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The LuLac Edition #3376, December 17th, 2016



Newsmakers from Your Local Election Headquarters will air this Sunday, December18. Hosts Jayne Ann Bugda and Andy Mehalshick will sit down with Eyewitness News Political Analysts Dr. David Sosar, David Yonki and Chris Cullen.
They will discuss President Elect Trump’s transition and cabinet picks and Congressman Lou Barleta’s decision to remove his name from a cabinet position consideration. They will also discuss the newly elected PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro as he prepares to begins a new chapter in the office of Attorney General.
Newsmakers From Your Local Election Headquarters airs Sunday, December 18 at 11 am on WBRE and 11:30 am on WYOU. A web extra with additional content can be found on


I have written here many times since the election why I would never, ever vote for another national Republican in any future election. Ever! My reasons were the way the GOP has been conducting itself since 2009 when Barack Obama took office. All the issues that are festering, Immigration, Guns, even Health Care are that way because the GOP Congress was hell-bent on doing nothing rather than working with the President.
Then they got their little feelings hurt when the President made some Executive Orders.
Okay that’s bad enough but check out what outgoing North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory did on the way out of office. He essentially signed a bill that would restrict the power of the incoming Governor. Now I know that this is the South and most of them are pretty dim. But they are devious too. Here’s what the loser did:
In a surprise special session in the final days of his wretched administration, some say the Republican-dominated legislature has thrown the government into total disarray, approving at least one bill aimed at emasculating incoming Gov. Roy Cooper's administration.
McCrory, who lost to Cooper by about 10,000 votes, quickly signed into law a bill that merges the State Board of Elections and State Ethics Commission into one board comprised equally of Democrats and Republicans, according to documents from General Assembly staff. The previous state elections board law would have allowed Cooper to put a majority of Democrats on the panel.
 Pat McCrory, in his dumb ass pose. 
Pat McCrory in his, "You married your sister, well howdee, thanks for invitin' me to the wedding!" pose.
The law would also make elections for appellate court judgeship positions officially partisan again.
McCrory who made a stink about bathrooms (sorry no pun intended) has essentially screwed the state because he lost. This power grab by the State Legislature controlled by the GOP is not an adjustment as the spineless hicks are telling the public but a clear power grab.
This GOP kneels down in reverence for their State Constitution. They tell you how much they love their state and the laws that make it possible to govern.
Oh but when it doesn’t fit their political needs, THEY CHANGE IT!
I know the South is used to Boss Hogg rule but that was in the movies and on TV.
North Carolina Republicans have proven that they are living up to the slow drawl; dull witted partisans they really are under those suits and ties. (Most likely clip ons).
They remain goobers.
And unpatriotic ones at that!


John Holland and many of his fans in Dallas, not. (Photo: Times Leader)

John Holland was on TV the other night trying to articulate why his union was trying to have a “sussessful” (that’s not misspelling, that’s how he pronounced it) outcome with the Dallas School Board. Holland has tried to defend the fact that the teachers are the good guys here. Holland has to say that because he is the regional field director for the Pennsylvania State Education Association. But really Johnny, they are the good guys???
Last reports tell us they are unwilling to kick in for any health care at all. But Holland and the teachers will tell you they care about the kids.
Yeah, right, the only thing they care about are their checks and pensions. I had the opportunity to be out in the Back Mountain this week and I talked to regular people, you know the ones who pay for those salaries and pensions. You know the ones who are living with a less than 1% raise in a year, those living on Social Security.
They’re pissed and nothing John Holland says will change that!


Luzerne County Manager Dave Pedri held a question and answer session the other night and he was talking about how swimmingly Luzerne County was progressing. I applaud him for meeting with taxpayers. But then again, that’s his job. According to the Times Leader when Rich Sorokas, husband of Councilwoman Eileen Sorokas, said he believes more focus should be placed on reducing spending to help residents, because county government “appears like it’s greedy,” particularly in light of the tax hike and raises for some non-union employees based on a “flawed” compensation study by an outside consultant”, Pedri responded this way.
“Every single thing we do here is for the Luzerne County citizens, so I completely disagree with you.”
Non union employees get raises while seniors who own homes don’t get a raise in their Social Security.
Pedri and the Council try to raise money with a car tax on people already struggling. They backed off on that deal.

Dave Pedri is doing his best but we are not out of the woods yet. He is certainly more open than his predecessor too. But before he dismisses Mr. Sorokas' thoughts with a blanket assertion that "everything single thing we do here is for Luzerne County citizens" let me retort that in four simple words. 
They rehired Sam Hyder.


From left to right below: Jan Branger, Curtis A. Ashner, (son of Curtis Ashner), R. June Kissinger, (sister of Edwin Kishbaugh and Gold Star recipient), James Rosengrant, Charles Zunski, (brother of Edward Zunski).
Congressman Lou Barletta, presented long overdue medals to five veterans of the United States military – and one Gold Star recipient – during a ceremony at his Hazleton district office. Recipients of the medals were Army veteran Curtis A. Ashner (deceased) of Lake Harmony, Army veteran Jan Branger of Drums, Army veteran Edwin R. Kishbaugh (deceased) of Stillwater, Navy veteran James Rosengrant of Tunkhannock, and Army veteran Edward Zunski (missing in action) of Hazle Township. In addition, R. June Kissinger, sister of Mr. Kishbaugh, received the Gold Star Lapel Button, signifying the loss of her brother’s life during armed conflict.
In all cases, the medals were awarded for the first time, despite their having been earned during service. In Mr. Kishbaugh’s case, the medals were issued for the first time under Permanent Orders 286-11, 286-12, 286-13, and 286-14, dated October 12, 2016.
“We ask the brave men and women of our armed forces to travel to foreign lands to fight for our freedoms,” Barletta said. “It is the very least that we can do to honor their service, and to present them with the medals they have earned. The presentation of these medals represents the gratitude of a nation, in recognition of the selfless service these veterans performed.”
Receiving medals were:
Curtis A. Ashner (deceased), U.S. Army, World War II: Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal; World War II Victory Medal; and Army of Occupation Medal and Japan Clasp. The medals were presented to his son, Curtis A. Ashner.
Jan Branger, U.S. Army, April 1964 to April 1967: Good Conduct Medal; National Defense Service Medal; Expert Badge and Pistol Bar; and Marksman Badge and Rifle Bar.
Edwin R. Kishbaugh (deceased), U.S. Army, World War II: Bronze Star Medal; Purple Heart Medal; Army Good Conduct Medal; European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with two Bronze Service Stars; World War II Victory Medal; and Combat Infantryman Badge. Mr. Kishbach was killed on February 29, 1944 and was buried as an unknown in the American Military Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy. Identified in November of 1944, his remains were disinterred and returned to the United States in July of 1948. He was reburied at the Elan Memorial Park Cemetery in Bloomsburg. The medals were presented to his sister, R. June Kissinger.
James Rosengrant, U.S. Navy, November 1961 to November 1963: National Defense Service Medal; Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Cuba); Navy Expeditionary Medal (Cuba); and Navy “E’ Ribbon (denotes permanent duty on U.S. Navy ships that have won a battle efficiency competition). Mr. Rosengrant served aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, America’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, on its maiden voyage beginning in January of 1962. In February 1962, the Enterprise was a tracking and measuring station for John Glenn’s first orbital flight aboard Friendship 7. As part of the crew, Mr. Rosengrant served aboard the Enterprise as it was dispatched to address the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Edward Zunski (Missing in Action), U.S. Army, World War II: Bronze Star Medal; European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal; World War II Victory Medal; Combat Infantryman Badge 1st Award; and Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII. Mr. Zunski was declared missing in action in Germany on April 8, 1945. His medals were presented to his brother, Charles Zunski.
R. June Kissinger: Gold Star Lapel Button. Ms. Kissinger received the Gold Star Lapel Button in honor of her brother, Edwin R. Kishbaugh, who was killed in action in World War II. The Gold Star Lapel Button was authorized by an Act of Congress in 1966 as an official decoration for the public identification of family of fallen service members. The Gold Stars are issued to the direct next of kin of United States service members who lost their lives in armed hostilities
Rep. Barletta frequently presents medals which were lost or never awarded for a variety of reasons, including fire, lost records, or discovery of old records. Veterans and their families wishing to secure medals for themselves or loved ones can contact the Congressman’s offices in Washington, DC (202-225-6511), or Hazleton (570-751-0050). 


At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki ... Yonki ... Yonki
We're fucked!

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki, getting that edge back. The North Carolina thing is really pitiful. They are dumb,,,like foxes.

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are correct. This party will be on a mission to tear down every institution that has helped the working man.
It will be a sad day when it happens but will happen because that is what the great unwashed wants.

At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GAWD what drama queens.
Grow some 'nads and figure out a way to make this work.
Youse guys sound like the Republicans Yonk described in the opening post.
Guess you too will do everything to stop our president-elect.
Ever think YOU WERE WRONG and the majority of voters wanted this because the alternative was so repulsive?

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, I have to say that I've seen you and that team on TV numerous time and you guys at WBRE knock it out of the park.
Will be in the Big Apple later today but will DVR it.

At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who was that nutjob on fb that got all over you for participating in a recap?


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