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The LuLac Edition #3319, October 11th, 2016

The last story in this edition may not be suitable for everyone. 

A few thoughts on the second Presidential debate. Again if you ask me, Trump exceeded expectations and was viewed as the better presenter because he was always on the attack and seemed to know when to shut up. But he did ramble.
Clinton was not as bouncy as she was in the first debate mainly because I thought she didn’t want to give the Trumpites any more ammunition they needed. I think she was playing it safe and that was a wise thing to do. Trump pretty much was light on specifics, he must have used the word disaster 20 times and was sounding very foolish on Foreign Policy. He attempted to bully the ABC moderator Martha Raddatz because that’s what he does. Bottom line both were on stage roughly the same time in terms of speaking. Clinton won on substance and Trump won on thereat.
However polls showed that Clinton won the debate and is currently leading in swing states. My thought is that there is an element of sympathy there boosting her calm performance because of the stunt Trump pulled before the debate. Under false pretenses he got the media to a news conference to parade four women who claim former President Clinton raped, touched, and advanced them improperly. The four sat with the Trump family.
If you want someone to lead under pressure, then Hillary Clinton was a classic case of calm in a sea of Trump insanity and duplicity. People see that Trump got annoyed by a debate moderator and pouted like a little child. Hillary didn’t go negative and I think that’s why the polls reflected that.
On PA Live Michael Melcher and I decided that the real losers in the debate where those citizens who couldn’t ask their questions. Plus the ones who did get answers had some empathy from Clinton but pretty much got the 10,000 person Arena speech from Trump. Case in point was Trump’s lack of connection for the Muslim American woman who asked her question on immigration.
Here’s that video.


This week saw two major political rallies in this region for two candidates. Saturday’s visit by Bernie Sanders and Monday’s visit by Donald Trump. We will break down the good, the bad and the ugly.

Bernie Sanders in Scranton (Photo: Sue Henry Facebook page)
Bernie Sanders came to Scranton Saturday morning to boost the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Sanders spoke before a crowd of unions of professional educators as well as young supporters of both Clinton and his candidacy.
Sanders addressed the wikileaks dump that Hillary spoke out of two sides of her mouth about Wall Street. But he told WBRE TV’s Crystal Cranmore that in the platform that he carved out with Hillary Clinton Wall Street and the mega banks would be held accountable.


Despite a few events going on in the city of Scranton at the same time, the event was coordinated well and ran smoothly. Sanders also was animated and enthusiastic.


Some people there really were still clinging to the Bernie bandwagon and told the press they were still on the fence for this race. A woman interviewed on TV said she’d follow Bernie, was there because of Bernie, Hillary didn’t excite her and still wasn’t sure. This, my friends is a vanity candidacy. “I want him and no one else”.
I had seen this type of thing in 1968 when Eugene McCarthy supporters weren’t “turned on by Humphrey”, “didn’t trust him”, “didn’t like him” and only were “Clean for Gene”. You know what happened that year?
THEY GOT NIXON! This young woman should know the GOP candidate will not care about her rights and give her the once over in the process if he had the chance. But hey, it’s your vanity and your candidacy. Hope Bernie at least knows your name.


On the heels of the big debate, Donald Trump brought his campaign to Wilkes Barre Township once more. More than 10,000 people attended the event and were treated to the Trump stump speech and were pretty enthusiastic. Trump predictably played to the crowd.
He called Clinton crooked as a $3 bill. Talked about immigration, Obama care, the return of jobs as well as urging people to go home and tell their friends and neighbors to vote because he felt the election would be stolen. The latter was a brilliant statement because Trump, if he loses can cry foul and still be a factor in harpooning any chance of unity in America. Still the crowd loved it all. A national reporter covering the event for The Huffington Post, Scott Conroy seemed to sum it up. The locals really don’t care what his critics think.
Here’s his link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-pennsylvania-coal-region_us_573502bde4b060aa7819e137



Trump addresses the crowd. (Tiffany Cloud Facebook)

Trump graciously signs autographs at the event. (Sam Marranca Facebook)


Rudy Giuliani walking to the podium. I thought part of his comments regarding the Triple A Penguins locker room were odd since the man he was introducing supposedly apologized. It was like Friday night and the release of that vulgar tape as well as the debate apology never happened.


WYLN TV 35’s Erin Harvey and Mike Lulla. Both were there to cover the event for the station. (Photos: Tiffany Cloud Facebook)


Gene Stlip the guy that brought us the Pink Pig came up with his own vehicle to contrast Scranton’s Bob Bolus’ big bus. The vehicle got some positive response on The Arena grounds. However, not so much at the Wyoming Valley Mall. A Security guard friend of mine tells me the Mall told Stilp to hit the road and he started screaming freedom of speech when the vehicle was circling the stores. The Mall Security said, “Private property”. But maybe he was just testing it out and passing though.


The above photo is pretty disgusting. It was on Facebook and my good friend Scott Cannon had a version that blotted out the offensive word. I will not because I believe that we need to see hatred, ignorance and downright mean spirited attitude among us.
The creature in this t shirt actually thinks this expression of his support is a good thing. The woman standing next to him thinks it’s fine too. But this word is the most demeaning word you can use to describe any woman. He used it against a political opponent who is a mother and grandmother. He used it against a person who is an accomplished office holder. He used it because the Trump campaign gives tacit support to something like this.
And it all stems from the candidate.
Make fun of a disabled person, check.
Decide all Muslims are bad, check.
Say Mexicans are rapists, check.
Say he could kill anyone and his supporters will vote for him, check.
Say someone is not a war hero because he got caught (when he wasn’t even serving), check.
Say that his own daughter was a “piece of ass”, check.
This young man was given permission to do this by Donald Trump. The bars are so low that anything is now permissible. 
This campaign has escalated the attacks on women from the insulting to the mot vile. 
Even calling a Presidential candidate a *unt.
To Donald Trump, there is no shaming him.
To the smiling dork who decided to display his ignorance, lack of class, horrible misrepresentation of who we are (or maybe not, sadly he might be right!) and disregard for women, I leave him with this quote from my favorite political movie.
Y'know, it's not that I object to your being a bastard, don't get me wrong there. It's your being such a stupid bastard that I object to.


At 5:52 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

"The Best Man"..w/ Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson as opposing candidates at their party's convention. A great film and quote from the popular former president, played by actor Lee Tracy who in his final years resided in Shavertown and is buried there.
Incidentally, Tracy received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role. I believe TBM was his final movie.

At 7:40 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

"The Best Man"..w/ Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson as opposing candidates at their party's convention.


Great movie. One of my favorites.

At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
What a sad state of affairs.
Trump is a bully and unbalanced.
God save America!


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