Monday, July 10, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3550, July 10th, 2017

A few hundred people came to Kennedy Blvd in Pittston Sunday afternoon to witness the unveiling of the John F. Kennedy statue. It is at the foot of the Water Street Bridge. That bridge was where Kennedy,  in 1960,  made his way into the city of Pittston on his way to Scranton.
It was pre Route 81 and JFK traveled from Allentown, through Pottsville, Hazleton, Wilkes Barre,  the West Side, Pittston and then on to Scranton. All told it took more than 15 hours. The statue has Kennedy with an extended hand greeting all who enter Pittston.
Remarks were made by Congressman Matt Cartwight as well as Judge Joseph Cosgrove. Representatives from the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Pittston, Julio Caprari of the The Knights of Columbus Home Association, the Auxiliary Jacquelines, P.J. Melvin of the Statue Committee and the City of Pittston were part of the program. Attorney Gerald Mecadon was Master of Ceremonies. 
Afterwards a bust of Kennedy was unveiled at the Knights Hall on South Main Street with about 100 more people attending.
Sir Knights Sal Montione and Joseph Girman stand at attention prior to the event.
Congressman Matt Cartwright gives remarks.
Here is a shot from WNEP TV coverage of the event.
At the Council Home, Faithful Admiral Fran Ankenbrand, Joseph Girman, your blog editor and Leonard Kalinowski pose in front of the JFK bust that will be housed at Council #372 Headquarters. 


Just a shout out to readers and posters of LuLac who were kind enough to donate to the Knights Council money for that statue. I personally appreciate your kindness as well as your commitment to history. 


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