a 69-year-old man, identified only as "PL," who was caught masturbating in Catania, a city on Sicily's east coast.
The man was convicted in May 2015 after he performed the act in front of students on the University of Catania campus, according to documents filed with Supreme Court. The man was sentenced to three months in prison and ordered to pay a fine of €3,200 (around $3,600).
However, the defendant's lawyer appealed the case to the country's highest court, which ruled on the side of the accused in June but only just made its decision public. Judges ruled that public masturbation out of the presence of minors is no longer deemed criminal conduct due to a change in the law last year, which decriminalized the act.


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At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and while the country is distracted, the W.Bush/Obama foreign policy has yielded detonation of yet another large nuclear bomb in north korea.

At 11:11 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

and while the country is distracted, the W.Bush/Obama foreign policy has yielded detonation of yet another large nuclear bomb in north korea.


Totally agree!

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki ... Yonki ... Yonki ...
Live long and prosper.


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