Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3293, September 06, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. (Dognews.com)
News came today that Donald Trump has taken a two point lead over Hillary Clinton in the national polls. These polls are within the error of margin but the lead is significant because of Trump’s issues with multiple immigration stances as well as Clinton’s continuing e Mail issues.
This is fast becoming a race but to me if this keeps up, we might have a replay of the year 2000. I have said this on TV back in July after the conventions. But Clinton has at least 5 paths to 270. Trump on the other hand has monster majorities in red states. Now some are populated heavily, others are not. But picture this scenario:
Trump carries his red states by incredible majorities. Clinton makes it to 270 and beyond but not with  big majorities. You might have Trump winning the popular vote and Clinton winning the electoral.
After Labor Day, elections tighten. While this year has been the most unconventional in all aspects, this isn’t one of them. If it happens, you read it here first.


It was a fun night at the old ball park the other night when Friends of Matt Cartwright gathered for a baseball evening of fun and politics. Here are a few photos.
Meantime, Cartwright is having another event later this month.



At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two awful candidates for President. There is no better of two evils this time, just bad and bad. Either way, we can only hope their ages will limit them to one term.


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