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The Lulac Edition #3617, October 17h, 2017

(Graphic: Brainsonfire.com)
This is a tad late due to the heavy maintenance on Question number 9 in our Edition #3516 on October 13th, my big blog Saturday activities and then a church event Sunday night. It was indeed stimulating to go through those comments though about WILK's new talk show host. But, better late than never, I’d love to give a recap of both Blogcon and Blogfest.
First a few thank yous to Michelle Davies and Harold Jenkins for getting me back and forth. My main concern was the formidable steps at the Worthington campus but both of these fine people got me within shouting distance.
Since I started this blog, I met many fine people and at Blogcon Saturday I met many more. I always believed that in life, if you stop being curious, you pretty much render whatever project you are working on stymied. I always wanted to start a LuLac podcast and got the information that I needed to look at doing that down the road. The other thing I wanted to accomplish is to change the address on the 590 FOREVER WARM Radio blog to increase effectiveness and readership. I met someone who can help with that mission.
The presentations were incredible. Film maker Kenny Luck was filled with energy and passion for his art. Then there was the Red Road Radio Show podcast hosted by Lew Hastings. His take on how the Native Americans are faring was very informative. It will also be information I will share with my sister and her husband who are into Native American history. Other presenters were Claudia Pennington, Kathryn Bond, Sam Chiarelli, Lori Rocino, Kristin Elliot and Dan Kimbrough. Their topics ranged from content to practical applications such as what type of equipment to buy when you want to advance past the written word.
The three founders of this Conference, Michelle Davies, Mandy Pennington and Karla Porter announced that this would be the last Blogcon Conference but plan to take it to the next level.
One of the biggest regrets I have is that I did not attend one of these earlier but I was very glad to get in under the wire on this fabulous community and information resource.
Here’s a few photos from the conference.
 Very glad to meet Kevin Granville and Candace Allen from WHATNOW.
WhatNow! is a FREE mobile app community for meeting new friends in your area based on your common interests and finding fun activities or events going on around you in real-time. This would be great for political meet ups and flash rallies or Exploring Events and Activities In Your Area, Create Events to Share With Others, Search for Specific Activities Near You and View a Live-time Data Feed of Activities. Here’s their link:

The three founders of Blogcon were front and center doing the magic that created the event.  Mandy Pennington, Karla Porter and Michelle Davies are shown here. 
The turnout was the largest and the organization of getting people from place to place was flawless. 
My two lunch buddies Taylor and Rich were a joy. Taylor works in Health Care and Rich is a musician. 
The event was fueled by Panera. I do not drink coffee at all but this day was an exception. 


Down at The River Grille in Plains, an after party was held. It was great to see the attendees from Blogcon as well as all the political people. This was very widely attended. Here are a few photos plus at the end, Gort 42's link. 

Was so glad to be in this photo with these intellectual heavyweights. From left to right, Karla Porter, Mandy Pennington, Ben Hoon, Michelle Davies, and Harold Jenkins. These were the key drivers in Blogcon and Blogfest. 2017.

   Here we are visiting with incumbent Luzerne County Controller Michelle Bednar and Democratic party advocate Polly Delaney. 

The Republican party was well represented by Marc Dixon and Greg Wolovich, (candidates for County Council) Vice Chair of the 5th District, 120th, Lynette Villano who had a film crew following her and former County Controller but current GOP nominee for that office, Walter Griffith. 

Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor PA Lt. Governor candidate Aryanna Berringer came all the way from the Steel City.
Candidate for Luzerne Borough Mayor John Cordora was on hand. I've known John for years when his hair was black and I still had mine. 
Wilkes Barre City Councilman Tony Brooks and Wendy Cominsky candidate for County Council.
 Democratic party and Progressive icon Bob Caruso and former GOP Chair in the County, Bill Urbanski.
Steve Urbanski and Ben Hoon 

The two WILK rejects, me, and Mark Barrett, aka Duke From Dallas. 

Jim O'Meara, Barry Kresge, Junior and Marc Dixon share some strategy. 

Luzerne County Council candidate Wendy Cominsky with me. 
Kathleen Smith stopped by the event. She was one of last year's LuLac Women we Love. 
Finally Ben Hoon and I were presented with this flower that we were going to get scientifically tested to see if we could turn it into Medicinal Vodka cubes. An update very soon. 

Photos courtesy of Ben Hoon. 


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