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The LuLac Edition #3343, November 6th, 2016


(D) CLINTON: She has been the most reviled political candidate in our history. If she overcomes the obstacles, some of her own making, she will be that much stronger as a President.
(R) TRUMP: The most uninformed person to ever run for President. But his “fake it till you make it” persona is just what angry Americans want in this age of American Idol and bullshit.
(L) JOHNSON: Allepo.
(G) STEIN: Why?
(C) CASTLE: Upholding the Pennsylvania roots of a party that never got traction.


(D) McGINTY: Not my first choice but the way the national Republican partisans have boxed me in, there is no way I will ever vote for a GOP candidate for national office.
(R) TOOMEY: A typical obstructionist who hasn’t done much economically for the state. If Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum could swing money into the state with Democratic majorities how come he did virtually nothing with control of both Houses?

 Rafferty and Shapiro (Photo:  
(D) SHAPIRO: I like him, want him to win but think the “T” section of the state will do him in.
(R) RAFFERTY: Close but he’ll win.

Torsella, Voit, Babb and Combs (Photo: AP)
(D) TORSELLA: No idea who he is, had to research his bio, was a former Obama Ambassador to the U.N. but seems to be relying on the big vote in Philly and Democratic registration to reel him in. Not seen him in this area, the campaign never reached out to anyone I know and had no presence. I even forgot the guy’s name on WBRE TV this week.
(R) VOIT: Has been running non stop since he got in the race. Has been in this region at least 10 times. He's a war Vet and actually thinks the office is more than a launching pad for higher state office.
(G) COMBS: Recently ran for Philadelphia's city council, is fiercely committed to ensuring that every child has access to a meaningful public education.
(L) BABB: Has a position as a Montgomery County advertising consultant. He believes the office should essentially be abolished if the people of Pennsylvania want it to be eliminated.


DePasquale, Brown, Minet and Sweeney.  (Photo: AP)
(D) DePASQUALE: Will win a walk. Has been a very good Auditor General, even my buddy L.A. Tarone is voting for him.
(R) BROWN: John Brown: a Northampton County Supervisor who hopes to translate that into a puncher’s chance.
(G) SWEENEY: Sweeney is also filling the slot for the Green party in this office. (See 117th District bio)
(L) MINET: Libertarian candidate Roy Minet, 75, is a retired Lancaster County businessman. He previously served on the Pennsylvania Libertarian party's board of directors.

(Photo: Times Tribune)
 (R) MARINO Will win again because he was in the right place at the right time when the seat was occupied by Chris Carney during that very competitive 2010 wave election.  There is no appreciable evidence of anything regarding high paying jobs being brought to the district. Trump’s Statewide Chairman. If Trump wins can you imagine this guy in the Cabinet?
(D) MOLESEVICH: Making a heroic effort. Will lose but should try again. He sounded and acted more like a Congressman in the debate than Marino.

(D) MARSICANO: Combative, a blue dog Democrat but erratic and not very minority friendly. His comment about black lives matter in the debate was stunning.
(R) BARLETTA: Has the District wrapped up for as long as wants.

(Photo: Morning 
(D) CARTWRIGHT: On his way to being a leader in Congress. Rational, focused and a consensus builder.
(R) CONNOLLY: Running as a Conservative Republican and hoping it will resonate. But lack of money and a stacked district will keep him at bay. But likable, friendly and passionate.

(D) HAGGERTY: I said after his 2014 general election debacle on the Steve Corbett show that Haggerty wasn’t done. I was right. He was resilient, came back and if he plays his cards right and stays calm, he’ll be the player he wants to be. That being said, with the revelation that Haggerty went awol during his time as a Marine in the late 90s might not bode well for him in the future. Whether this will affect the race, no one can say.The revelation might have come too late.  
(R) LEMONCELLI: A nice man, good business leader. Trying to rely on the Frank Farina loyalists in the Mid Valley to gain some traction. Farina is the current Representative who Haggerty defeated in this year's primary. Farina beat Haggerty in the 2014 face off after the Mid Valley district of Ed Staback was absorbed into the new 115th due to gerrymandering.  The District was created to better serve the constituency of Monroe County and is currently represented by David Parker.
Might make it close. Especially after Friday's Times Tribune report.

(D-R) BOBACK: A mainstay. Will be here as long as she wants to be.
(G) SWEENEY: Falls Township resident. Smart, up on the issues, salute him for getting involved and might get exposure for a future run. But he should join a real party for God's sake!
(L) JASIKOFF: A person known in the area for his knowledge, passion and beliefs. But alas not for any elect-ability.
(D) McDONALD: Making a great effort despite being deserted by the local party. He will make a race of it.
(R) KAUFER: Focused, has built a Kingston-Forty Fort coalition. In the district a lot and has passed a bill in his first term. Nothing to sneeze at!!!


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