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The LuLac Edition #3429, February 13th, 2017


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1. Thoughts on Tom Wolf’s budget message and what he needs to do?

The Governor needs to keep the budget from growing but also do something bold regarding Property tax reform for more than seniors and veterans. I have never seen or heard more of a rumbling and discontent about property taxes in my life. He should try to get a bi partisan agreement on it and get out in front of it. He did not mention entitlements in the budget so this will be kicked down the road again. 
Today in Wilkes Barre he was saying that the government needs to serve the citizens. I think he is ramping up to make the point that the GOP in Harrisburg is less friendly to the middle class.

2. Why do you think Donald Trump is pushing back on this Muslim travel ban?

I wish I knew. It might be Steve Bannon, it might be his need to keep his campaign promises. The thing is he had an out with the Federal Court ruling. He could say to his base “Look I tried” but I think his ego and certainly not his base would ever allow that to happen.

3. Do you agree with some of the comparisons being made between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan? How about to Nixon?
Well first off we'll look at Donald and Ronald. Reagan had experience, was a Governor and although he portrayed himself as an outsider he hired “insiders” to help things get evened out. Trump has not, especially on the staff level. Plus Reagan’s wife was very watchful on how the staff handled her husband. Reagan was more self confident in his abilities than Trump too. So Reagan had more tools at his disposal both governmentally and emotionally. 
As far as Nixon, I think former Nixon adviser John Dean said it best. “Nixon lost his moral compass, it appears Trump has none”, Nixon’s Presidency was on the line, hell it was destroyed but he respected the rule of law and obeyed (after vigorously fighting) various court orders. Nixon was paranoid, I believe Trump is too.

4. What type of election locally do you see shaping up in 2017 in the Lu and the Lac?

There will be a great deal of Magisterial races shaping up as well as a Mayor’s race in Scranton. Plus County Council seats in Luzerne County.

5. Dreary rain or beautiful white pristine snow?

Are you kidding me? Bring on the rain.

6. What was on the menu for the Superbowl meal at the LuLac household?

My workplace was feeding us pizza and wings all week so we had appetizers from Wegmans, guacamole dip and my trusty Diet Peach Snapple and Goldfish. Went wild this time though, did the white cheddar Goldfish.

7. Thoughts on Tony George’s initiative to bring tourists to the downtown?

Well a few things. When there was a big push in the 80s and 90s under the McLaughlin administration there were two more hotels in the downtown. The Crossgates (now a dorm for Father Ryan’s drunks) and The Station. So there’s that challenge.
Shopping and the Kirby as well as the eateries are fine but there has to be a concrete reason to stay for a while (like Jim Thorpe) unless you are relying on pass through business.
He’s trying though and I wish him the best.

8. Pat Toomey? Anything?

Well I think he has been a typical GOP Senator from either the South or the West. Bankrolled, out of touch with the middle class, spineless and vanilla. He’s the type of Senator you’d have in a state like Utah, Iowa or Kentucky. He is certainly living up to the legacies of Hugh Scott, Dick Schweiker, John Heinz or Arlen Specter.

9. Do you think Donald Trump reads for pleasure?

I don’t think he reads at all.

10. Chris Christie was one of the first Republicans to go out on the limb and endorse Trump. He got bupkis for it. Where will he end up when his term ends?

Oh maybe on Fox News or at a law firm. Or the Jersey Dept. of Transportation. Or maybe he can do a duet with this guy.

11. Having worked in Public Broadcasting what are your thoughts about the government under Trump cutting all funding from PBS?

PBS has always had 9 lives because GOP administrations have been trying for years to get rid of it. It might happen this time given the climate. But it might survive via private donations and funding but on a more limited basis which would be a shame.

12. What’d you think of Ivanka Trump’s line of jewelry being dropped at Nordstrom’s?

I think she was both the beneficiary and victim of her father’s success. As a celebrity billionaire, I think that got her entre. After he entered the race, it was evident that the people who might have gravitated to her brand had very different views than her father’s. And the multitudes that supported him wouldn’t even think of buying anything (not all but most) an item of that cost. So that sunk her brand in this case.
Then of course the comments by Kelly Anne Conway were way out of line but the guy who could sanction her, the President, thinks that was okay.

13. On Valentine’s Day, did the nuns ever let you exchange cards with the other kids?

Oh yeah. We had these little Valentines and gave them out in an orderly and careful fashion. Those “Be Mine” hearts though were never allowed.


At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Bluto said...

Comrade Trump has no time for reading. He's too busy documenting his claims of massive voter fraud by, of course, non-Russians. I just hope he found time to send a Valentine to Boris!

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how some folks went to prison for blocking a lane on a Jersey Bridge but then there is Benghazi...

At 7:56 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Funny how some folks went to prison for blocking a lane on a Jersey Bridge but then there is Benghazi...


Ah there it is the Benghazi fallback position.

At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ah there it is the Benghazi fallback position."

THAT'S all you got? Not even some recognition of the disparity of punishment. Oh Yeah, SHE LOST!!!!

How about the secret servers? AND the questionable Foundation transactions?


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