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The LuLac Edition #3380, December 21st, 2016


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As the selection process for Donnie Rigged’s Cabinet winds down, there are some Americans not realizing the ramifications of the picks. Our good friend Wil Toole posted something on Face book recently, it had a lot of hits and shares and we decided to put it up as part of our “Write On Wednesday” feature.
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FDR is the owner of one of the most famous quotes in history, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Of course he said that not knowing there would be a presidential elect Donald Trump in our future.
It is time that every American including the most staunch Trump supporters look at his Cabinet posts and become very much afraid.
Tom Price Secretary of Health and Human Services is a strong proponent in dismantling Medicare and Medicaid.
Scott Pruitt Secretary of EPA sued that Dept several times for excessive regulations.
Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education is strongly against public education.
Jeff Sessions Attorney General is anti immigration policies.
Andy Puzder Secretary of Labor is against any minimum wage and overtime.
Rick Perry Secretary of Energy ran for president on a platform of eliminating that Dept.
Dr. Ben Carson Secretary of HUD and who said himself that he is not qualified for the job.
Rex Tillerson Secretary of State. Zero government experience, made a 500 billion dollar oil deal with Russia and he defied the US sanctions against Russia when he attended Russia's oil meeting with other countries. He was told prior to the meeting that attending would be against the best interest of the US. Even worse, when he got there he made a joke about the US.
A former Russian Minister of Energy was interviewed later week and said Trump's election was a gift to Putin and one he wouldn't even had dreamed about 3 months ago.
Trump's business interests are deep in Russia so he insults the CIA by publicly doubting there report that Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC emails. It is now reported that Putin himself directed the effort. It is reported that Putin did not want the RNC emails hacked and leaked..........I wonder why?
Does anyone remember Trump asking Russia to find Hillary 's emails and release them? The presidential candidate actually invited our strongest enemy to get involved in our electoral process.
Most important to me personally is that Promise Breaker Trump is now in favor of killing Medicare and destroying Social Security benefits under the guise of SAVING it.
A pure crock of BS as Paul Ryan and Trump payoff Wall Street. Now sit back and watch the tax cuts that will give the working class a pittance but huge savings for the 1 percent.
The new closing phrase at the end of the State of the Union should no longer be God bless America but rather God help Americans.


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Sorry Yonk. As hard as you are trying to smear and torpedo Trump and his admin, what you present and how you present it makes me like them more!


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