Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3524, June 6th, 2017

President Donald Trump accelerated a long-running feud with London's mayor yesterday, criticizing him on Twitter for the second day in a row in the wake of the deadly van and knife attack in the city.
Saturday Trump criticized Mayor Khan for saying people should not be alarmed after the attack. Of course TAHFQ characterized it out of context. The Mayor said that police patrols would be beefed up and residents should not not be alarmed.
Trump Monday then said London Mayor Sadiq Khan had offered a "pathetic excuse" and "had to think fast on his 'no reason to be alarmed' statement." Here’s my question. Why is our President once again going out of his way to piss off one of our staunchest allies? Could it be that Trump has an issue with the last name Khan? Could it be that Trump is in fact a racist when it comes to anything or any body Muslim?
Trump's tweet renewed his mischaracterization of Khan's statement on Saturday. Then his minions went out and started telling people that people should not be focusing on Trump’s tweets and over analyzing them.
But that is his mode of communication. He has not given any news conferences since that disaster in late February and has not made any comments even to his own press in his NATO trip. But the lackeys are carrying the water for the loud mouth, know nothing President.


On Thursday when former FBI Director Jim Comey testifies, he’ll have the REPUBLICAN FALSIFICATION and LIE machine coming after him. The word is they’ll ask Comey if he knew there was obstruction, why would he not report Trump?
I think the guy wanted to jot down the facts. Had he reported the issue, he’d have been gone sooner.

Senator John Yudichak (Photo: LuLac archives)
This news came today from Senator John Yudichak on Pension reform. From his most recent tweet:
Yudichak, long an advocate of pension reform, voted in favor of the Senate’s pension reform bill (SB 1) because it responsibly protects the retirement security of state employees, while reducing the financial risk of taxpayers by saving more than $1 billion over the next several decades. Pension reform, embodied by SB 1, will allow Pennsylvania to invest budget savings into rebuilding our infrastructure, creating jobs, and protecting the environment. The bill will now move to the House, which is expected to vote on the measure before the end of the week.
“I voted against the pension increase of 2001 that precipitated the multi-billion-dollar pension crisis facing the Commonwealth,” said Senator Yudichak. “And, I supported Act 120 pension reforms that rolled back benefits and increased the retirement age to stem growing unfunded pension liabilities. With the passage of SB 1, we are now on a long-term, responsible pension fund trajectory that is fair to state employees and protects Pennsylvania taxpayers with public retirement options more aligned with the private-sector.”
“Pennsylvania’s state employees are among the most-dedicated in the country and after decades of service, they should earn a fair and reasonable retirement, but their retirement cannot exceed the Commonwealth’s ability to pay or come at the expense Pennsylvania’s seniors and working families.”


At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

London elects a Muslim mayor, coordinated ISIS/ISIL attacks explode.
Coincidence, or something more?
Many of the higher ups of terrorists groups have been well educated. Is it possible, that Al-Queda or ISIS has pulled off a government infiltration?

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect Comey will say that pressure was attempted by popular vote loser Trump but Comey knew it wouldn't't work. oh, and T.'s head will explode. Sad!

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep the blinders on. When it comes to the war against the terrorist, Trump may end up being the President we need.


At 10:27 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Coincidence, or something more?
Many of the higher ups of terrorists groups have been well educated. Is it possible, that Al-Queda or ISIS has pulled off a government infiltration?


Anything is possible, look at who we have in the White House but NO.
There is more of a likelihood that Trump looks at the Mayor in an overtly racist way.
In the meantime, JFK is holed up in the basement of the Oddfellows Building in Pittston!


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