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The LuLac Edition #3693, January 10th, 2018

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This landed in our Write On Wednesday box right after the holidays. A long time reader and supporter of LuLac weighed in on the administration's policies and the national Republican party's acquiescence to what is being done to this nation. This writer covers all the bases being a veteran, senior citizen and life resident of this area. Plus the writer, Wil Toole of Dupont has been a City Administrator, candidate for County Council, Financial Manager as well as a Congressional staffer. He is a life long Democrat that just vented his frustration today on LuLac.
OK, I've had enough and ready to unload. What the hell is wrong with any member of the 90% who belongs to and supports the Republican Party? Is their eyesight so bad that they don't see that they are pawns in the big game? I know little about chess but I know that pawns have little real value other than to get in the way and to be sacrificed for the sake of the Queen and her court.
As of now, I see this 36% as stupid and of the 36% who claim to be Christians I see as hypocrites. Yes that's a tough statement but just look at recent Republican actions. They refused to even have dinner with Obama and refused to take part in government for eight year and now they cry that the Democrats are not joining in. Did they forget those 8 years or the way they treated Democrats during the tax cut (not reform) process? To hell with them. They got themselves into this mess with the White House idiot or as his #1 man calls him, an F'n Moron. How about the Republican bums refusing to vote to lower student loan interest rates the very same week they voted to make tax cuts for the rich permanent?
Hypocrites? Yes they are.....or please explain to me how they fight for pro life but stop caring the day the child is born. Consider how they had no problem cutting post natal care because its ok if the baby dies as long as he/she gets to be born. How about the lousy bastards going on Christmas break leaving the CHIP program to die, leaving 9 million children without health insurance. These are Christians? I THINK NOT!
They call themselves Christians or the Good Guys but in fact. they absolutely are blind hypocrites who display few if any true Christ like virtues. If CHRIST was a member of Congress today and part of the Republican leadership, do you believe that He would have left Washington leaving 9 million children without health insurance? Or cutting post natal care? Or even cutting Planned Parent Hood whose main purpose has been women's general health? Please, those who don't know any better, don't tell me about abortions and Planned Parenthood. Not one dime of federal money was ever used by them for abortions.
I personally am as pro life as is humanly possible. Even if I were not raised Catholic and have had 11 years of parochial education, I believe that the fetus has feelings and also lives as a human life dependent upon its mother for life just as it does after birth. I have science to shore up that belief. Republicans walk away from these Christ like attributes but wallow in the filth of the private interests of the wealthy.
I am 74 years old, soon to be 75 and every benefit I enjoy today came from the efforts of the Democrat party with the Republicans voting against each and every benefit. The only threat to these benefits has come from the Republican party. These pawns who support and defend them with senseless jabber on Social Media continue to turn a blind eye and swallow the BS being fed them. It seems like we the people are the problem. Remember, the new tax cuts they brag about already have Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid cuts in place.
Am I angry? NO, I'm disgusted that so many can be so easily led by so few. But this is America and many have served and died for their RIGHT TO BE WRONG!
As I've said before, Lincoln was right when during the Great Debates when he said in part, "YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.


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