Sunday, April 15, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3758, April 15th, 2018


There was action on the Foreign Policy front that came late Friday night when U.S., British and French forces struck Syria with more than 100 missiles in the first coordinated Western strikes against the Damascus government, targeting what they called chemical weapons sites in retaliation for a poison gas attack. The good news in all of this is that the attack was coordinated by a group of democracies determined to send a message, not delivered by The Obama administration that this type of warfare will not stand. - The Pentagon said yesterday that U.S. strikes in Syria overnight had successfully hit every target and were aimed to deliver an unambiguous signal to the Syrian government and deter the future use of chemical weapons.
The strike, well coordinated and successful is something this administration can be proud of, especially in this current climate. The only misstep was the use of the President’s phrase “Mission Accomplished". I understand his enthusiasm that for once, everything in its execution was flawless but Bush 43 has made that statement a non starter given what happened in Iraq after prematurely using it. 
There is blow back from  Democrats as well as a few Republicans on the hill regarding consultation but other Presidents have pulled the trigger before without permission. The key to these strikes is they were measured and quite frankly needed. While others might debate the timing given the upcoming Comey interview this weekend, a needed message was sent to Syria, Iran and Russia that killing of children, hell all people with chemical warfare, just won't stand.


In response to Paul Mango’s desperate cartoon attack ad, which falsely slanders 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s character and has been rebuked by GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio and grassroots conservatives, the Wagner for Governor campaign announced it will launch a new television ad today. “Katharine,” a thirty second spot airing in all six markets across the Commonwealth, features Wagner’s oldest daughter speaking directly to the camera, addressing Mango’s assertions and defending her father’s character.
“Katharine's passionate defense of her father exposes Paul Mango's lies and highlights just how desperate of a campaign he is running,” said campaign Manager Jason High. “As someone who boasts about having five daughters of his own and having ‘flawless character,’ Paul Mango sure isn’t running his campaign like it. Recent polling suggests that the false attacks against Scott, all recycled failures from his former opponents in his 2014 write-in campaign, are having no impact on the race. Scott knows that, and he will continue to keep his eye on the ball and run a campaign focused on changing Harrisburg and making life better for the people of Pennsylvania.” (Wagner campaign)

Art Bell (Photo:
Art Bell, a radio host best known for a paranormal-themed nightly show syndicated on hundreds of stations in the 1990s, died at his home in southern Nevada on Friday. 
If you are a talk radio junkie, you know Art Bell. Through the years, Bell established himself as a formidable talk show host. His all night broadcasts filled a void that was left when Larry King went into TV full time.
Bell had a way to be controversial, stay in the news and at the same time be polite to some of the wackos who called him. The stories they told ranged from burying not one but two bigfoots as well as aliens invading the country.
Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly announced in a Facebook video that Bell died Friday in Pahrump. He was 72.
Bell retired and then came back. He rinsed and repeated that cycle a few times.
Bell was still a constant on local radio. I liked to call his Saturday night appearances on WILK Radio as "Golden Oldie Talk". Mrs. LuLac didn't mind hearing a twenty year old radio show. I guess others did not either in this "Somewhere in Time" offering.
He was a mainstay in radio who will be remembered for his success. as well as his penchant for keeping people up longer than they needed to be.


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