Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The LuLac Edituon #3374, December 13th, 2016


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1. I know this is going to be very hard for you given the anti Trump rhetoric I’ve read on this site. But who do you think has been the shining star of the new administration’s transition team?

Without a doubt Mike Pence, the Vice President Elect. Pence is going to be the most powerful Vice President since Dick Cheney. Plus I think Pence will surpass him because his personality is more appealing. You have to give the guy credit for trying to explain Trump’s plans after the big guy’s random tweets.
BTW, I’d have no problem with Mike Pence as President from a procedural and execution of the office standpoint.

2. Do you think your boy Tom Wolf will have problems in 2018 given the way the State went this election season?

Well ’18 is light years away from right now. That said, the state went narrowly for both Tiffany’s dad and Senator Toomey. but I attribute that to both male sexism and female misogyny. Don’t forget, the state had three row offices go Democratic. Now the three GOP opponents were pretty much an afterthought because their very existence was “trumped” in more ways than one.
I’m not 100% thrilled with Wolf first year because I think he underestimated the way the GOP controlled state Legislature moves. Or doesn’t. But I will never consider even voting for any Republican short of a Lisa Baker for statewide office after the way the national party conducted itself this year. But Wolf can run against a Legislature that cares only about their checks and nothing else.

3. Well now that Donald Trump is President, we can finally say “Merry Christmas” again. Isn’t that great?

I don’t know what country you’re coming from but I never had an issue saying “Merry Christmas” to anyone. I certainly don’t need the permission of a horrible human being who happened to lie and sucker his way into the office to say it. One of the hundreds of lies Tiffany’s dad told.

4. Real Christmas tree or artificial?

Real. Actually this is the first one we’ve had in five years. In 2011 Mrs. LuLac mother died in November and I had my hip operation in December. Then in ’12 I had another medical issue and we missed 2013 entirely. Last year we were in throes of remodeling and this year even though the project is not fully completed we did a real tree this year . Mrs. LuLac picked it up from our friends at Phil’s Sunoco on South Main Street. The price was great and Mark grows them on his own farm.

5. The last time the GOP carried Luzerne County was 1988 when George Bush 41 was elected. Do you think the local GOP can translate Trump’s win into a more viable party this time?

Absolutely. The Democratic party has weakened considerably since ’88. The pickings are ripe for the GOP to take over County Council if they play their cards right. As I stated few days ago on LuLac there is no fear of retribution in the Democratic party. It is a group of little fiefdoms that can’t even get a ticket elected like the old days. Yes it can be done. As long as the local GOP stays away from opposing each other in primaries.

6. Do you remember the very first book you got for Christmas that was not a kid’s book?

Yes. A Sports book called “Great Legends”. It was a coffee table book but covered all the sports greats. Then I remember a dictionary with a red cover with embossed gold on the front.

7. Do you think Governor Tom Wolf will have any opposition in the primary in 2018?


8. You thoughts on Trump’s Cabinet Secretaries so far?

Well let’s review. HUD Secretary whose only experience is living in the projects. Labor Secretary who wants to use robots to replace workers already making next to nothing.
EPA Director who actually sued the agency he is now running. And then let's not forget Health and Human Services with vouchers for Medicare and Medicaid coming.
A Commerce Secretary who built his estimated $2.9 billion fortune by snapping up distressed industrial businesses, such as steelmaker LTV.
An Education Secretary who has disdain for the Public School system. A Secretary of State who got an award from Putin.
What the hell is there to worry about?

9. Do you think the Cubs will repeat next year?

It is tough for any team to repeat but they will be in the hunt. The team is based on the model that Theo Epstein set up in Boston.

10. What do you think will be the most significant day/moment of the Trump transition?

Watch December 15th. That’s the day the President Elect will hold a news conference to talk about his business as well as any possible conflict of interest. But the media will ask him other things and it will be interesting to see how he’ll react to that. I’m betting on a tantrum of epic proportions.

11. Dunkin’ or Starbucks?

Dunkin’. I don’t drink coffee but love the App as well as the iced teas. Mrs. FB likes Starbucks and has tried to get me to taste variations on coffee but to no avail. I still can taste the bitterness of it.

12. Your thoughts on the Dallas teachers strike?

They should shut up and get back to work.

13. Favorite Christmas movie?

“Love Actually”.


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