Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3297, September 13th, 2016


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1. Who will win the debates?

As I said on TV and on this blog, I think it will be a draw. The Trump supporters will say he won, the Clinton supporters will say she did. The dynamics change every day and with the Health and Putin issues, not to mention the “basket” comments, I can tell you it will be entertaining as hell.

2. You’ve been a radio guy, do you think you can ever be a Talk Show host?

Never! First off, I’d have no callers because I would challenge the uninformed, biased fools who call. One guy, Luciano the other night said that the Democrats have done nothing for blacks. Uh Civil Rights? Open housing? Then he starts talking about a radio station in Philadelphia, doesn’t know the name of the radio station or the name of the host he was complaining about. Then there was the genius retired teacher from Hanover who said that if you take a medication for 10 years it’ll clog up your lungs and make you cough. Then he speaks of how people from some North American organization don’t want Trump and that he might be killed. The thing is these ass wipes speak with so much authority that there might be people that believe them.
I’d be off the air within a week either because of dying of a laughing fit or calling these uninformed jerks out for what and who they are.

3. Your thoughts on the debate moderators?

I picked two out of the four. Lester Holt and Martha Raddatz. Chris Wallace of Fox and Steve Inskeep are the other two. I’m happy with the selection and I like the fact that Wallace said his job is not to correct them but for the candidates to correct each other on outright lies.

4. Do you own stocks?

Yes. Some as part of my retirement plans, Also what I call small vanity stocks like Campbell’s, Coke, Hershey and Disney.

5. Why won't Donald Trump release his taxes?

I believe he has relationships and information he wants to keep quiet. Plus I think he is cash poor and is ashamed to admit it. I bet you Joe Biden has more cash on hand then he has.

6. NFL or NCAA?

NFL. Don’t have a lot of time for either but once in a while I’ll tune into a college game at 11PM on a Saturday if its close. Last 5 minutes of Penn State. I watch a full game at Playoff time for the NFL.

7. I know you watch all the coverage of elections which is why I think you are so good at this and on TV. But what do you think is the most overused pundit line of this year?

It used to be “At the end of the day”. This year the line is “It’s baked into the cake”. The only redeeming factor about it is when Kasey Hunt says it.

8. Best place to get apples in the fall?

Heller’s in Wapwallopen.

9. Is there a soft unknown vote out there for Trump or Clinton?

Not for Clinton. She has to scramble to get that Obama coalition moving. Every Democratic vote will count. Trump has some people out there who don’t want to admit that they can or will vote for him. Kind of like a Frank Rizzo/Tom Bradley factor. Rizzo, a white Democratic conservative was always behind in the polls but won big in Philadelphia. Bradley, a Liberal Black Democrat won that way in Los Angeles but lost for Governor because people said they would vote for him. 

10. What are your thoughts on the unpaid fees from violators of the EZ PASS in Pennsylvania?

Typical, slip shod state workers who wouldn’t last a DAY in the private sector. Some do believe it or not, had a great conversation with one at an outing this weekend. I agree with my friend L.A. Tarone who says the Turnpike Commission should be absorbed by Penn Dot.

11. Where is Mike Marsicano in the 11th district race?

Damned if I know. He started off his campaign last year with a bang, now very little.

12. What do you think of the Trump assertion that when he runs for reelection in 2020 he will get 90% of the black vote?

Even though the GOP has done many things on the State and National level to suppress vote turnout, I think bringing back slavery would be a pretty hard sell. That is the only way this delusional man would get that amount of votes in the African American community.

13. I know we don't agree on politics. But I respect your knowledge of how the system works. If Hillary has to step down, how will a new nominee be chosen, appointed, etc.?

The party would nominate someone. There is precedent when Sen. Tom Eagleton stepped down in 72 when he was George McGovern's veep pick. After asking other party leaders to run, they settled on R. Sarge Shriver, ambassador to France and former head of the Peace Corps. Remember this is all about the party representatives picking a replacement for a political office. The only thing voters will have to do with it is if they agree with the choice in the general election. I don't see it happening but I hope I answered your question.


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